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Hot Lotto

For a lottery game that’s really “hot,” visit an authorized retailer in the District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, or West Virginia and get in on the chance to win a cool million or more! Hot Lotto jackpots start at $1 million and continue to grow until someone wins.

How to Play Hot Lotto

To play Hot Lotto you simply pick five white numbers from 1 to 39 and one orange “hot ball” number from 1-19. You also have the choice of letting the computer pick all your numbers for you. Twice each week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, 5 winning white numbers and one winning orange “HOT ball” number will be drawn on the Hot Lotto random number generator. You win the Hot Lotto jackpot if you match the first five numbers drawn (in any order) plus the HOT ball, and the prize is available as an annuity paid over 24 years (25 payments) or as a lump sum payment. You win other cash prizes when you match correctly other Hot Lotto numbers drawn. Check out the Hot Lotto Prizes and Odds page. Check out the Hot Lotto Prizes and Odds page. Overall odds of winning a prize in this game are 1:16.


'Hot Lotto' The New High Jackpot Multi-State Game
CHARLESTON, WV (March 25, 2002) -- "Hot Lotto" is the newest game in town, but it’s helping to celebrate an older muscle behind the West Virginia Lottery’s traditional games, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave. "With ‘Powerball’ turning ten years old, some of the MultiState members wanted to introduce a companion game that would offer the same method of play, but with a different prize structure. Now there’s something for everyone, the popularity of a huge jackpot with higher odds of winning or a smaller one that is easier to win," said Musgrave.
Musgrave noted that the last drawing for "Rolldown" would be held April 6 to make room for "Hot Lotto." Tickets for "Hot Lotto" go on sale April 7. The first drawing is set for April 10. "Hot Lotto" drawings will be held every Wednesday and Saturday following the "Powerball" drawings. Like "Rolldown," however, the drawings will not be aired on television.
Asked to explain the new game, Musgrave said that it should be easy for players to understand, "because it’s basically a mini version of ‘Powerball.’"
He said players would try to match five numbers drawn from one barrel and one ‘Hot Ball’ drawn from a separate drawing barrel. "The difference is that the first five numbers will be drawn from a field of 39 numbers instead of 49 and the single "Hot Ball" number will be drawn from a field of 19 instead of 42."
Cash prizes range from $2 for matching only the "Hot Ball" to $10,000 for matching all five of the first set of numbers. Musgrave said the jackpot would be won by matching all five of the numbers plus the "Hot Ball." As with "Powerball," a "Hot Lotto" jackpot can be paid in one cash lump sum or in annual payments over 25 years with accrued interest. Designed to grow, the jackpot will be guaranteed at a minimum $1 million. The "Powerball" jackpot starts at a guaranteed $10 million. Both those amounts are made in annuity payments over 25 years. Musgrave said lump sum cash options are generally about half of the annuity amount, depending on interest rates. "One key difference is that with the cash payment, taxes are taken off the top at the time the prize is claimed. With the annuity, taxes are taken from each year’s payment; the player’s annual prize check represents part of the principle plus the interest on their investment."
The odds of hitting the "Powerball" jackpot are one in 80 million. Musgrave said the odds of hitting a "Hot Lotto" jackpot are one in nearly 11 million. In addition to West Virginia, those offering "Hot Lotto" include New Hampshire, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana and South Dakota.
SOURCE: West Virginia Lottery.


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