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Jueteng is an illegal numbers game played in most most provinces of The Philippines. It involves the combination of 37 numbers of 37 numbers. In some areas, the operators use 38 numbers. For 37 of 37 numbers, there are, 1,369 combinations; while for 38 of 38 numbers, there are, 1,444 combinations.

Local lottery operators accept bets as small as 25 centavos and as high as P100 per combination. It is most popular with the under-privileged and middle class.

Collections of bets reportedly runs to about P50 million daily in Luzon. Most of the affected areas are Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Nothern Luzon, Metro-Manila, Bicol Region, Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Autonomous Region in that order. There are no widespread operations of jueteng in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Thousands of people in Luzon also make jueteng their source of livelihood, either as collectors of bets or supervisors (cabo as referred to in the local dialect).

How It Is Played
The numbers 1 to 37 marked in small wooden sizes just like those in bingo games are placed inside a container usually made of rattan. The draw is witnessed by all the 'cabos' to demonstrate a semblance of honesty.
Somebody from the group of spectators witnessing the game shakes the numbers inside the container and then draws one number, which will become the first number of the winning combination.
The first number taken out is duly recorded and returned to the container for the drawing of the second number of the winning combination.
The container is shaken for the second time and another number is drawn for the second number of the winning combination.

The Payoff for the Winning Combination
Some operators or bankers pay P700.00 for the winning combinations while others pay only P400.00.

News 2010
September 14, 2010 DILG Told to Draft Master Plan to Eradicate Illegal Lottery Game
July 12, 2010 New Administration Launches Campaign to Stamp-Out ‘jueteng’ and Strengthen Small Town Lottery Operations


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