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Internet (Remote) Gaming
News Archive CY2017
April 6, 2017 Italy Becomes EU’s Second Largest Online Betting Market as 2016 Revenues Top €1 Billion (+25%)
April 6, 2017 Italy’s Virtual Betting in March Soars 45.1%
April 6, 2017 Study: Illegal Online Gambling in Germany is Booming
April 6, 2017 CJEU Advocate Questions Legality of Online Gambling Law
April 5, 2017 A Look at the Impact of Costa Rica’s Online Gambling
April 5, 2017 PhilWeb Acquires PAGCOR e-Games Site
April 4, 2017 Largest Online Poker Company Sees Surge in Sports and Online Gambling
April 2, 2017 Details of Some 450,000 Dutch Lottery Players Accessible to Hackers
April 2, 2017 Adoption of the Revised CPA MICS Compliance Checklist for Entertainment and the Revised Internal Audit Compliance Checklists for Entertainment and Miscellaneous Regulations
April 2, 2017 Lottery is Seeking Authority from the Legislature to Offer Its Current Products to Customers Over the Internet
April 2, 2017 Federal Treasurer to Work with States to Prepare a Proposal for a Nationally Consistent Approach to a POC Tax on Online Gaming
March 30, 2017 Web Gambling Progress 'SLOW': SA Minister
March 28, 2017 Report Forecasts More Than $400 Million in Revenue for Pennsylvania from Legal Online Gambling
March 28, 2017 How Legal Online Gambling Could Impact the Massachusetts Lottery
March 26, 2017 The Ups and Downs of Africa’s Online Gambling Boom
March 26, 2017 Sazka Enters the World of Online Betting
March 26, 2017 Online Gaming Continues to Expand in Spain
March 26, 2017 Federal Treasurer Agrees to Work with State and Territories on a Nationally Consistent Approach to Taxing Online Gaming
March 26, 2017 Massachusetts Lawmakers Are Mulling Legalization of Online Gambling
March 21, 2017 Players Find Alternative Ways to Fund Their Accounts to Circumvent Government’s Online Gambling Ban
March 21, 2017 Watchdog Clamps Down on Online Gaming Abuse
March 21, 2017 The Advertisement of Online Gambling Services
March 17, 2017 Online Scratch Tickets; State’s Latest Gambling Plan
March 17, 2017 Virtual Currencies, eSports and Social Casino Gaming – Position Paper
March 17, 2017 IGC Officially Announce Launch of Larrycasino.Com Online Casino
March 18. 2017 Connecticut Lottery Loses Its Bid for Online Ticket Sales
February 24 2017 Unlicensed Gambling Website Blocking Ruled Constitutional in the Czech Republic
February 14, 2017 Dutch Gaming Regulator Fines Operator for Illegally Offering Online Gambling
February 10, 2017 Spanish 4Q Online Gambling Market Registers Increase of 19.91% Over the Same Period Last year
January 29, 2017 Banks Pressured to Stop Customers Using Credit Cards for Online Gambling
January 27, 2017 Online Gambling Continues to Grow Thanks to Smartphone Usage
January 22, 2017 Swiss Legal Committee Rejects Betting Website Blocking
January 22, 2017 Report Warns E-instants it is Likely to Result in a Significant Increase in Gambling Harm
January 13, 2017 Online Gambling is Up 32 Percent in Atlantic City
January 12, 2017 How Leaving the EU Will Impact UK Online Gambling
January 12, 2017 Estonia's OEG Planning to Enter New Online Gambling Markets
January 2, 2016 Will Online Bingo Become a Very Popular Game in Italy?


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