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British Columbia Lottery Corporation
Kamloops (head office): 74 West Seymour Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 1E2, Canada
Richmond Office: 10760 Shellbridge way, Suite 100 Richmond, B.C. V6X 3H1 Canada
Lottery's Online Gaming Site:
Phone: (250) 828-5500
Fax: (250) 828-5637
Population: 4.15 million
President & CEO: Jim Lightbody
Start - up: April 1, 1985
Sales FY 2014:
Sales FY 2015:
Per Capita Sales: $232.38
Number of Employees: 854
Retailers / Points of Sales (POS): 4,500
On-line Vendor: GTECH
Internet Gaming System: Betware
Instant Ticket Vendor: Pollard Banknote Ltd.
Advertising: TBWA Vancouver
Games Offered:

Scratch & Win, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, Extra Daily 3, Lotto, Super 7, Keno ,Chaser Sports Action ,Breakopen, Bingo, Pulltab
Proceeds: 50% to health care, 50% to Consolidated General Revenue.
Jurisdiction: British Columbia, Canada

Background Information

Pursuant to amendments to the Criminal Code of Canada in 1969 and enabling legislation, British Columbia Lottery Corporation was incorporated October 25, 1984 and is continued under the Gaming Control Act of British Columbia (2002).

Prior to 1985, the Province of British Columbia was a partner in the Western Canada Lottery Foundation. As an agent of the Crown, the Province has designated the Corporation as the authority to conduct and manage lottery schemes within B.C., including the marketing of nationwide and regional lottery games in association with other provinces of Canada
Under current provincial gaming legislation, the Corporation has these responsibilities:.

  • Conduct, manage and operate lottery gaming
  • Conduct, manage and operate casino gaming
  • Conduct, manage and operate electronic and commercial bingo gaming

B.C.'s gaming industry is operated and regulated under the authority and direction of the Minister responsible for gaming, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. By order-in-council, Government appoints BCLC's Board of Directors.

News Archive for CY2017
April 25, 2017 BC Lottery Corp. Seeks Builders for New HQ
April 4, 2017 Downtown Kamloops Likely to Remain Home for the B.C. Lottery Corporation

News Archive for CY2016
October 31, 2016 BC Lottery Corporation Lets Players Bet on U.S. Election
October 18, 2016 Imagine Winning $1,000 a Day for Life with Daily Grand, Canada’s Newest Lottery
October 4, 2016 Audit Reveals BCLC Missed Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment of Some Web, Casino Games
October 3, 2016 Play Canucks 50/50 Across B.C. For Home and Away Games
September 12, 2016 IGT and BCLC Introduce Powerbucks Omni-Channel Jackpot
September 11, 2016 New NFL Season Means Surge in Sports Betting: BCLC
July 26, 2016 British Columbia Lottery Taking Bets On U.S. Election
July 21, 2016 BC Lottery Corporation Contributes $1.3 Billion to British Columbia
July 18, 2016 B.C. Lottery Corp. See Jump in U.S. Presidential Election Bets
March 18, 2016 OpenBet and BC Lottery Corporation Partner to Make Sports Betting Simpler
February 2, 2016 BCLC's GameSense Adopted by Connecticut Lottery Corporation
January 13, 2016 Casino Developer Sues the B.C. Lottery Corporation

News Archive for CY2015
December 25, 2015 Player Launches Lawsuit Against Lottery Corporation
November 10, 2015 BC Lottery Corp. Seeking Better Analytics to Stem Tide of Shrinking Player Base
September 22, 2015 More Conflict of Interest Issues Raised
September 15, 2015 Lottery Boss Raises the Stakes for BCLC
August 31, 2015 BCLC Release New Social Responsibility Report.
August 21, 2015 BCLC Celebrate the Opening of Cascades Casino Kamloops
July 22, 2015 BCLC's First Site to Achieve RG Check - Internet Accreditation
July 16, 2015 BCLC contributes $1.25 billion to British Columbia
July 2, 2015 New Lotto Quick Pick Packages for Lotto 6/49, LOTTO MAX, and BC/49
June 9, 2015 Gambling Provision on Ferries not a Viable Option
June 2, 2015 BCLC Names New Executive Members Based In Kamloops
April 8, 2015 B C Lottery Celebrates 30 Years of Lotto
April 1, 2015 Jim Lightbody appointed BCLC President & CEO
April 1, 2015 BCLC’s Kamloops Head Office Economic Impact More than $1 billion over 30 years
March 29, 2015 B.C. Lottery Corporation Faces Lawsuit Lodged by Casino Company
February 22, 2015 B.C. Lottery Corp Looks to Broaden Casino Offerings
February. 2, 2015 Massachusetts Gaming Commission Adopt BCLC's GameSense

News Archive for CY2014
December 17, 2014 Government review finds Financial Mismanagement t at BCLC
November 18, 2014 B.C. Lottery Corp Investigates Malfunctioning Slot Machine
November 5, 2014 Facility to Transform Gambling Research in British Columbia
November 5, 2014 Services in BC, Ride on the Back of Gambling Profits
November 5, 2014 Supreme Court Judge Rejects Former Councillor’s Lottery Ticket Lawsuit
October 2, 2014 Endorsement May have Increased Sales for BCLC’s e-Gaming products
Sept 16, 2014 Lottery Tickets Now Available at Government Liquor Stores
August 21, 2014 BC Lottery Corporation Statement Regarding Former President & CEO, Michael Graydon
August 2, 2014 BCLC Educate on Lottery after Relaxed Liquor Restrictions
July 22, 2014 Former Lottery Corp CEO in Pay Dispute
July 17, 2014 BCLC Statement re Haghdust v. British Columbia Lottery
July 17, 2014 Court Orders Lottery Corporation to Pay Back Some Problem Gamblers Who Lost Jackpots
July 10, 2014 BCLC Statements regarding the Review of Michael Graydon’s Resignation from BCLC
July 10, 2014 Government Report on Resignation of Former BC Lottery Corporation CEO
June 11, 2014 Premier Unveils New Accountability Principles for B.C. Crown Corporations
May 4, 2014 “Short” Pilot Program Launched Last Summer is Still Running
April 13, 2014 Critics Claim Lottery Controversy Shows Inadequateness of Current Conflict-of-Interest Rules
April 7, 2014 Government Adhered to Guidelines in Severance Package for Lottery Director
April 4, 2014 BCLC Reduces Costs Company-Wide and Positions Company for Future
April 2, 2014 B.C.'s Lottery Corporation has lost its President and Chief Executive Officer
April 2, 2014 Reorganization Plan in Place for BCLC
March 27, 2014 BCLC withdraws Newton Gaming Facility Plan
March 6, 2014 B.C. Supreme Court Decision RE: Joyce Ross Voluntary Self-Exclusion Case
March 6, 2014 Gambler Loses Court Appeal as Judge Declares Voluntary Exclusion not legally binding
February 24, 2014 Responsible Gambling Week Raises Awareness in Prince George
February 24, 2014 BCLC Service Plan to deliver $1.19 billion to the Province of British Columbia
February 13 2014 Former Lottery CEO’s New Gaming Role Prompts Conflict of Interest Probe
February 7, 2014 B.C. Lottery Corporation Head Joins Casino Company
February 5, 2014 Government Audit Hopes to Find Savings at Lottery Corporation
February 6, 2014 New Sponsorship Highlights Community Health and Wellness
February 6, 2014 BCLC Fully Prepared for Expected Audit Review
January 31, 2014 Michael Graydon Resigns After Steering the Lottery into Excellence
January 31, 2014 New interim CEO appointed to BCLC
January 24, 2014 Myth-busting and Education the Focus of Responsible Gambling Week in Kamloops


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