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German Lottery Companies
Bremer Toto und Lotto BmbH
Deutsche Klassenlotterie- Lotterie Berlin
Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH
Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Hessen
Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Thüringen
Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH
Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt
Lotto und Toto Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie
NordwestLotto Staatliche Lotterie des Landes Schleswig-Holstein
Nordwest Lotto und Toto Hamburg, Staatliche Lotterie der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
Saarland-Sporttoto GmbH
Sächsische Lotto - GmbH
Staatliche Lotterieverwaltung
Staatliche Toto-Lotto GmbH
Suddeutsche Klassenlotterie
Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH
Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co.

Background Information

Located in central Europe, Germany is made up of the North German Plain, the Central German Uplands (Mittelgebirge), and the Southern German Highlands. The Bavarian plateau in the southwest averages 1,600 ft (488 m) above sea level, but it reaches 9,721 ft (2,962 m) in the Zugspitze Mountains, the highest point in the country. Germany's major rivers are the Danube, the Elbe, the Oder, the Weser, and the Rhine.

News Archive for CYNews 2018
September 4, 2018 Lotto Boss Sees Lottery Monopoly in Danger
August 29, 2018 Lower Saxony Announces Changes to the Gambling Law Again
August 15, 2018 Playtech and Kindred Join Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV)
July 25, 2018 Berlin Gaming Machine Tax is Constitutional
July 17, 2018 Lotto Baden-Württemberg Report 4.4 Percent Increase for 1H 2018
July 13, 2018 Lotto Chief Expresses Concern about Diminishing Significance of the State Lottery Companies in Germany Given the Increasing Pressure from Illegal Gambling
July 11, 2018 LOTTO Niedersachsen Launch New Website
March 24, 2018 Lotto Baden-Württemberg Supervisory Board to Decide Fate of LOGEO Lottery
January 25, 2018 State Gambling is Threatened by Illegal Providers of Lottery and Sports Betting: Head of Sächsischen Lottogesellschaft Says

News Archive for CYNews 2017
January 21, 2017 112 New Millionaires and Increased Gaming Revenues for Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock in 2016
January 9, 2017 City Administration Suspends Tax on Betting Offices Until Further Notice

News Archive for CYNews 2016
November 11, 2016 New Gambling Law for Germany
November 3, 2016 German Prime Minister Conference Reaches Agreement on the Amendments to the German Interstate Treaty on Gambling (Glücksspielstaatsvertrag – GlüStV)
November 2, 2016 German Unlimited Sports-betting Licenses and Casino Licenses
October 31, 2016 Germany’s New Gambling Law Creates Huge Uncertainty
October 29, 2016 Decisions by the German Prime Ministers on Sports Betting Are a Step in the Right Direction
October 14, 2016 Luck is Looking for a Home in Germany
July 5, 2016 How Brexit Might Impact Gambling in Germany
June 10, 2016 Record Year for Sports Betting in Germany: Wagers Pass the Five Billion-Euro Mark
June 7, 2016 German Online Betting Operator mybet Holding SE Sells Stake in AG
May 16, 2016 Hessen Threatens Withdrawal from (Glücksspielstaatsvertrag) State Treaty on Gaming
April 15, 2016 Wiesbaden Administrative Court: Limiting the Number of Sports Betting Licenses is Contrary to EU Law; New Gambling Legislation Required
April 12, 2016 Deutsche Telekom and Centerbridge to Bid for Betting Firm Tipico: Sources
March 24, 2016 Lotto Hessen Launch Environmental Lottery
March 22, 2016 Study Confirms the High Acceptance of State-Regulated Gambling in Germany
February 16, 2016 Sachsen-Anhalt Terminates Sports Betting Partnership

News Archive for CYNews 2015
December 15, 2015 German Betting Association: Sports Betting Licenses - Waiting Period: Four Years
November 25 2015) Is liberalisation of German Gambling Law Imminent?
October 22, 2015 CJEU Puts German Gambling Laws Under Pressure
October 28, 2015 German Betting Association (DSWV) Adds New Members
October 20, 2015 German Association of Telecommunications and Media to Present Proposal on German Regulation
September 30, 2015 Bavarian Constitutional Court Declared Provisions of the State Treaty on Gaming Unconstitutional
September 23, 2015 First Bookmaker to Receive a German Horse Betting Licence
August 31, 2015 Foreign Gaming Companies Appeal Gaming Authority's Decision to Extend all Licenses of Existing Lotteries.
August 15, 2015 Four German Provinces Are Planning on Launching a New Neighbourhood Lottery


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