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The Korea Lottery Commission(KLC)
Address: Ministry Of Strategy And Finance, Government Complex-Sejong, 477, Galmae-Ro, Sejong Special Self-Governing City, 339-012, Korea
Phone: +82-44-215-7816
Fax: +82-44-215-8164
Executive Director:  
Established: 2004
Sales FY :  
Per Capita Sales:  
Number of Employees  
Games Offered:  

The Korea Lottery Commission(KLC) was established on April 1st, 2004 in accordance with the Lottery and Lottery Fund Act (established and announced on January 29th, 2004), in order to manage all lottery products and to enhance efficiency and transparency in disposing proceeds from lottery sales. The KLC had been placed under the Prime Minister's Office and had been transferred to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance on February 29th, 2008 as part of reorganization of the Korean government. Before the foundation of the KLC. 10 different government organizations. such as the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affair and the Ministry of Science and Technology. used to operate lottery businesses based on different Acts and regulations. This caused saturation and overheated competition in the lottery market accompanied by numerous problems.
Consumers were not able to know how the lottery fund generated by the lottery businesses were spent, and decentralized lottery issuing institutions lacked capabilities to adequately appropriate and manage the lottery fund On April 1st, 2004, the KLC was set up to promote order, transparency and greater efficiency in the Korean lottery market. The greatest meaning to this establishment was the foundation of one, unified Lottery Fund. And for the last five years. the KLC had brought a big change in the Korean lottery business. Now the keywords of the KLC are 'collective and organized management' and 'continued development'.
Lottery and Lottery Fund Act, Article 13 (Establishment of the Korea Lottery Commission and its functions) [ Amended, Feb. 29, 2008] (1) The Korea Lottery Commission shall be established to perform duties concerning issuance, management, sale of the lottery, distribution and use of lottery proceeds under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Strategy and Finance.

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