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Sports Betting

Sports Lottery Games or Sports Betting are where outcomes are determined by the results of sporting events.
In most cases they represent a hybrid of a lottery and skill game, since in theory, a knowledge of the sport enhances the players chances
Sports lotteries are the most popular lottery games in much of the world (where they are frequently called "toto" or "football pools") but have not achieved this level of popularity in North America.
They are offered throughout Canada but in the United States are only sold in Delaware and Oregon.
Toto was introduced in 1923 by Littlewoods Pools of the United Kingdom. Based on soccer matches, it quickly became popular throughout Europe and Latin America, reflecting the interest in soccer in these regions. In most countries, Toto uses a far smaller list of fixtures, frequently 10 to 13 games.
The Nordic countries offer a wide array of sports games using various formats, including:

  • Results-based (players predict the winners of 13 matches);
  • Odds-based (players bet on spreads set by the lottery organization); and
  • Goals-based (players predict the number of goals scored in a given game).

The Australian lotteries go a step further than most in merging the lottery and a sports based game. Players choose six matches out of a field of 38, trying to predict the six games that will result in the highest scouring draws. The 6/38 format, however, enables players to pick numbers at random, much like a Lotto, in addition to which there is a computer generated number selection option.
Sports-based games also have followings in Singapore and Israel.
SOURCE: The Whole World Lottery Guide.

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