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Sports Betting News Archive CY2015
December 5, 2015 PokerStars Awarded Sports Betting License in Denmark
December 1, 2015 Major Australian Sports Push For End To Ban On 'In-Play' Betting
November 19, 2015 $10 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Daily Fantasy Sports Website
November 18, 2015 Australian Federal Review Into Online Gambling
November 16, 2015 Fantasy Sports Companies Seek Approval Abroad
November 13, 2015 Fantasy Sports Sites Sue to Keep Doors Open in New York
November 11, 2015 Pennsylvania Eye Regulation for Fantasy Sports Games
November 11, 2015 New York Attorney Orders Fantasy Sports Sites to Cease
November 3, 2015 Full Liberalization of Sports-Betting Fast-Tracked
October 15, 2015 Legality Of Offering Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in Nevada
October 14, 2015 U.S. Appeals Court to Reconsider New Jersey Sports Betting Bid
October 14, 2015 Bailey & Glasser File Class Action Against DraftKings
October 14, 2015 MPs Approve Allowing Lottery Sports Betting Online
October 8, 2015 Sports Betting Surges while Overall Gambling Figures Decline
October 8, 2015 Fantasy Sports Companies Develop Internal Controls and Implement Ban on Employees Gaming
October 6, 2015 Fantasy Sports Industry Just Went a Darker Shade of Grey
October 6, 2015 Five Things The New York Times Got Wrong in Today's Editorial on Fantasy Sports & Gambling
September 30, 2015 Soccabet Launch Officially in Ghana
September 29, 2015 Fantasy Sports Site Signs Deal with NFL Stars
September 23, 2015 Legalize Sports Betting in the State’s Licensed Casinos
September 22, 2015 Fantasy Football Sites Not Impacting Lottery as Yet
September 22, 2015 Congressmen Pushing Sports Betting on Second Front
September 22, 2015 Racetracks to Introduce Fantasy Betting
September 22, 2015 Fantasy Sports Operator Meets with Attorney General's Office to Review Operations
September 18, 2015 Fantasy Sports Advertising Draws Lawmakers Attention
September 17, 2015 SBIF Publish Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan
September 15, 2015 Congressman Calls for Fantasy Sports to be Regulated as Gambling
September 14, 2015 Hearing Request May Pose Legal Challenge to Fantasy Sports
September 12, 2015 Gambling Apps Available on Android as a Closed, Limited Pilot
September 12, 2015 Regulation Under New California Bill for Daily Fantasy Sports
September 9, 2015 Bitcoin Offered as Part of Sports Betting and Gaming Solutions
September 9, 2015 Football Bets to Total $95 Billion This Season
September 9, 2015 Germany Widens Front Against Match Fixing
September 9, 2015 Minister States that in-Play Betting is Illegal in Australia
September 9, 2015 Sports Betting Case Appealed to Full Circuit Court
September 7, 2015 Government Announce Review of Interactive Gambling Laws
September 7, 2015 Minister Open to Updating Betting Laws
September 7, 2015 Belgium Launches Investigation Into World Tennis Match-Fixing
September 3, 2015 eSports Betting Platform Attracts Celebrity Bets
September 3, 2015 Ireland Issues Sports Betting Licences
September 2, 2015 Strong Calls for a Halt to Gambling Advertising During Sports Broadcasts.
August 25, 2015 My Club Betting Partners with FSB Technology to Deliver Enhanced Sportsbook
August 25, 2015 Betway First Major Bookmaker to Launch Dedicated eSports Betting Portal
August 25, 2015 New Jersey’s Third Circuit Court Decision Encourages Deeper Examination of Sports Betting
August 25, 2015 Appeals Panel Upholds Federal Ban on Sports Betting
August 24, 2015 Comtrade Gaming Completes Integration with Leading Asian Sportsbook Provider
August 24, 2015 Betway First Major Bookmaker to Launch Dedicated eSports Betting portal
August 22, 2015 Sports Betting Service to Ruffle the Feathers
August 22, 2015 The Buzz of Fantasy Sports
August 21, 2015 Sportego Signs Online Fantasy Sports Deal
August 20, 2015 DraftKings' Overseas Move Won't Include Sports Book, CEO Says
August 20, 2015 Full Liberalization of Sportsbetting Closer!
August 19, 2015 FanDuel Acquires Leading Sports Analytics Company, NumberFire
August 19, 2015 Eilers Research Release White Paper on eSports Betting Industry
August 17, 2015 DraftKings Announce International Expansion
August 11, 2015 Prosecution of International Gambling Ring Dealing in Illegal Sports Wagers
August 11, 2015 Sports Betting Company Launches in Malawi
August 11, 2015 Delaware Sports Lottery to Begin Preseason Wagering August 12
July 31, 2015 The Growth of Fantasy Sports
July 27, 2015 Sportech's Bump 50:50 Signs Multiple New Agreements to Provide 50/50 Raffles to Sports Teams and Entertainment Venues
July 27, 2015 Treasure Island Las Vegas Partners With Miomni Gaming to Offer Mobile Sports Betting
July 27, 2015 Playtech launches Ladbrokes Omni sportsbook
July 27, 2015 Disciplinary Committee Issue Fines for Match Fixing
July 27, 2015 Online Gambling Syndicate Raises Concerns for Potential Match or Race Fixing
July 27, 2015 Study on Betting-Related Match-Fixing The Odds of Match Fixing
July 27, 2015 All Olympic International Federations join IBIS in fight against illegal betting
July 5, 2015 Board of Control for Cricket Welcomes Ban for Match Fixing
July 5, 2015 Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. Launches Fantasy Sports Network
July 5, 2015 Fantasy Sports Platform AlphaDraft released its fantasy eSports app on IOS
June 26, 2015 It's a New World in Sports Betting in Nevada
July 2, 2015 Sports Betting Bill Overlooked by Senate
June 11, 2015 OpenBet to sponsors exclusive sports betting community drinks after the Betting Trends & Strategies conference
June 11, 2015 ESSA Welcomes Parliamentary Motion To Protect The Integrity Of Sport
June 9, 2015 German Interstate Treaty on Gambling contravenes EU law – Gambling Council unconstitutional
June 9, 2015 TIPLIX: suspended concessions for sports betting in Germany
June 9, 2015 IOC suspends recognition of SportAccord
Junr 6, 2015 Commissioner Confident in Games Integrity in Face of Legal Gambling
June 4, 2015 Government Has Announced a Restructure of the State’s Racing Industry
June 4, 2015 Second Court Strikes Down German Sports Betting Licensing Process
June 4, 2015 Liga Portugal Rejects Federbet Match-Fixing Report
June 4, 2015 Daily Fantasy Sports Bill Pulled from Session
June 4, 2015 Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signs new bill Boosting Sports Betting
May 31, 2015 What is the Fate of Sportsbetting Bill?
May 31, 2015 Bolstering Legal Gambling Competitiveness will address Illegal Sports Betting
May 19, 2015 Bill Signed to Clarify the Legality of Fantasy Sports Leagues
May 19, 2015 Italy in Match Fixing Crisis
May 6, 2015 French Football League (LFP) Investigates Players for Betting Offences
May 6, 2015 Betway becomes member of ESSA
April 29, 2015 Integrity Partnership Strengthened by MOU
April 29, 2015 Solving Global Phenomenon of Match Fixing will take an International Effort
April 19, 2015 NBA commissioner Adam Silver Says Sports Betting is Simply Good for Business
April 19, 2015 Attorney General to Issue Fantasy Sports Opinion
April 19, 2015 Administrative Court Sharply Criticizes Hessen for Sports Betting License Process
April 16, 2015 Professional Baseball Commissioner Declines Comment on Proposed of National Sports Lottery
April 15, 2015 OpenBet posts new Grand National record as it handles 19,300,000 bets in 24 hours
April 15, 2015 Sports Gambling Market Worth Estimated US$3 trillion
April 14, 2015 International Olympic Committee Sets Up Hotline to Combat Match Fixing and Corruption
April 10, 2015 Proposed Bill Sets Fantasy Sports Aside from Gambling
April 3, 2015 Disney Bets on Growth in Digital Media & Fantasy Sports
April 3, 2015 Telenor Serbia integrates Sportradar Sports Data Services into their digital media Portfolio
April 2, 2015 AFL Becoming a Focus of Asian Betting Markets
April 1, 2015 Bovada Sports Book Trials a First for Gambling World
March 31, 2015 Raffles Could Begin in Pro Sports Stadiums in January 2016
March 18, 2015 Federal Appeals Panel Takes On New Jersey Sports Betting
March 16, 2015 Singapore Becomes New Hub for ICC World Cup Betting
March 11, 2015 Sports Lottery Now Regulated By NLRC
March 12, 2015 Legislative Committee Expected to Vote on Fantasy Sports Bill Next Week
March 12, 2015 Sports Book Operators Seeking Regulatory Approval for the Technology to Facilitate Simulated Horse Races
March 12, 2015 Americans to Bet $2 Billion on 70 Million March Madness Brackets This Year, Says New Research
March 12, 2015 Swedish Bookmaker Launches Sports Betting Company in Nigeria
March 8, 2015 Match Fixing Trial Underway
March 8, 2015 Spanish football club Osasuna Former Executives Implicated in Match Fixing
March 5, 2015 OneHash Launch New Sports Contests for Betting with Bitcoin
March 5, 2015 N.J. Residents Cooling on Sports Betting, Poll Finds
March 5, 2015 Sports Investing vs. Sports Betting
March 4, 2015 Gaming Authority Establishes New entities Against Match-Fixing
February 27, 2015 Five Myths of Sports Betting Legalization
February 27, 2015 Bundesliga Reportedly Increases Income From Betting Rights To $17Million Annually
February 24, 2015 Deutsche Telekom Moves into the Sports Betting Arena
February 19, 2015 SNAI Launch Live Sport Streaming Service
February 19, 2015 e-Sports Betting is Already Close to a $100 Million Dollar Industry
February 16, 2015 Appeals Judges Named in New Jersey Sports-Betting Case
February 16, 2015 Senate Bill Would Place Fantasy Sports Games as Games of Skill
February 16, 2015 Poll Reveals 63 Percent of Pro-Athletes Think Sports Betting Should be Legal
February 18, 2015 Start Up Group Plans to Use Sports betting to Fund Clubs and Charities
February 18, 2015 Police and Prosecutors Embark on Sportradar Training
February 16, 2015 Lawmaker Moves to Keep Fantasy Sports Legal
February 16, 2015 Academy Awards Taking Bets
February 12, 2015 US Cracks Down on Internet Sportsbooks in Costa Rica
February 12, 2015 NBA Takes Lead in Advocating Legal Sports Gambling Throughout U.S.
February 12, 2015 Minnesota Lawmaker to Introduce Sports Betting Bill on Monday
February 12, 2015 Nevada has Eyes Set on Olympic Games Bet
February 3, 2015 Gaming Control Board Released Figures Releases Super Bowl Figures
February 3, 2015 Sports Betting Ban Proposed in Azerbaijan


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