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Lottery & Gaming Research

Ipsos Digital Gaming Report - The Ipsos Digital Gaming Report provides an in-depth look at the attitudes and behaviors of 1,000 adults that wager on the Internet for real money. The sample will include players representing all regions of the United States.

Clients: Lottery & Gaming Research Experts Serving Clients Worldwide


About Ipsos


Lottery & Gaming Research Experts
We are proud to be the only research firm with a dedicated team of eight researchers that specializes in the lottery and gaming sector.
Our experience covers all areas of the industry, including lottery industry vendor agencies, casino and online gaming, and charitable lottery groups. Our international reputation for delivering total market intelligence is built on over two decades of experience in this sector.
Collectively, we have provided services to most lottery gaming jurisdictions across North America, as well as a significant number of other gaming agencies.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the gaming sector, and are frequent presenters at industry events and conferences. At Ipsos, we are uniquely positioned to pair research excellence with sector-specific expertise, giving richer context to your research results.

About Ipsos
Ipsos is a global independent market research company ranking third worldwide among research firms.
We specialize in six areas: advertising research;marketing research; media, content and technology research; loyalty, quality and customer relationship management research; opinion polls and social research; and survey management, data collection and delivery.
Our industry specialization model means we have an intimate understanding of our clients' brands, consumers and markets.
Ipsos is committed to working with clients to identify the right solutions to their specific challenges.
It is a belief that enables us to ask and probe, to subject our hypotheses to rigorous analyses and, finally, to deliver reliable data and the most effective recommendations in the shortest time possible. Ipsos is committed to building an organization dedicated to a single endeavor: providing our clients with the best service, using qualitative or quantitative methods, at local, regional, and international levels.
About Ipsos in North America
Ipsos is one of the fastest growing market research companies in the U.S., market leader in Canada, and among the most trusted research brands in North America. With more than 2,800 professionals and support staff in the U.S. and Canada, Ipsos offers a suite of research services—guided by industry experts and bolstered by advanced analytics and methodologies—in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media and public affairs research, as well as survey management, forecasting, modeling, and consulting. Ipsos companies offer a complete line of custom, syndicated, omnibus, panel, and online research products and services.

Ipsos Digital Gaming Report

A Detailed Look at Internet Gaming in the U.S. – Who Is All In and Who Is Not...Yet
Since the first online casino began operating in 1995, the industry has boomed throughout most of the world, regardless of its actual legality. The United States will likely be the world’s largest Internet gaming market when liberalized – and this day now appears imminent – in at least a few states.


The U.S. Department of Justice recently reversed the federal government’s long-held opposition to Internet gambling (excluding sports betting). Several states were prepared for this decision, including America’s historic gambling hubs; Nevada was the first state to adopt online poker regulations and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey signed a bill into law legalizing sports betting in his state, desiring to make New Jersey an epicenter of the online gambling industry. The sports betting challenge will be settled in court, however one thing is certain: Internet gaming in the U.S. is building momentum and may be legally available in a state near you, very soon.
Are you prepared? What opportunities exist for your organization?
The Ipsos Digital Gaming Report delves into the realm of Internet gaming, offering organizations a detailed look at player behavior, cross-play with traditional gaming, and perspectives on player loyalty.
Understanding Digital Gaming Players
Exploring the Internet gaming landscape, the Ipsos Digital Gaming Report helps lottery and gaming agencies in the U.S. understand the behaviors, tendencies, and loyalty of I-gamers.

  • Player profiles. Find out who in North America is currently wagering online and risking their money with operators willing to take bets from U.S. citizens.
  • Share of gaming wallet. Learn more about what other gaming activities I-gamers participate in and how much of their gaming wallet goes to lottery, land-based gambling, and I-gaming.
  • Opportunities and player loyalty. Gain a comprehensive analysis of current traditional, Internet, and lottery players in North America to help you understand where the opportunities exist for a liberalized market, and what conditions will be required to bring existing players to your brand. Leveraging player loyalty across channels may provide opportunities that pure Internet operations struggle to compete against.

The Ipsos Digital Gaming Report provides an in-depth look at the attitudes and behaviors of 1,000 adults that wager on the Internet for real money. The sample will include players representing all regions of the United States.
Obtain your subscription to the Ipsos Digital Gaming Report: CONTACT: Paul Lauzon


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May 24, 2012

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