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Address: 64, Kifissias Ave. & 3, Premetis Str. 151 25 Athens, Greece.
Phone: +30 210 6156000
Fax: +30 210 6106800
Web Site:
Group Chief Executive Officer Antonios I. Kerastaris
Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer Socrates S. Kokkalis
Group Chief Operating Officer Nikos Nikolakopoulos
Group Chief Technology Officer Konstantinos Farris
# Employees: 5,100
Revenue 2015: €1,91 billion
Company Type:

Background Information

Background Information
INTRALOT, a public listed company established in 1992, is a leading gaming solutions supplier and operator active in 57 regulated jurisdictions around the globe. With €1.91 billion turnover and a global workforce of approximately 5,100 employees in 2015, INTRALOT is an innovation - driven corporation focusing its product development on the customer experience. The company is uniquely positioned to offer to lottery and gaming organizations across geographies market-tested solutions and retail operational expertise.
Through the use of a dynamic and omni-channel approach, INTRALOT offers an integrated portfolio of best-in-class gaming systems and product solutions & services addressing all gaming verticals (Lottery, Betting, Interactive, VLT).

News Archive 2017
October 2, 2017 INTRALOT Expands Its WLA SCS & ISO 27001 Certification in Chile and the US States of Louisiana and Montana
September 25, 2017 Three Multinational Gaming Giants to Compete for Scratch Card Business in Brazil
September 11, 2017 INTRALOT Successfully Prices 7-Year, €500 Million Senior Notes with a Yield of 5.25% Offering
September 11, 2017 INTRALOT S.A. Integrated Lottery Systems and Services announces launch of €450,000,000 Senior Notes Offering by its subsidiary INTRALOT Capital Luxembourg S.A.
August 24, 2017 INTRALOT File US Patent Application for Methods And Systems For Conducting A Game
August 29, 2017 INTRALOT Announce Results for the Six Month Period Ended June 30th, 2017
August 18, 2017 Panel Approves Extension of Arkansas Lottery's INTRALOT Pact
July 19, 2017 INTRALOT Signs Extension with Vermont Lottery Through 2020
June 27, 2017 INTRALOT Sign Extensions with Ohio Lottery Through 2027
June 12, 2017 Ohio Lottery Receives Approval to Extend Gaming System Contract Without Bids
May 25, 2017 INTRALOT announce y-o-y Revenue (+20.6%) and EBITDA (+4.3%) growth for 1Q17
May 19, 2017 Lottery Pulls Requests for Unbid Contracts
May 16, 2017 INTRALOT Improves Financial Position and Expands Product Portfolio
May 16, 2017 INTRALOT Issued US Patent for Ordering Lottery Tickets Using Machine-Readable Code Images Displayed on Mobile Devices
May 12, 2017 INTRALOT Group Announces New CEO in the USA
March 30, 2017 INTRALOT Announces A Healthy Revenue (+7.1%) and EBITDA (+6.6%) Growth in Fiscal Year 2016
March 7, 2017 INTRALOT and Amelco Form Sports Betting Platform Strategic Partnership
February 28, 2017 INTRALOT Signs 10-Year Contract with Idaho Lottery

News Archive For CY2016
December 9, 2016 INTRALOT Named Apparent Successful Vendor By The Idaho Lottery For A 10-Year Term
November 21, 2016 INTRALOT Ran The Good Race At The 34th Athens Marathon. The Authentic
November 1, 2016 INTRALOT’s New Innovation Strategy Places the “Player at the Center” at WLS 2016 in Singapore
October 19, 2016 INTRALOT Announced Tom Little, CEO of its US Subsidiary INTRALOT Inc., is Stepping Down
October 6, 2016 INTRALOT and FIFA Early Warning System Sign Cooperation Agreement to Promote and Protect Football Integrity
October 6, 2016 INTRALOT and FIFA Early Warning System Sign Cooperation Agreement to Promote and Protect Football Integrity
September 29, 2016 INTRALOT’s Journey to the Future of the Playing Experience Presented at NASPL 2016
September 14, 2016 INTRALOT S.A. Integrated Lottery Systems and Services Announce Launch of EUR250,000,000 Senior Notes Offering by its Subsidiary INTRALOT Capital Luxembourg S.A.
September 5, 2016 INTRALOT Announce 2nd Quarter 2016 Results
August 3, 2016 Tatts Group Confirms Discussions of Potential Acquisition of INTRALOT’s Australian and New Zealand Businesses
June 16, 2016 INTRALOT Receives Platinum Award by EBEN for Its Responsible Gaming Initiative
May 31, 2016 INTRALOT Signs Extension Contract in Philippines
May 27, 2016 INTRALOT Addresses Modern Retail Fundamentals and the Customer Experience at the EL Industry Days 2016 in Marrakech
May 26, 2016 INTRALOT Reveals New Strategy for Growth
May 18, 2016 INTRALOT Announce 1st Quarter 2016 Results
April 12, 2016 INTRALOT Signs Extension Contract in the Netherlands
April 6, 2016 INTRALOT Acquires Strategic Stake in Eurobet, Bulgaria
March 31, 2016 INTRALOT: Comparable EBIDTA Growth 13.6%
March 30, 2016 INTRALOT Renews Contract in Minas Gerais, Brazil
March 21, 2016 INTRALOT to Merge Its Italian Activities with Gamenet
January 21, 2016 INTRALOT Awarded 10-Year Contract in Chile

News Archive 2015
December 7, 2015 INTRALOT Successfully Rolls Out the Awarded Pre-Commitment System in Australia
November 30, 2015 INTRALOT Recognized For Excellence Receives 5-Star EFQM Award
November 27, 2015 INTRALOT Announce 9m 2015 Financial Results
November 16, 2015 INTRALOT & Bit8 Celebrate Strategic Alliance in Presence of the Prime Minister of Malta
October 25, 2015 INTRALOT to Strengthen Its Position in Peru
October 25, 2015 INTRALOT Expands Its Presence in Africa with New Project In Nigeria
October 22, 2015 INTRALOT Awarded With WLA Responsible Gaming Certification For Its Lottery Operations
October 20, 2015 INTRALOT Selected Again as the Gaming Vendor for the New Mexico State Lottery
September 18, 2015 INTRALOT's Chryssa Amanatidou Receives Prestigious "Collaboration Award"
September 9, 2015 INTRALOT Expands Its WLA SCS & Iso 27001 Certification in the USA, Italy, Peru & Morocco
August 14, 2015 INTRALOT: 1H15 Financial Results
August 5, 2015 INTRALOT On Air With Betradar's Live Channel Online
July 28, 2015 INTRALOT Acquires 35% Of Bit8 Sealing Strategic Alliance Agreement
July 28, 2015 INTRALOT New Director of Human Resources Ms. Alina Papageorgiou
June 18, 2015 Intralot shared Personal Gaming Experience with the European Lotteries in Oslo
June 9, 2015 Christos Dimitriadis, Greece, Elected International President of ISACA
June 5, 2015 INTRALOT Brings Personal Gaming Experience to EL Congress 2015 in Oslo
May 19, 2015 Appointment of Group Chief Financial Officer for INTRALOT
May 19, 2015 Proposal for the Creation of a National Lottery In Greece
May 4, 2015 INTRALOT Advances Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation
April 21, 2015 Government Pre-commitment Implementation Project
March 31, 2015 INTRALOT to Target Expansion and Maintain Strategies in Place
March 31, 2015 Intralot Announces 2014 Full Year Results
March 25, 2015 INTRALOT Expands Its WLA SCS & ISO 27001 Certification in the USA & Australia
March 16, 2015 INTRALOT Awarded For Its International Expansion
February 12, 2015 INTRALOT Subsidiary in Poland Achieves El Responsible Gaming Certification
February 4, 2015 INTRALOT Consolidates Online Position Through Strategic Alliance With BIT8
January 31, 2015 INTRALOT Takes Gaming Experience to New Heights At ICE 2015
December 31, 2014 Lottery Commission Extends Contract with INTRALOT for $5 Million Savings

News Archive 2014
December 11, 2014 INTRALOT: Successful Launch Of The Irish National Lottery
November 25, 2014 INTRALOT Receives Award For Its Commitment To Excellence
November 25, 2014 Dispute on Date for Commencement of Vendor Contract Extension
November 17, 2014 INTRALOT announces the retirement of Constantinos Antonopoulos from the position of the Group CEO
November 10, 2014 INTRALOT at the 32nd Athens Marathon Race For Good Causes
November 10, 2014 INTRALOT Announce 9M2014 Financial Results Strong Increase Of Revenues Stable Operational Profits
November 4, 2014 INTRALOT Official Olympic Sponsor Of Swimming Champion Apostolos Christou
November 3, 2014 INTRALOT Expands Its ISO 27001 & WLA SCS Certifications In Germany, Malta, Greece & South Africa
October 30, 2014 Intralot Unveils “Personal Gaming”At The World Lottery Summit 2014 In Rome
October 26, 2014 INTRALOT: “True Leader” For the 4th Year
October 26, 2014 INTRALOT Australia Sells Lottery Assets In Victoria
October 26, 2014 Consumer Watchdog to Probe Tatts Deal
October 26, 2014 Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) to Unveil New Lottery in Time for Holiday Season
October 25, 2014 Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) to Unveil New Lottery in Time for Holiday Season
October 25, 2014 Victoria Cannot Support Two Lottery Contracts
October 22, 2014 INTRALOT Recognized For Global Expansion INFOCOM Awards 2014
October 9, 2014 INTRALOT Renews Gold Certification For Social, Environmental & Ethical Governance
October 1, 2014 INTRALOT Requests Administrative Court to Block OPAP Sale
October 1, 2014 20 Years Of Tinka!!
Sept 18, 2014 OPAP and INTRALOT Submit Bid for 20 Year Licence
September 1, 2014 INTRALOT USA Successfully Launches the 44th US Lottery
August 27, 2014 20-Year Mutual Horsebetting License Tender Relaunched
August 25, 2014 Greece Looks to Improved Offer
August 24, 2014 INTRALOT Seals VLTS Pre-Commitment Contract In Victoria
August 14, 2014 INTRALOT: 1H14 Financial Results
July 22 2014 INTRALOT Signs Amendment Extending Its Contract In Washington Dc Until 2020
July 17, 2014 Fortuna Completes Acquisition of INTRALOT Czech s.r.o.
July 17, 2014 INTRALOT Extends Its Cooperation With Lotterywest Until 2019
July 14, 2014 DC Council Approves Extension of Lottery Contract
July 10, 2014 D.C. Abandons Plan to Combine Lottery Contracts
July 7, 2014 INTRALOT: 7 Year Extension Agreement with Magnum Corporation
July 3, 2014 INTRALOT Wins Monitoring Contract In Georgia, USA With Excellent Score
June 26, 2014 INTRALOT is Reportedly the Front Runner for Romanian Lottery Contract
June 24, 2014 INTRALOT Signs Amendment To Its Contract With The New Hampshire Lottery Commission
June 11, 2014 INTRALOT Italia launches MULTILIVE Betting
June 11, 2014 INTRALOT  Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting
June 4, 2014 SIS and INTRALOT Hail Greyhounds Scheme a Success
June 4, 2014 INTRALOT Signs €200 Million Syndicated Loan Facility
June 4, 2014 INTRALOT Signs It Contract With OPAP S.A
May 27, 2014 INTRALOT Named Best Multinational Company
May 15, 2014 INTRALOT announce its 1st Quarter 2014 results
May 7, 2014 Constantinos Antonopoulos, INTRALOT GROUP CEO, Awarded ‘Manager of The Year 2013
May 3, 2014 PariPlay Issues a Correction of Press Statements Regarding INTRALOT Inc.
April 29, 2014 INTRALOT 7-Year €250m Bond Substantially Oversubscribed Coupon At 6%
April 29, 2014 INTRALOT proceeds with EUR 200mn bond issue
April 29, 2014 INTRALOT Signs Fifth Amendment with the Ohio Lottery to Provide Interactive Terminals & Games
April 29, 2014 Audience Engage in Learning about the Lottery
April 9, 2014 INTRALOT’S Gaming Protocol Converter Certified by GSA
April 2, 2014 INTRALOT Achieves Isae 3402 Yearly Assurance for Its Operations At OPAP
April 1, 2014 Idaho Lottery to Launch CheersTM branded TAPP IT!TM Interactive Game
March 29, 2014 INTRALOT Selected As Gaming Vendor by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation
March 26, 2014 INTRALOT Peru Achieves WLA Level 3 Certification in Responsible Gaming
March 26, 2014 INTRALOT Announce 2013 Full Year Results: Revenues Exceeded 1,5 Billion
March 22, 2014 Wyoming Lottery Looks to Go Live Between June and October
March 22, 2014 Wyoming Lottery Commission Selects Vendor
March 19, 2014 INTRALOT Becomes Technology Vendor of The National Lottery Of Ireland
March 19, 2014 INTRALOT Presents Its Gaming Portfolio In Enada Spring
March 12, 2014 INTRALOT launches SportsMobile in Italy
March 12, 2014 SIS and INTRALOT in Eastern European Greyhounds Move
March 3, 2014 Revised Gambling Machine Proposal for Ohio Lottery Commission
February 27, 2014 INTRALOT Extends Contract In Croatia To Provide Interactive Instant & Scratch Games
February 20, 2014 INTRALOT Extends Its Online Contract in New Mexico
February 13, 2014 Maltco Lotteries Ltd. actively supports the Fight against Match Fixing
February 13, 2014 INTRALOT Certified On The Integrity Of Operations In The Netherlands & Cyprus
February 6, 2014 INTRALOT Distinguished For Its Global Footprint
January 31, 2014 MDJS Has African Markets in Its sights
January 31, 2014 INTRALOT Presents Its Complete Suite For Betting On Racing At Ice 2014 In London
January 31, 2014 INTRALOT Announce New Organizational Structure
January 9, 2014 INTRALOT Interactive Presents New Line Of ‘Mobile-First’ Products At ICE 2014
January 23, 2014 INTRALOT Unveils Its Latest VLT & Casino Solutions at ICE 2014 In London
January 15, 2014 INTRALOT to Be the Lead Sponsor Of Ice Conferences 2014
January 14, 2014 INTRALOT Renews the ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Betting Operations


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