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National Lottery LLC
Address: 914 Bay Ridge Road,Suite 214 Annapolis, Maryland 21403 (410) 349-5012
E-mail Address: E – Mail:
Phone: (410) 349-5012
Key People:
President and CEO
Tony Licata
Joseph Cox

Bill Wolfe
V. P. Operations
V. P. National Sales

Background Information

Welcome To National Lottery Introducing VideoCash, a new gaming concept combining the fun of video games with the excitement of winning instant lottery cash. Each VideoCash card is preprogrammed with predetermined lottery outcomes. Each game card may be played on almost any mobile phone or VideoCash XL countertop players. Winnings are redeemable for cash at the lottery retailer where additional new game cards may be purchased. Security for cash prize pay-outs uses the same validation system as “scratch off” paper instant tickets, however the validation bar code is protected inside the tamper-proof retail packaging. Since the system uses the existing bar code validation system, no additional infrastructure is required to validate and distribute winning cash pay-outs. Market research has shown that the new patent-pending VideoCash games effectively attract the exploding demographic of young, technically savvy players by combing high- tech portable mobile gaming with real cash winnings.


News Highlights:
December 2009: National Lottery and Virginia Lottery produce research and pilot launch of cell phone and paperless subscription cell phone / PC / laptop instant lottery.
November 2009: National Lottery includes cell phone and paperless instant lottery to their patents and Intellectual property.
October 2009: National Lottery enters into lease agreement with IBM to fund XL counter-top games.
October 2009: National Lottery certified by NSAPL to print instant lottery tickets.
August 2009: Lafleurs Lottery Magazine features the VideoCash GameCard for use on cell phones with cover, article and full page advertisement.
July 2009: Diamond Graphics contracts with NASPL for certification to print instant tickets.
February 2009: Zentech finalizes design of the VideoCash hand held game.
November 2008: National Lottery partners with Diamond Graphics for game card production.
October 2008: National Lottery enters into a strategic relationship with Livewire for hardware and software intergration.


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