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Video Lottery (VLTs) News Archive 2014
December 16, 2014 Casino Requests Removal of 300 Slot Machines
December 16, 2014 Minister Defends Decision to Lift Cap on Gaming Machines
December 10, 2014 Lottery, Lawmakers Ponder New Rates for VLT Retailers
December 7, 2014 Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) Releases November 2014 Index
December 7, 2014 Self-Exclusion Program Questioned
December 7, 2014 HMRC Requests Return of VAT Overpayments on Slot Machines
December 1, 2014 Gaming Machines Paying off for Cities
December 1, 2014 Ground-Breaking Research Distinguishes Problem and Non-Problem Play on Gaming Machines
December 1, 2014 Clubs Outlay Millions on Diversification from Gaming
December 1, 2014 Lottery Looks to Video Lottery Retailer Incentives to Increase Play
December 1, 2014 Ground-breaking research distinguishes problem and non-problem play on gaming machines
November 25, 2014 International Association of Gaming Regulators Announces New Officers and Trustees At Philadelphia Conference
November 22, 2014 Private Bill Introduced to Regulate Australian Poker Machine Industry
November 22, 2014 Councils Expected to Mobilise against Governments Inaction towards FOBTs
November 20, 2014 Ainsworth Game Technology Share Price Falls Sharply After Profit Downgrade
November 16, 2014 Association Of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) Announces Eight New Members Join Organization
November 16, 2014 Another Bill Introduced for "historical racing" Machines
November 8, 2014 Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation Cuts Red Tape
November 8, 2014 Minister Welcomes Moves to Make Clubs Less Reliant on Poker Machines
November 8, 2014 Pubs Call for Changes to New Poker Machine Laws
November 3, 2014 New Measures Incorporated Into Gaming Machines
November 3, 2014 Bookmakers announce further Player Protection Measures
Oct. 24, 2014 "Big Fish Casino's" New Luxury Slot, "Sweet Stacks" Combines Slot Fun with A Nod to the 1990's Classic TV Series, "Twin Peaks"
October 24, 2014 Trump Plaza Selling Off Slot Machines
October 24, 2014 Government Still Pondering Slot Machines on Ferries
October 24, 2014 Svenska Spel uses the responsible gambling tool Playscan in VLT’s
October 22, 2014 Accusations that Coalition Provides Benefits for clubs in return for Political Expediency
October 20, 2014 Council Calls for Better Safeguards in Placement of Poker Machines
October 15, 2014 Council Confiscates Gambling Machines
October 9, 2014 Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Release September 2014 Index
October 9, 2014 State’s VLT Revenue Slow to Recover From GFC
Oct 9, 2014 Call for Moratorium on the Establishment of Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBTs) in Malls
Oct 9, 2014 The Merging of Video Games and Betting, Enticing a Generation Raised on Gaming
Oct 6, 2014 Good Bet Electronic 50/50 Raffles Will Expand
Oct 6, 2014 Call for Tougher Restrictions on use of Gambling Machines
Oct 1, 2014 Canberra Clubs to Replace Poker Machine Target to Ratio 15 machines per 1000 adults
Oct 1, 2014 Government Recognizes the Need to Focus on Problem Gambling and Combat Illegal Gaming Machines
Oct 1, 2014 Gambling Arcades to Close at Night
September 25, 2014 Ainsworth Game Technology Poised to Capture International Markets
September 24, 2014 Council Proposes Tougher Restrictions for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
September 25, 2014 Arcade Games to be Installed with Security Boxes to Detect Gambling
September 25, 2014 Video Slot Figures Better than Expected for Fiscal Year
September 22, 2014 Techlink Receives Coveted West Virginia Approval
Sept 20, 2014 Clubs Australia Proposal for Child Care Centres in Exchange for Poker Machine Tax Breaks Met with Staunch Opposition
September 17, 2014 Company Expects to Grow, Despite Government Pulling plug on My-Play
September 12, 2014 Segob Launch Campaign Against Illegal Slot Machines in Mexico
September 9, 2014 Civil Trial to Determine Legality of Confiscated Machines and Cash
September 8, 2014 Video Lottery Revenue Up Nearly Six Percent from Similar Period One Year
September 3, 2014 Gaming Machine Maker RGB International Bhd Attractive to Investors
September 1, 2014 Participation and Economic Indicators of Members of Jakta in the Operational Part of the Gaming Industry in Serbia
September 1, 2014 Gaming Machine Numbers Drop as New Taxes Begin to Bite
August 27, 2014 Supreme Court Attempts to Clear the Waters on Instant Racing Machines
August 27, 2014 Techlink Entertainment Defends My-Play System
August 25, 2014 Licence to Operate Poker Machines Cancelled to maintain the effectiveness and integrity of Licensing System
August 22, 2014 Councillors Vote to Reduce Gaming Machines Cap
August 19, 2014 Government to Remove My-Play System from VLTs
August 19, 2014 Proposal to Install Near-Slot Machines at Racetracks
August 18, 2014 Gaming Machine Trusts Heads to High Court for Judicial Review on Licence
August 11, 2014 Government to Halt Issuing Licences for Gambling Machines
August 7, 2014 Ballot Not to Include Legalizing Slot Machines
August 7, 2014 New Regulations Increase Return to Community from Gaming Machines
August 7, 2014 Horse Racing New Brunswick launches lawsuit for alleged breach of contract regarding VLTs
August 7, 2014 Council Vote to Continue Video Gambling Ban
July 29, 2014 30% of Colombia’s Slot Machines Expected to be Connected to the Central Monitoring System by April 2015
July 29, 2014 Calls for a Referendum to Phase out Poker Machines in Pubs and Clubs
July 23, 2014 Gaming Down after Decrease in Licences, Venues and Machines
July 22, 2014 New Electronic Raffle Machine to be Rolled Out in September
July 10, 2014 Lottery and Gaming Control Commission Draft New Rules for Game Machines
July 10, 2014 Coljuegos Report Increase in the Number of Electronic Slot Machines and Venues
July 7, 2014 Transfer of Poker Machines to New Venues May be Banned
July 7, 2014 Jackpot Expiry Time for Poker Machines
July 7, 2014 Illegal Gambling Machines Seized
July 7, 2014 Border State Competition Blamed for Decline in Slot Figures
July 7, 2014 State’s Slot Machine Revenue Fell 6% in June, Continuing a 2-Year Decline
July 2, 2014 Gaming Authority Extends Control Over the Integrity of Slot Machine Permit Holders
June 28, 2014 Government Plans to Introduce Poker Machines in Remote Communities
June 27, 2014 Wagering Council Calls for Freeze on Minimum Bet Rule Proposal
June 27, 2014 Legislation to Allow Racinos to Remain Open until 6AM
(June 25, 2014 Casino Association Critical of Senate Support to Legalize Video Lottery
June 23, 2014 Colombian Gaming Regulator Release Report in Respect of the Draft Regulations for Online Electronic Slot Machines
June 20, 2014 Football Fever Lures Gamblers to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
June 20, 2014 Most of Australia’s Gambling Dollars Spent on Poker Machines
June 13, 2014 Gaming Machine Entitlement Term Review
June 9, 2014 Council Amends Policy to Gain Control in Location of Gaming Machines
June 9, 2014 Slot Machines Deposit €765,000 a year into Government Funds
June 5, 2014 New York's Lottery and Video Gaming Revenues Continue to Climb
June 5, 2014 Labour Government Pledges to Amend Planning and Gambling Laws to Ban Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from High Street Venues
June 5, 2014 Gaming Control Board Recommends Licenses for Video Game-Slot Machine Link
May 31, 2014 Grocery Chain Looks to Sale of Property to Break Consumer Connection between Retail Brand and Gambling Machines
May 27, 2014 Officials Try to Stem the Flow of Slot Parlor Chains
May 23, 2014 Government Reforms Threaten Viability of Provincial Gaming Machine Venues
May 23, 2014 Minister Says Government Remains Committed to the State Having Fewer Gaming Machines
May 21, 2014 Slot Machines with Asian Appeal
May 21, 2014 Change in the State of Play for Poker Machines
May 15, 2014 Gaming Regulator Has Seized 3,639 Slot Machines Since 2013
May 15, 2014 European Commission Receives Complaint Concerning Greek Government’s Alleged Favouritism of OPAP’s VLT Venues
May 13, 2014 Lottery Discusses Meet Competition in VLTS
May 7, 2014 New Games Spur Revival in VLT’s
May 1, 2014 Bally Technologies’ Millionaire Sevens Progressive Slot Link Pays Lucky Winner $1.9 Million at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
May 1, 2014 Councils to be Given Greater Power to Curb Betting Shop Numbers as Other Player Protections Outlined
May 1, 2014 Aristocrat New Game Profile May 2014 - The Rolling Stones™ Slot Machine
May 1, 2014 Spanish Online Slots and Exchange Betting Not Likely Until January 2015 at the Earliest
April 30, 2014 Investors say Control Gambling Measures not as Harsh as they had Feared
April 29, 2014 Government Planning Panel Endorse Tighter Restrictions on Gaming Venues
April 29, 2014 Aristocrat Brings the Game Forward with Advanced New Helix™ Slant Cabinet
April 29, 2014 Amnesty Period Offered to Operators
April 24, 2014 Gaming Industry Warns Government Restrictions will Impact Jobs
April 17, 2014 New Rules Simplify Procedures and Requirements for the Operation of Gaming Machines
April 17, 2014 NextGen Gaming License Judge Dredd Comic IP
April 17, 2014 IGT Taps Wildly Popular ‘tokidoki’ Lifestyle Brand for Slot Creation
April 22, 2014 Lottery Corp. Proposed Slot Machines on BC Ferries
April 22, 2014 Candidate Proposes Slot Machines for Charity
April 21, 2014 Councils Move to Limit Poker Machines in Communities
April 15, 2014 Amaya announce agreements for Gaming Machine Shipments in United States
April 15, 2014 Authority Seeks Government Approval to Call International Tender to Dispose of Over 10,000 Seized Slot Machines
April 10, 2014 Inspired Shows Innovative Vlts, Exciting Games And Award-Winning Virtual Sports At Fadja Colombia
April 10, 2014 Honolulu Considers Outlawing Gambling Machines
April 10, 2014 Parliament Adopts Amendment, Blocking Installation of New VLTs and Slots
April 12, 2014 Campaign Responds to “Independent” Research on Betting Shops
April 12, 2014 Councils Unite in Call for New Poker Machine Guidelines
April 10, 2014 New Styrian Gaming Machine and Slot Machine Act, and Amendments to the Gaming Machine Ordinance
April 7, 2014 Slot Machines with Estimated P1 Million Destroyed
April 7, 2014 Gambling Machines Restricted to Casinos and Lottery Outlets
April 7, 2014 Downing Street to Announce New Measures for High-Stakes Gambling Machines
April 3, 2014 Government Prepares to Cut Red Tape for Gaming Sector
April 2, 2014 Pennsylvania Slots Revenue Declines for Third Consecutive Month
March 31, 2014 Lawmakers look to Increase Slot Machine Numbers
March 27, 2014 REALISTIC GAMES Unveils Two New Slots
March 27, 2014 Multistate slot network to Offer Lottery-Size Jackpot
March 27, 2014 GTECH is bringing gaming to life in Germany with SPHINX 3D™
March 27, 2014 In Future the Placement Remuneration of Slot Machines Will be Based on Turnover
March 27, 2014 VLT Proposal Receives Senate Committee Approval
March 24, 2014 Overall Clubs do not Profit without the Reliance on Poker Machine Revenue
March 24, 2014 Negotiations Continue for Increase in Poker Machine Tax
March 24, 2014 NSW Second Only to Nevada in Poker Machine Saturation
March 24, 2014 Commission Supports Legislation to Outlaw Sweepstakes Machines
March 24, 2014 Lottery Commission Looks to Renew Gambling Machine Proposal
March 16, 2014 Poker Machines Fail to Attract Amidst New Generation of Online Gambling Choices
March 15, 2014 Senate Proposes Allowing VLTS at Airport Departure Terminals
March 15, 2014 Ministry of Finance Plans for Online Gambling and VLTs Angers Lottery Association
March 13, 2014 Lottery Association Disagrees with Retroactive Regulations for the Operation of Video Lottery Terminals!
March 13, 2014 Zynga Captures the Pop-Culture Appeal of a Raunchy, Beer-Swilling Teddy Bear
March 12, 2014 Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) Questions Councils Claims
March 12, 2014 Inspired Signs VLT Technology Deal With R.Franco
March 12, 2014 House Kills Video Lottery Bill
March 12, 2014 Approval Given for Purchase of New Gaming Machines
March 11, 2014 Legislation to Increase Poker Machine Tax Deferred
March 3, 2014 Revised Gambling Machine Proposal for Ohio Lottery Commission
March 4, 2014 Opposition Suggest Online Gaming to Boost Revenue
March 4, 2014 Support for video Lottery Establishments to Increase Machines
February 25, 2014 IGT Signs Exclusive Video Poker Deal with Action Gaming
February 25, 2014 Association of British Bookmakers Respond to Gambling Machine Claims
February 25, 2014 Regulators Approve Multi-State Slot System
February 25, 2014 Province Continues to Fight Illegal Grey Machines
February 20, 2014 House Committee Votes Down Video Lottery Bill
February 20, 2014 Germans Enthusiasm for Lotto Decreases as Players Embrace Gaming Machines
February 18, 2014 Maryland Lottery Awards 5-Year ITLM Contract to Amaya's Diamond Game Enterprises
February 18, 2014 Senate Votes to allow additional Machines
February 18, 2014 House Rejects Measure to Increase Bet Limit on Video Lottery
February 18, 2014 Online Slot Machines will be Detrimental to Traditional Machine Industry
February 14, 2014 Responsible Gambling Trust Announce Stage 2 of Machines Research
February 14, 2014 Comptroller’s Ruling Represents a Setback for Gaming Machine Act
February 14, 2014 Coinless and Hopper-Less Gaming Machines Operating Card-Based Gaming or TITO Functionality Now Approved
February 9, 2014 The New 10 Euro Banknote is Coming, Facelift for Euro Banknotes Continues
February 3, 2014 Opposition from Community Leaders sees Town Eliminated for VLTS
January 30, 2014 Genera Reaches 64% Market Share in Norwegian VLT market
January 30, 2014 Bookmakers Lose Battle to Prevent University Academics from Testing FOBTs
January 26, 2014 Gaming Machines Revive Horse Racing Industry
January 26, 2014 Poker Machine Spend Increases Despite Measures to Ban ATM Machines in Venues
January 22, 2014 Lottery looks to Attract New Generation of Players
January 22, 2014 Tribe Won’t Appeal Ruling on Slot Taxes
January 22, 2014 Romanian Anti-Trust Regulator Fines Four Cos Over Video Lottery Programme
January 22, 2014 Village looks to limit Video Gambling Sites
January 15, 2014 Amusement and Vending Machine Industry Wants to Overturn the State Treaty on Gambling
January 14, 2014 Study Reports a Decline in Slot Spend
January 14, 2014 Lawmakers Unexpectedly Decline Video Gambling Reforms
January 13, 2014 Novomatic’s Loontjens Deal Confirmed
January 8, 2014 Coalition MPs Reject Labour's Demands for Crackdown on Gambling Machines
January 8, 2014 Report Recommends Removing VLTs in Disadvantaged Areas
January 7, 2014 Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in Labor’s Crosshairs


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