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A Weekly Snapshot of the Top Lottery and Gaming News Stories


Vol. 78 No6 - Monday February 6, 2017

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9M-on-9M Global Lottery Growth Up 4.9%; Sales Driven by North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe

Edging up from a half-year on half-year increase in sales of 4.5%, lotteries around the world continued to gain momentum in the third quarter of 2016, resulting in an aggregate increase in sales of 4.9% for the period January–September 2016, as against January–September 2015. Nine-month on nine-month sales were up sharply in Africa, and were also up in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Sales in Latin America held steady.




BASEL, Switzerland (February 1, 2017) -- Edging up from a half-year on half-year increase in sales of 4.5%, lotteries around the world continued to gain momentum in the third quarter of 2016, resulting in an aggregate increase in sales of 4.9% for the period January–September 2016, as against January–September 2015. Nine-month on nine-month sales were up sharply in Africa, and were also up in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Sales in Latin America held steady.The African region enjoyed the strongest performance over the first nine months of 2016, as against the first nine months of 2015, with participating African lotteries reporting an aggregate increase in sales of 27.6% for Q1–Q3 2016, as against Q1–Q3 2015. Once again, the main contribution to the performance of the African market came from South Africa’s Ithuba. The South African National Lottery saw its Q3 2016 sales rise by more than 50% over the third quarter of 2015, the new license holder’s first quarter of operations. Morocco’s La Marocaine des Jeux continued its previous strong showing, reporting an increase in sales of 19.4% for 9M 2016 over 9M 2015, while Loterie Nationale Morocco reported a 9M-on-9M increase in sales of 9.6%. Also in positive territory was Ghana’s National Lottery Authority, which recorded an increase in sales of 7% for the nine months through to September 2016, as against the nine months through to September 2015. Offsetting these results, sales at the Mauritius National Lottery contracted over 9M 2016, as against 9M 2015.


The North American market also performed robustly, with participating North American lotteries reporting an aggregate three-quarter year on three-quarter year increase in sales of 7.8%. Once again, lotteries across the continent were in the black. The Minnesota Lottery, Kentucky Lottery, California Lottery, and the Tennessee Education Lottery all enjoyed sales growth of more than 10% over the first nine months of 2016, as against the first nine months of 2015. Leading the way was the Minnesota Lottery, which reported an increase in sales of 13.2% over 9M 2016, as against 9M 2015. Following closely behind was the Kentucky Lottery, which reported an increase in sales of 11.6% for the nine months January–September 2016, as against the corresponding nine months of 2015. Similarly, the California Lottery and the Tennessee Education Lottery witnessed sales increases of 10.8% and 10.3% respectively across the same timeframes. For its part, the Florida Lottery enjoyed a record-breaking Q3 2016, with ticket sales exceeding USD 1.44 billion; this broke the previous third quarter record of USD 1.35 billion, set in 2015, by USD 97 million. Overall, sales through the first nine months of 2016 were up 8.5% at the Florida Lottery, compared to the corresponding period in 2015. Also in the U.S., the Connecticut Lottery Corporation and the New York Lottery saw 9M-on-9M sales increases of 6.8% and 6.6% respectively. North of the U.S.-Canada border, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation enjoyed the best performance of participating Canadian lotteries, reporting an increase in sales of 5.4% over the nine months to September 2016, as against the corresponding revenue period of 2015.In the Asia Pacific region, participating Asia Pacific lotteries recorded an aggregate 9M-on-9M increase in sales of 4.6%.


As in the first half of 2016, growth in the Asia Pacific region was driven by China Sports Lottery, which saw its sales increase by 12.6% over the nine months to September 2016, as compared to the nine months to 2015. Over the 9M-on-9M period, sales growth in China was driven by the Guess Lottery game, the sales of which increased by 32.5% over the given timeframes.

For its part, the China Welfare Lottery saw its sales increase by 1.6% over the period January–September 2016, versus the period January–September 2015. Elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region, 9M-on-9M sales at Hong Kong’s HKJC and Australia’s Lotterywest were up 3.5% and 1.1% respectively, while sales of the Takara-kuji lottery at Japan’s Mizuho Bank contracted over the same timeframes.The picture in Europe was similar to that reported at half year, with participating European lotteries witnessed an aggregate increase in sales of 4.2% over the period January–September 2016, as against January–September 2015. Leading the pack was Norway’s Norsk Tipping, which saw its sales strengthen from a half-year on half-year increase of 10.8% to a nine-month on nine-month increase of 11.8%.

Also performing strongly were France’s FDJ, which reported a 9M-on-9M increase in sales of 8.9%, and Hungary’s Szerencsejáték Zrt., where sales increased by 8.5% over the 9 months through to September 2016, as opposed to the corresponding revenue period of 2015. At the Hungarian National Lottery, sales of instant tickets strengthened owing to the launch of several new instant games, whereas sales of numbers games and sports games held steady in the absence of a major numbers jackpot on the one hand, and a dearth of major international sporting events on the other. At Poland’s Totalizator Sportowy, 9M-on-9M sales increased by 7.8%, while sales at Finland’s Veikkaus Oy increased by 5% over the same timeframes.


Elsewhere in Europe, Q3-on-Q3 revenues increased by 8.3% at Greece’s OPAP, on the back of higher revenues in the lottery and Hellenic Lotteries segments. The Greek lottery’s positive third quarter performance ensured its 9M-on-9M revenues broke even as a result; earlier, half-year on half-year results had been in negative territory. In Latin America, participating Latin American lotteries held steady, reporting an aggregate increase in sales of 0.1%, again on the basis of revised reporting measures from Argentina’s Lotería Nacional Sociedad del Estado. Once again the Argentinian national lottery continued its rapid growth in 2016, reporting a double-digit increase in sales for the nine months through to September 2016, as against the nine months through to September 2015. Offsetting the performance of the Argentinian National Lottery was Brazil’s Caixa Econômica Federal, which saw its sales contract over the same time periods. Beyond these results, sales at Chile’s Polla Chilena continued to strengthen, growing by 5.7% over 9M 2016, versus 9M 2015, while Mexico’s Lotería National para la Asistencia Pública performed similarly, overseeing an increase in sales of 5.3% for the period January–September 2016, as against the period January–September 2015. For its part, Mexico’s Pronósticos held steady.

he WLA will continue to track the progress of global lottery sales in future editions of the WLA QLSI. Once again we thank all WLA member lotteries participating in this initiative, and look forward to bringing you the final quarter 2016 results shortly.


Philip Springuel

WLA Executive Director.


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Scientific Games Announces Selected Preliminary Expected Fourth Quarter 2016 Results in Connection with Plan to Refinance a Portion of Its Debt


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (February 1, 2017) --  Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS) ("Scientific Games" or "the Company") today announced selected preliminary expected financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2016, in connection with a plan to refinance and extend the maturity dates of its term loan debt and revolving credit facility, and otherwise take advantage of favorable market conditions to lower its cost of debt and extend maturities.

Results of Operations

The Company currently expects consolidated revenue to be in a range of $748-to-$755 million for the three month period ended December 31, 2016, and full year 2016 revenue to be in a range of $2,878-to-$2,885 million compared to $737 million and $2,759  million for the fourth quarter and full year 2015, respectively. The Company further expects that its net loss for the fourth quarter will be in a range of $105-to-$115 million, including a projected $69 million goodwill impairment charge as described in the reconciliation below, with Attributable EBITDA ("AEBITDA") of approximately $290-to-$295 million. The full year net loss including the goodwill impairment charge is expected to be in a range of $348-to-$358 million, with AEBITDA of approximately $1,100-to-$1,105 million. AEBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure that is defined below.  The Company currently anticipates releasing its fourth quarter 2016 results and full year 2016 audited results on March 2, 2017 after market close.

Scientific Games

"Our preliminary results for the fourth quarter 2016 reflect ongoing improvements in our gaming, lottery and interactive operations, as well as the initial benefits from our recently implemented business improvement initiative that is expected to reduce our annualized cost structure by $75 million," said Kevin Sheehan, CEO and President of Scientific Games. "With our customer and player-focused strategies, we believe the Company is well positioned to build on this success in 2017. We plan to generate improved results in 2017, while remaining focused on deleveraging. I am grateful to our team members around the globe who continue to empower our customers with the best gaming and lottery experiences in the world, while remaining focused on our financial goals."

The preliminary unaudited results noted in this release are derived from preliminary internal financial reports and are subject to revision based on the Company's procedures and controls associated with the completion of its year-end financial reporting, including all the customary reviews, audit and approvals. Accordingly, actual results may differ from these preliminary results and such differences may be material.

The Company has prepared these preliminary expected financial results in connection with its proposed refinancing transaction and is sharing the preliminary expected results disclosed in this press release with its prospective lenders.

About Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS) is a leading developer of technology-based products and services and associated content for worldwide gaming, lottery and interactive markets. The Company's portfolio includes gaming machines, game content and systems; table games products and utilities; instant and draw-based lottery games; server-based lottery and gaming systems; sports betting technology; loyalty and rewards programs; and interactive content and services. For more information, please visit:



Investor Relations:

Bill Pfund +1 702-532-7663

Vice President, Investor Relations

Media Relations:

Susan Cartwright +1 702-532-7981

Vice President, Corporate Communications


SOURCE: Scientific Games Corporation.


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Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, and Missouri Lotteries Achieve “Verified” Status under Responsible Gambling Best Practice

Milestone Dates for Next Round of Verifications Approved

HARTFORD, Connecticut (January 27, 2017) -- The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) announced that the Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, and Missouri Lotteries have received “Verified” status within its responsible gambling framework and independent verification program.

Partnering with NASPL in this important effort is the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).

It’s a wonderful accomplishment and speaks very highly of each lottery’s dedication in this area,” said NASPL President and Louisiana Lottery President/CEO Rose Hudson.


I’m so proud of our partnership with NASPL and with the overwhelmingly positive response from the lottery industry to this program. It has been such a pleasure working with NASPL staff and Responsible Gaming Committee members as well as representatives from all the lotteries who have applied to have their responsible gaming plans verified. NCPG Operations Manager Lissa Cobetto and all the assessors deserve thanks for their hard work and invaluable contributions to this rigorous and objective assessment process,” said NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte.

The new program has three levels of verification. The first level (“Plan”) is for lotteries that have not yet developed a robust responsible gambling program – by submitting an application at this level, lotteries will have experts in the field critique their plans and help them move towards the next level. The second level (“Implementation”) assesses current programs and results for lotteries with more advanced responsible gambling programs. The third level (“Sustaining”) will review Implementation verification every three years to ensure ongoing performance.

An independent assessment panel, under the guidance of the NCPG, reviews all applications for verification. The seven areas of assessment include research, employee training, retailer training, education and awareness, new/existing product oversight, budget, and advertising.

I am heartened by the reception of the lotteries for this verification program. In the last few years, we have seen more responsible gaming activity on the part of the lotteries. This is great for the health of this industry,” said NASPL Responsible Gambling Committee and Executive Director of the North Carolina Education Lottery Alice Garland.

Lotteries wishing to apply for Phase Three should submit an application statement (250 words or less) by February 24, 2017 that includes:

  • Background as to why the organization/jurisdiction is seeking verification.
  • The Lottery’s willingness to accept help from other jurisdictions who have participated in the process.



The NCPG will select the next lottery jurisdictions on March 3, 2017 and their applications will be accepted in no later than May 2, 2017. It is expected that the first round of verification results will be announced in July 12, 2017 after evaluation by an independent assessment panel.


The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries was founded in 1971. Evolving from an informal exchange of information among three pioneering lottery directors, the organization has grown into an active association representing 52 lottery organizations. NASPL’s basic mission is to assemble and disseminate information on the lottery industry through education and communications, and where appropriate publicly advocate the positions of the Association on matters of general policy.

Media contact: David Gale, Executive Director, (440) 361-7962,

About NCPG

The National Council on Problem Gambling is the national advocate for problem gamblers and their families. NCPG is neutral on legalized gambling and works with all stakeholders to promote responsible gaming. The organization’s vision is to improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social and economic costs of problem gambling.

SOURCE: Connecticut Lottery Corporation.



Pollard Banknote Awarded Instant Ticket Printing Contract Extension from the Arizona Lottery


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada (February 1, 2017) -- Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (“Pollard Banknote”) is pleased to announce a one-year extension to its Instant Printing and Production Services contract with the Arizona Lottery. Under this agreement, Pollard Banknote will continue to provide the Lottery with instant ticket printing and related services until January 14, 2018.

This extension continues Pollard Banknote’s long-standing partnership with the Lottery that began in 1998. This relationship is a testament to the company’s ability to foster enduring, cooperative, and mutually beneficial relationships with its lottery partners, together fulfilling the common goal of increasing revenues and profits that support good causes—such as improving the quality of life for the people of Arizona. In addition to providing instant ticket printing to the Arizona Lottery, Pollard Banknote delivers marketing support and strategic planning, research, and design testing.

The year 2016 marked the Arizona Lottery’s 35th anniversary. To celebrate, the Lottery launched a 35th anniversary family of instant tickets at the $1, $2, $5, and $10 price points. The tickets featured Pollard Banknote’s patented Scratch FX®, an innovative printing process that adds a celebratory holographic shine to the ticket design, making it a perfect way to commemorate three-and-a-half decades of contributing to important programs that benefit Arizona residents. During this momentous year, the Lottery also launched its first ticket on Pollard Banknote’s Eco Scratch™ stock. The brown kraft paper effect of Eco Scratch™ on $1 Letter to Santa gave the ticket the nostalgic look of a classic brown envelope, which appealed to players. Letter to Santa’s 10-week average sales were 34% higher than all other $1 games launched in Arizona since 2013!


Our relationship with Pollard Banknote began nearly two decades ago, and in that time we have achieved great success implementing many of the company’s strategic recommendations,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “We have worked closely with Pollard Banknote to grow our instants sales and will continue to explore new ways to increase excitement for our players, sales for our retailers, and transfer dollars to our beneficiaries.

We are very proud of our enduring partnership with the Arizona Lottery,” said Brad Thompson, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. “Through ongoing consultation, the Lottery has taken advantage of many of our print innovations over the years, including Scratch FX® and the recent launch of the Lottery’s first Eco Scratch™ ticket. We are excited to have the opportunity to continue working with the Lottery to offer the best games and services in order to generate revenues for a variety of vital state programs.”

The Arizona Lottery’s mission is to support Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner. Since 1981, the Lottery and its retail partners have generated more than $3 billion in net funding in support of programs that help to improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona. Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales—more than $3.7 million per week—help fund arts and education, community enrichment, economic development, environmental conservation, health and human services, and public safety programs. Learn more at

About Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote is a leading lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, providing high quality instant ticket products, licensed games and strategic marketing and management services for both traditional instant games and the emerging iLottery space of web, mobile, and social channels. The company is a proven innovator and has decades of experience helping lotteries to maximize player engagement, sales, and proceeds for good causes. Pollard Banknote also plays a major role in the charitable pull-tab and bingo markets in North America. Established in 1907, Pollard Banknote is owned approximately 73.5% by the Pollard family and 26.5% by public shareholders and is publicly traded on the TSX (PBL). For more information, please visit our website at



Doug Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


John Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


Rob Rose,

Chief Financial Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323



SOURCE Pollard Banknote Limited.



NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions wins seven year contract with Estonia’s Eesti Loto to provide central system and player account management solutions


VIENNA, Austria (January 30, 2017) -- After a competitive procurement process, Eesti Loto awards a seven-year contract (Including possible extensions) to Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) for the provision of an Information System to manage its sales in all channels. NLS proposed a truly modern, state of the art technology platform designed to enable lottery sales over every channel. Built around proven, up to date Service Oriented Architecture and making use of an extensive library of APIs the platform enables sales over a wide range of POS devices including existing devices and large-scale retail POS systems.

NLS’ advanced lottery platform features the latest technologies that will allow Eesti Loto to exceed its players’ expectations and set new, standards in lottery operations and services, both in the short- and long-term.


The solution will deliver out-of-the-box all the necessary options to drive new business and offer new Lottery content for players across all channels – mobile, retail, internet – as well as the flexibility to handle whatever the future may bring.

The NLS omni-channel solution gives Eesti Loto the ability to create an entirely new player experience by breaking down the barriers that used to exist between channels,” said Frank Cecchini, NLS Managing Director & CEO. “Eesti Loto will have the freedom to incorporate best-of-breed services and content; deploy the most appropriate POS devices and deliver a whole new experience to its players. We are extremely excited to be working in partnership with one of the most technically advanced lotteries in the region and are looking forward to working with Eesti Loto to realize the benefits of a truly modern system where technology is not a barrier to growing the business”.

NLS’ pioneering BYOT (Bring Your Own Terminal) philosophy allows Eesti Loto to utilize existing assets or deploy modern tablet or mobile devices. The solution utilizes NLS’ Thin Retail Client, which enables the lottery to use any third-party hardware for its POS. Eesti Loto will deploy this solution across new Linux-based POS systems, as well as Android devices for smaller retailers.

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This strategy will significantly strengthen its retail footprint by improving the Lottery’s instant ticket sales channel and enabling lottery sales at smaller retail locations.

Eesti Loto will also plan to collaborate with its retail partners to roll out the NLS POS Embedded solution thereby allowing supermarkets to offer Eesti Loto’s lottery games and instants tickets at in-lane locations within the stores.

Under the new contract, which includes two possible one-year extensions, NLS will additionally provide Eesti Loto with eInstants from the extensive NLS portfolio of entertaining games.

The excitement at Eesti Loto was perhaps best captured by the Lottery’s CEO, Heiki Kranich, who said: “This will be a major jump forward! We selected the NLS system and team because they are the most ready to support our inventive team who rely on technology to open doors to new possibilities and maintain Eesti Loto’s reputation for innovation and technological leadership in a country where these qualities are the norm."

"NLS provides an advanced, secure and robust multichannel system with player registration methods that will allow Eesti Loto to achieve its commercial objectives as well as further implement our KYC and Responsible Gaming strategy. NLS is future-ready, and so is Eesti Loto!

About NLS (

NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS) is a full solution alternative vendor for international lottery markets delivering games and services that can be integrated with any 3rd party solution.

The NLS system supports all sales channels simultaneously, creating a truly omni-channel offering while at the same time increasing lottery revenues and returns to good causes.

With ISO 27001 certification, WLA Security Control Standard Certification and numerous lottery audits, NLS solutions guarantee the highest levels of security and reliability.

NLS is part of the NOVOMATIC Group, one of the biggest global producers and operators of gaming technologies, with revenues of about EUR 4bn, more than 24,000 employees and activities in 80 countries.

NLS was established in 2014 after the acquisition of Icelandic lottery provider Betware and quickly became a player in the international lotteries business.

SOURCE: NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions.


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FDJ Records a 4.6% Increase in Sales to €14.3 Billion in 2016 and Enters Third Year of Its FDJ 2020 Project


BOULOGNE, France (January 19, 2017) -- FDJ’s sales have passed the €14 billion mark at €14.3 billion, an increase of approximately €600 million compared with €13.7 billion in 2015. This growth was driven by the strong momentum of betting activities (UEFA Euro 2016 in France), scratch games and digital activities (new apps to prepare stakes).

This momentum, after growth of 5.4% in 2015 (sales up €700m), underpins the second year of implementation of the “FDJ 2020: FDJ augmented vision” strategic project, which puts digital technologies and innovation at the heart of its activity and physical network.

For Stéphane Pallez, President and Chief Executive Officer of the FDJ Group, “the game sector is continuing its transformation around the world with the introduction of new games, new generations of customers more accustomed to using digital technologies, and new meeting ground with the players.

"This revolution in games and betting is a source of opportunities for FDJ, the second-largest lottery company in Europe, committed to the completion of its FDJ 2020 project. The sales growth recorded in 2016 will enable us to continue FDJ’s digital transformation in optimum conditions, in line with the Group’s responsible business model. In 2017, FDJ will develop its dimension as a group, notably by merging its headquarters and several subsidiaries into a new site. FDJ will also strengthen the identity of the FDJ brand and its appeal in terms of entertainment and commitment values.



Robust activity in 2016

  • €9.5 billion won by customers (an increase of around €500 million vs. 2015); 235 winnings > 1 million vs. 215 in 2015
  • €718 million in revenues for local sales points (+ 4%; + €30 million)
  • Sports betting activities totalled €2.5 billion, up 11% (+ €240 million); 3.5 million players
  • Scratch games and interactive games generated sales of €6.9 billion, up 7% (+ €450 million)


Development of FDJ 2020 strategic project

  • €88 million investment in future development
  • Digital sales rose 65% to more than €900 million
  • Launch of 6 new generation lottery games, more diverting and interactive
  • Automation of FDJ’s logistics base allowing for the preparation of 6,000 packs/day
  • Launch of FDJ Gaming Solutions, offering content and technology to lotteries across the world


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • €3.1 billion contributed to the national community
  • SaferGame, designed jointly by FDJ and IBM, a Big Data solution for gaming integrity and responsible gaming
  • Sports sponsorship: UEFA Euro 2016 (close to €150 million for stadium renovations), 25th anniversary of its Foundation’s Challenge programme, support for the Paris bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, “Sport pour Elles” programme to support women in sports, notably co-sponsoring a female cycling team
  • FDJ tops WWW France’s Pap 50 barometer for its paper policy


2017 Objectives

  • Pass €1 billion mark in digital sales
  • Continue to support the development of sports betting in France with new betting formulas and new point of sales tools
  • New Loto formula; pilots for new generation games in the network (digital tickets)
  • Network consolidation and modernisation: drive to scout Newsagents-Tobacconists-Bars-Local sales points; installation of new gaming stands and digital displays, Launch of a scratch game to support the Paris bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics
  • Prevention of gaming for minors: new tools and signing at points of sale, new training programme for the 800 FDJ sales people and 8,000 of the largest points of sale
  • Development of the Group dimension, digitisation of working environment to encourage innovation, new working methods (quality of life at work and improved performance)


Results of game ranges

French players mostly continued to stake relatively small amounts: 26 million betters played average stakes of €10.6 per week (vs. €10 in 2015). Winnings amounted to €9.5 billion (€500 million more than in 2015).

Redistribution increased by + 0.6 point to 66.6% of stakes.

235 winnings > €1 million (215 in 2015), of which 15 winnings > €10 million (vs. 10 in 2015). The record of the year was €66 million won in Paris with the Euro Millions-My Million game.

Lottery games accounted for 82% of sales, i.e. €11.8 billion (vs. €11.4 billion in 2015), a 3.3% increase driven by scratch games and interactive games

Scratch games and interactive games accounted for 48% of FDJ’s sales

This gaming category recorded €6.9 billion of sales, up 7% (vs. €6.4 billion in 2015). The 20-odd scratch tickets on the market attracted more customers: 18.7 million compared with 18.6 million in 2015.

Over and above the upgrade of the main games, this growth was attributable mainly to the success of football themed games (Goal, Maxi Goal, UEFA-Euro 2016), which generated sales of more than €400 million.

Scratch games accounted for 34% of FDJ’s sales

Scratch games recorded sales of €4.9 billion compared with €5 billion in 2015, down 1.6% due to the decline of Euro Millions-My Million before its relaunch in September and to the Amigo game being less promoted.

FDJ celebrated 40 years of its Loto game in 2016. For this occasion, FDJ broke new ground by offering the first participatory jackpot in the history of the game. Loto continues to attract 17.5 million players and €1.5 billion stakes, confirming its resilience despite a smaller number of events (only one week with a Friday 13th in 2016 vs. three in 2015). The record of the year was €17 million, won in the Côte d’Or department. Loto holds the alltime record winning on with €16 million won this year.

Euro Millions-My Million recorded €1.4 billion in sales in 2016 (€1.5 billion in 2015). The new formula launched mid-September attracted 14.7 million customers, i.e. nearly one million new players. It helped revive sales with an increase of 8% (vs. -8% in the first 9 months of 2016). 15 winnings of more than €1 million were recorded in France against four in 2015, with a record of €66 million compared with €40 million in 2015. My Million made

143 million-euro winners compared with 146 in 2015.

Amigo recorded €1.3 billion in sales, down 1.8% from 2015 as there were fewer publicity events for the game in 2016.

Together, Keno and Joker+ generated stakes of close to €700 million.

Sports betting activities represented 18% of FDJ’s sales at €2.5 billion (vs. €2.3 billion in 2015), up 11% due to the UEFA Euro 2016 in France

The range is benefiting from the growing popularity of sports betting with French players, catching up with their European counterparts (7% penetration rate for adult population in France vs. 12% in the rest of Europe). The number of players grew to 3.5 million, i.e. 200,000 new players in 2016.

2016 notably benefited from the UEFA Euro 2016 being held in France (€174 million in sales, + 94% compared with the Euro 2012), as well as from the Summer Olympics (€23 million in bets, + 6% vs. the London 2012 Olympics). FDJ used these opportunities to extend its offering (eight new sports and types of bets).

Second year of FDJ 2020 project

The FDJ 2020 strategic project aims to enable the company to adapt to new digital consumer behaviour at points of sale and online. FDJ has earmarked €500 million for investment by 2020 in order to transform its IT base (€250 million), digitise the network (€180 million) and invest in innovation, notably through start-up funds.

In 2016, FDJ invested €88 million, i.e. a total of €190 million since 2015.

FDJ has set itself a target of close to 20% in “digitized sales” by 2020. In 2016, digitized sales amounted to more than €900 million compared with more than €550 million in 2015, i.e. 6.5% of sales, an 65% increase vs. 2015.

News frontiers for FDJ 2020


FDJ is targeting close to one million new players in 2020, particularly young adults and women. With 26 million customers in 2016, of which 13 million women and 6.7 million young adults in 2016, FDJ is stabilising its player pool. Player numbers increased by 0.1 million for scratch games, 0.2 million for draw-based games and 0.2 million for sports betting activities while decreasing by 0.5 million for Amigo.

Games and services

  • FDJ is looking for 10% in sales of breakthrough innovation games by 2020. FDJ has developed its online offering, with 26 new games available. It has notably launched the Illiko Actions range, with entertaining, interactive new generation games (Duel de Cartes, Happy Dés, Les Trésors du Nil and L’Or des Caraïbes).
  • FDJ is developing its digital services. Most of FDJ’s games (Loto, EuroMillions-My Million, Illiko, Parions Sport) are available on all digital channels (PC/Smartphone/Tablet). The Parions Sport app, which enables players to prepare their stakes on their mobile phones, is highly popular: 28% of Parions Sport stakes at end-2016 compared with 8% at end-2015. In addition, after the Loto and Euro Millions-My Million apps, FDJ has launched an Illiko app.



The physical network remains strong with more than 31,100 points of sale (vs. 31,900 in 2015), i.e. the no.1 French local network, present in more than 11,000 municipalities. Revenues paid to the network by FDJ reached €718 million, an increase of 4% compared with 2015 (about + €30 million), i.e. average commissions paid to retailers (including commissions linked to paying out winnings) of more than €20k per point of sale (+ 9% on

average per point of sale).

In order to maintain its network, FDJ created over 700 new points of sale. In 2016, more than 1,000 points of sale benefited from the addition of at least one licence (draw-based games, scratch games, Amigo or Sport).

FDJ is also very gradually opening local points of sale other than Newsagents-Tobacconists-Bars. These new outlets remain limited to roughly 1,400 points of sale (petrol stations, grocery stores, bakeries, etc.), or 5% of the network in 2016, including in border areas where Newsagents-Tobacconists-Bars are particularly hard hit by foreign competition.

It is also upgrading its traditional network with the roll-out of 12,000 equipment kits (stands and displays) and strengthening the control of its intermediate distribution circuit (100% of the sectors steered directly or indirectly by FDJ; two-thirds of sales internalised in 2016).


FDJ is keen to channel its FDJ 2020 investments into cooperation with national lotteries. In this way, FDJ successfully operated the Portuguese sports betting offering in 2016. In order to further develop this initiative, on the occasion of the World Lottery Summit 2016, FDJ launched “FDJ Gaming Solutions”, a new commercial brand to sell technology (operating platforms for lottery and sports betting games), new generation games and services for global lotteries.

A new way of working in start-up mode and Open Innovation

In 2016, FDJ accelerated the digital transformation of its organisational structure: merger of Marketing and Digital Departments, multiplication of incubation cells (six in 2016: gamification, social gaming, etc.), innovation trip abroad.

It has initiated cooperation with its new partners:

  • Gaming: with French publisher Asmodee, the no.2 in Europe (L’Or des Caraïbes, Splendor)
  • Innovation/start-up: €15 million investment in two management companies, Partech and Raise
  • Innovative school: reflection on the new Loto 2017 with the Web School Factory
  • New media: YouTube and Facebook.


Transformation of the technological and logistics base

FDJ has pressed on with the overhaul of its IT system, which is now more powerful (4 billion transactions in 2016, digital platform capabilities increased from 15,000 to 100,000 connections) and nimble (launch of “global gaming” experience accessible on smartphones, tablets and online).

On 24 January 2016, FDJ launched an automated logistics system to prepare orders for retailers at its central warehouse. By the end of 2018, this investment of more than €10 million will make it possible to make direct deliveries to our entire sales network (2,700 POS already benefited from direct deliveries at end-2016).

A responsible, committed company

Gaming integrity

Classified Advertisement

FDJ and IBM have forged a partnership based on a Big Data approach and designed the SaferGame software application to combat laundering and excessive gambling in the network (launch in 2017). FDJ has strengthened its initiatives to encourage a recreational use of gaming, in particular actions to prevent underage gaming during the UEFA Euro 2016 (prevention campaign with TV spots “Le sport on le vit, le pari on l’oublie” (Experience sports live, forget about betting) and with the distribution of 50,000 information leaflets in the fan zones).

The Group continued to build ties with the civil society, academic world (GIS: scientific interest group bringing together four universities of the Paris area) and associations.

FDJ organised and facilitated the World and European Lottery associations’ seminar on responsible gaming, held in Paris.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A committed and innovative HR policy: the Group has 2,137 employees (1,800 in 2015).

FDJ is engaged in terms of gender equality: a proactive approach co-driven by senior managers and General Management helped advance the proportion of women in line management by 4% in one year to 38%. The group’s engagement for disability is unswerving: the employment rate of people with disabilities has been around 6% for the last four years. Lastly, FDJ is sensitive to social diversity: the Group conducts recruitment actions in less privileged environments (in partnership with Mozaik RH) and sponsors schoolchildren through the charity Telemachus, as well as young graduates seeking employment through the charity Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (63 young graduates sponsored in 2016, 23 returns to employment).

A company that makes a contribution to society

Strong contribution to society: since its creation, FDJ has based its approach on a model of redistribution for the greater benefit. In 2016, close to 95% of stakes were distributed: to customers (66.6%; €9.5 billion), to retailers (5.2%; €718 million) and to the national community (21.8%; €3.1 billion).

FDJ is more than ever committed to supporting sport: financing of “sport for all” in France (more than €220 million in 2016) and of the construction or renovation of the stadiums that hosted the UEFA Euro 2016 (close to €150 million between 2011 and 2016), fighting corruption in sports and championing French sport (FDJ commitment for the Paris bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, victory of FDJ-sponsored cyclist Arnaud Démare in the Milan San Remo race, etc.).

The FDJ Corporate Foundation, which is currently active in the fields of sports, disability and solidarity, has decided to devote a portion of its resources to encouraging equal opportunities in the years ahead.

SOURCE: La Française Des Jeux.



December A Lucky Month for Lottery Players in Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (January 27, 2017) -- December was a lucky month for Kentucky Lottery players, according to a report made today during a meeting of the lottery’s board of directors. Total prize payout was 4% higher than the same month in the previous year, and 2% more than budgeted.

According to Vice President and Corporate Controller Maggie Garrison, even though sales compared to the same month last year dipped by $4 million, prize expense for the same period actually increased $1 million. “Pick 3 players in the period were especially lucky, as the game paid out 81% of sales in prizes,” she said. Garrison explained this was primarily fueled due to popular combinations of numbers being drawn. “For example,” she said, “Our December 3 midday Pick 3 winning numbers were 1-2-3. We sold $207,000 in tickets for that drawing, but paid $1.4 million in prizes. A few days later, on the 11th, 7-7-7 was drawn. Sales were $213,000, and we paid $1.5 million for that drawing.


December was definitely a good month for our players,” Garrison said.

Year-to-date sales for the first half of FY17 (July – December) were $479.1 million, which is $3.4 million more than the same period last year but $17.6 million less than budgeted. Income before transfer of dividends was $119 million, which is $2.2 million more than the same period last year but $2.9 million less than budgeted. 

In other action, the board elected current Vice Chair Mark F. Sommer as chair. The Louisville-based attorney practices at Brown Frost Todd LLC where he leads the firm's Tax and Benefits Practice Group. Board member Jan Buddeke was elected vice chair.

Board Chair Sommer briefed the board on the status of the search for a new president and CEO. Sommer said interviews for the job will be conducted in mid- to late February, and finalists then sent to Governor Bevin’s office for his selection. He also reported that Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton will be joining the search committee as a liaison to the governor.

In other business, the board approved:

  • A contract with Affiliated Forensic Laboratory, Inc. for ticket testing;
  • A contract extension with Pollard Banknote LLC for secondary scratch-off ticket production;
  • A contract renewal with Smartplay International for a random number generator system;
  • A policy renewal with USI Insurance Services LLC for directors and officers liability insurance, and;
  • Rules and regulations for seven scratch-off tickets, amended rules for eight draw games, and rules for seven Instant Play games.


The next meeting of the KLC’s board of directors will be March 24. The meeting will begin at 10 AM EST, and will be held at the KLC headquarters at 1011 West Main Street in Louisville. Committee meetings will begin at 8:30 AM EST. Also, a meeting of the board’s president and CEO selection committee will be held at KLC headquarters (same address as above) on Monday, January 30th starting at 2:30 PM EST.

The Kentucky Lottery has earned more than $4.6 billion for the Commonwealth since 1989. KLC dividends pay for college scholarships, grants and literacy programs. Visit to find out more about grants and scholarships paid for by the KLC.

For More Information CONTACT: Chip Polston, Jennifer Cunningham, Sara WestermanT: (502) 560-1675.

SOURCE: Kentucky Lottery Corp.



Svenska Spel Report Continued Strong Growth in Sales via Mobile

VISBY, Sweden (January 31, 2017) -- Sales via the mobile phone developed strongly and increased in 2016 by 57 percent, reflecting that customers appreciate the game experience we deliver. The products are characterized Eurojackpot with net gaming revenue of close to 400 million in 2016, an increase of 34 percent. Full-year profit lands at 4866 m.

We end the year 2016 with a successful result in a tough competition at the same time, we show that it is possible to combine growth with responsible gaming, says CEO Lennart Käll.

We have a leading market position with well-established products, satisfied customers and a strong digital offering that meets customer demand for experience.

We are well prepared for future opportunities. Our focus is growth, but it must be done with healthy revenues, says CEO Lennart Käll.

October-December in brief

  • Net gaming revenue for the Group amounted to SEK 2 447 M (2 426), an increase of 0.9%.
  • Consolidated operating profit amounted to SEK 1 297 million (1 245), an increase of 4.1%.
  • The result for the Group amounted to SEK 1 301 million (1 246), an increase of 4.4%.
  • Operating margin amounted to 21.5% (21.3).
  • Customer Satisfaction Index was 68, which is level with the previous quarter.
  • Swedish Spel image value was 55% which is in line with the previous quarter.
  • Spelkoll index was 83 and was unchanged compared with the previous quarter.


Events during the quarter

  • Bingo has been launched in the mobile and tablet.
  • An independent evaluation of the company's responsible gaming efforts. The conclusions are that responsible gaming tools work and gives effect.
  • SEK 50 million has been paid to sports clubs youth through grass root.
  • A new sponsorship policy that protects human rights has been launched.
  • The company is involved in financing the first Swedish Medical Chair in gambling.



  • Net gaming revenue for the Group amounted to SEK 8,993 million (8,961), an increase of 0.4%.
  • Operating income for the Group amounted to 4851 MSEK (4791), an increase of 1.3%.
  • The result for the Group amounted to 4866 MSEK (4803), an increase of 1.3%.
  • Operating margin amounted to 22.2% (22.6).


Year-December 2016 is to take note of this.

Film which Lennart Käll says Swedish Spel end report in 2016.

For more information CONTACT: Lennart Käll, CEO Swedish Games, call Press Officer Andreas Jerat at: 070-087 46 94.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.


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The Arizona Lottery’s Call to Artists: Original Artwork Opportunity

PHOENIX, Arizona (January 25, 2017) – The Arizona Lottery is pleased to announce an opportunity to create original artwork to be used on a Día de los Muertos lottery ticket to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Project Description

The Arizona Lottery is dedicated to supporting the local Hispanic community while providing exciting games for its players. The Arizona Lottery will be launching a Día de los Muertos ticket in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The ticket will allow the Lottery to highlight a talented, local Arizona artist while commemorating the traditions and festivities of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Schafer Systems Inc.

As part of this project, the Arizona Lottery is seeking an Arizona artist to create original artwork for the ticket, which will launch in August 2017. A minimum of two original and captivating Día de los Muertos scenes by the selected artist will be used in the design of a $2 Scratchers® ticket that will be sold in more than 2,900 Arizona Lottery retailers throughout the state of Arizona. Artists of all professional levels are invited to submit 2-4 original works for consideration. The large distribution of the ticket will provide the selected artist with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and strengthen their presence in the Hispanic community.

Selection Process

A selection panel will be convened to review all submissions that meet the application requirements and deadline. Selection will be based on five areas:

  1. Originality – The submitted artwork must be unique; it must not be a reproduction of another artist’s work.
  2. Interpretation & Execution of Theme – The artwork must strongly reflect the Día de los Muertos holiday and its connection with Arizona Hispanic culture.
  3. Overall Design & Appeal – The artwork must be eye-catching, creative and engaging to lottery players across the state.
  4. Marketability – The artwork must be marketable to Arizona Lottery’s audiences and 2,900+ retailers as a Scratchers® product.
  5. Application Completion – All required items must be submitted and complete. Incomplete submissions will be deemed ineligible.


The selected artist will be notified by phone and email on or before March 10, 2017. The judges’ unanimous decision is final.

Negotiations may be conducted with any artists reasonably susceptible of being selected. The selected artist will be required to enter into a contract with the Lottery for public art services. The contract terms and conditions can be found attached on the Arizona Lottery’s website HERE

CLICK HERE for Application Requirements

Selection notification: On or before March 10, 2017.

For any questions, please call Nikki O’Shea at 480-921-4438.

This Request for Proposals does not commit the Arizona Lottery to enter into an agreement, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the proposal to this request or in subsequent negotiations, or to produce a contract for the project. The Arizona Lottery may cancel this solicitation, reject any and all applications in whole or in part, reissue the Request for Proposals or procure the services by other means.

The Arizona Lottery is not responsible for loss of or damage to materials included with applications.

SOURCE: Arizona Lottery press release.


GLI Banner


Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) Lends Unsurpassed Global Expertise to Regulators, Suppliers and Operators at ICE Totally Gaming

HAARLEM, The Netherlands (26 January 2017) – Across Europe and extending as far as Japan and Brazil, the land-based and iGaming industries are in a state of evolution and emergence. At ICE Totally Gaming, global experts from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) will be on Stand N3-210 to guide regulators, operators and suppliers through the most urgent questions of this new period in gaming.

GLI Managing Director of Europe and Africa Martin Britton said, “We have never been more optimistic about the gaming industry, both land-based and online. Of course, as technologies evolve, new questions arise, and operators, suppliers and regulators worldwide rely on GLI for guidance and expertise to ensure they leave nothing to chance. We are excited to bring our global knowledge to ICE Totally Gaming where the show floor will be populated by new and exciting technologies that will challenge us all to up our game.


GLI recently became the first international gaming laboratory to earn accreditation in the Czech Republic, increasing GLI’s activity across Europe and allowing the company to provide assistance to the Czech Ministry of Finance and Gaming Board. Britton will be on GLI’s stand to discuss the latest developments in the Czech Republic and in other land-based and iGaming markets across EMEA.

Additionally, as Brazil continues to be an emerging area of interest, GLI’s Director of Latin America and Caribbean Government Relations and Business Development Karen Marcela Sierra-Hughes will be on GLI’s stand.

She will also moderate the LatAm Briefing, which takes place 8 February from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. More information on this exciting session is available at

GLI is the world’s leading gaming testing lab, and land-based and iGaming testing and certification services are only the tip of the iceberg. Others include:

  • Professional Services
  • Security Auditing
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) & Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Managed Security Services
  • eSports and eLottery Testing
  • DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) Audits
  • Social Gaming Audits
  • Geo-location Testing
  • Electronic Raffle Testing
  • In-venue Wireless Testing
  • Mobile Gaming Testing
  • GLI University® and ISO Testing
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Expert Witness Research and Testimony'
  • EGM, Kiosk, Slot and VLT Testing
  • Skill-based Games Testing
  • Sports Betting and Pari-Mutuel Testing


The company also performs traditional lottery testing, gaming device and systems testing, rule writing, technical standards advice and consultation.

GLI’s world-class customer service is one reason why the company works with more than 475 global gaming jurisdictions, ensuring stakeholders are successful and performing at the very top of the industry. With offices and more than 950 professionals strategically located on six continents, GLI brings a truly global perspective to each project.

Whether you’re a small start-up, large enterprise or an emerging or existing jurisdiction, leave nothing to chance when it comes to your success. Visit GLI on Stand N3-210 or visit their website for more information.

About Gaming Laboratories International

Gaming Laboratories International, LLC delivers the highest quality land-based, lottery and iGaming testing and assessment services. GLI’s laboratory locations are found on six continents, and the company holds U.S. and international accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards for technical competence in the gaming, wagering and lottery industries. For more information, visit:

CONTACT: Christie Eickelman, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, T: +1 (702) 914-2220 or E:

SOURCE: Gaming Laboratories International, LLC.




CIBELAE Informs Its Agenda in Advance


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (January 30, 2017) -- The CIBELAE Board of Directors ended 2016 with a more than positive outcome thanks to the ongoing support and encouragement of its 28 Regular Members, 8 Regular Observer Members and 34 Associate Members.

It is now getting ready to hold three annual meetings and to attend various international events, as usual.

This February 7, 8 & 9, CIBELAE will be present again at the prestigious international “ICE Totally Gaming London 2017” fair that will take place at the ExCeL London facilities.

As it is known, CIBELAE’s presence at this fair is important because of our efforts to achieve our goals of expanding the Corporation's participation and visibility in order to show the benefits and services provided by CIBELAE at various gaming fairs, while reporting on the work being carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The next meeting will be held on March 29 & 30 at Hotel Panamericano in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where, together with the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the State Lotteries Association of Argentina (ALEA), a Seminar on “Betting Security and Integrity” will be held with the presence of outstanding speakers from the organizations, regulators and businesses that are members of the three entities listed above.

The Agenda and registration sheet will be available soon at the CIBELAE and ALEA websites for anyone interested in expanding their views and experience on the subject.

After this event, on June 19-21 the members of the Board of Directors will be welcomed for the first time in San Salvador City, where the directors will hold the Board’s second meeting and the second training seminar of the year will take place.

The last meeting of 2017 will be on October 10-13 at the 16th Congress being organized by the National Charitable Lottery of Panama.

The purpose is to renew the Board’s members by the vote of the General Meeting members.

There will also be an unprecedented gaming tradeshow and a seminar to be enjoyed.

SOURCE: La Corporacion Iberoamericana de Loterias y Apuestas (CIBELAE).


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Governor Scott’s “Fighting For Florida’s Future” Budget Fights for Record Education Contributions

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (January 31, 2017) -- Governor Scott’s “Fighting for Florida’s Future” Budget supports the Florida Lottery’s core mission of providing funding for education by investing $181.5 million in the Florida Lottery. During fiscal year 2015-16, the Florida Lottery generated $1.67 billion in contributions to education, its sixth consecutive record-breaking sales year, while keeping operational expenses below two percent. 

Governor Scott said, “The Florida Lottery is working each day to support Florida students so they can become tomorrow’s leaders. By continuing to support the Lottery’s commitment to contributing record-breaking funding to our education system, we can ensure generations of students will have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.”

The “Fighting for Florida’s Future” Budget includes:

Fastrak Lottery Services
  • $12.6 million in additional funding as a result of projected increases in Scratch-Off and Terminal sales for Fiscal Year 2017-18. These additional funds and the new contract are projected to result in a $1.58 billion transfer to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.
  • $837,000 for an electronic document management system to improve accuracy and efficiency by electronically storing and managing claims information. Functionality will be built to interface with the Lottery’s gaming system.
  • $761,760 to replace data servers at Lottery Headquarters; the Orlando Data Center; and the State Data Center. These servers support critical business applications and are currently operating at or beyond capacity.  New storage area network shelves will also be included to accommodate the Lottery’s additional data growth needs.
  • $53,265 for new management software program that will automate the audit and investigation processes, allowing the Lottery’s Office of Inspector General to more efficiently and effectively fulfill responsibilities in accordance with Chapter 24 and Section 20.055, Florida Statutes.
  • $67,918 to replace the existing Adaptive Security Appliance Lottery firewalls located in the district offices, the Orlando Data Center, and at Headquarters, all of which will reach their End of Life and End of Technical Support in 2018.


Florida Lottery Secretary Tom Delacenserie said, “The ‘Fighting for Florida’s Future” Budget reflects Governor Scott’s continued commitment toward ensuring that Florida’s students have the resources and opportunities they need to get a great education and succeed in their future careers.  The Lottery will continue to do all we can to maximize education contributions to help Florida’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.”

Lottery Insights December Issue
Click here for the latest electronic version of Lottery Insights.

Ned Bowman, Executive Director of Florida Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association said, “I applaud Governor Scott for putting Florida businesses first and the Florida Lottery for helping retailers grow their businesses while supporting our state’s education system. We are proud of our long partnership with the Florida Lottery, and we look forward to continuing to support their efforts of generating revenue for Florida’s students and schools.”

Randy Miller, President and CEO, Florida Retail Federation said, “I appreciate the Governor’s support of Florida’s business community and his commitment to having a strong educational system.  The Florida Retail Federation is proud to help contribute to the success of the Florida Lottery because we recognize the organization’s benefit to Florida’s schools.”

John Peyton, President of Gate Petroleum Company, “We appreciate having a businessman like Governor Scott leading our state, creating jobs, helping businesses succeed and growing Florida’s economy. We also value our relationship with the Florida Lottery and are proud to partner with them to help generate additional funding for education.”

University of Florida student, Eric Jones,The Bright Futures Scholarship was the motivating factor behind turning my dreams into reality. It allowed me to set my goals high, and settle for nothing less. I appreciate all that Governor Scott and the Florida Lottery are doing to ensure future funding for this and other educational programs.”

ABOUT THE FLORIDA LOTTERY: The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $30 billion to education and sending more than 750,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida's economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and transfers to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $52.4 billion in prizes and made more than 1,900 people millionaires. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Lottery Communications Office, (850) 487-7727.

SOURCE: Florida Lottery.


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Arizona Lottery Makes Historic $206 Million Transfer to State Beneficiaries

PHOENIX, Arizona (January 25, 2017) – From a milestone anniversary and new airport location, to the first-ever Arizona Cardinals Scratchers® and a billion dollar Powerball, the Arizona Lottery had a lot to celebrate in 2016. The biggest highlight of the year, however, is Arizona Lottery’s record breaking annual transfer of over $206 million back to the state of Arizona.

In fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), Arizona Lottery transferred more than $206 million to its beneficiaries—a 17% increase from fiscal year 2015, or nearly $30 million.

Through this record-breaking transfer, Lottery will continue to positively impact a variety of programs and organizations that serve diverse groups of Arizonans, such as foster children, the vulnerable, tribal students and more,” said Governor Ducey.

The transfer increase is a result of record-breaking sales driven by the largest Powerball® ever recorded, an incredible $1.586 billion. Consequently, Powerball was the most Googled term in 2016 producing international attention. The $1.586 billion jackpot generated over $85 million in sales in Arizona over the course of just nine weeks.


Proceeds from Arizona Lottery sales have a large economic impact as well. With three Top 10 Powerball jackpots in 2016 alone, lottery players and retailers got lucky. Here are the highlights:

  • 5th largest Powerball Jackpot reaching $487 million, resulting in $25.9 million in sales over a course of 12 weeks
  • 7th largest Powerball Jackpot reaching $429.6 million, resulting in $19.6 million in sales over a course of 8 weeks
  • Nearly half a billion dollars paid in prizes to Arizona players
  • Over $59.1 million in commissions to retailers


The growth we have seen in transfers to beneficiaries, commissions for retailers and prizes for players is an immense accomplishment for Arizona as a whole,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “Looking forward, we are strategizing various innovative ways to maintain, and even surpass these record numbers so Lottery can continue to deliver its products how our players would like, as well as transfer even more funds to our beneficiaries.

The Arizona Lottery transfers dollars to 13 legislatively mandated funds that serve 18 beneficiaries. Funding supports organizations throughout Arizona in the areas of Arts and Education, Community Enrichment, Economic Development, Environmental Conservation, Health and Human Services and Public Safety.

Scratchers® is a registered service mark of the California Lottery.

CONTACT: Nikki O’Shea, Arizona Lottery, Communications Specialist, T: (480) 921-4438, Email:

SOURCE: Arizona Lottery press release.



Thorsborg Institute, LLC is Proud to Announce Its 37th Anniversary Serving the Lottery and Gaming Industry Coincides with the Forthcoming ICE Conference in London


BRUNSWICK, Georgia (January 31, 2017) -- Thorsborg Institute’s consultancy operations in 99 countries have assisted and augmented the operations and revenues for its diverse clientele such as financial institutions, lottery/gaming concessionaires, charitable organizations and governments since 1980. Thorsborg Institute’s unique historical and operational expertise/experience is a global resource for the lottery/gaming industry. As the lottery/gaming industry matures and evolves, we can provide the independent perspective to provide solutions for the introduction of new games, evaluation of operational methodology and financial analysis of the operating jurisdiction.

Our research and experienced staff has a global historical perspective that provides unparalleled consultancy services consisting of the evaluation/feasibilities of lottery/gaming opportunities, creation/adjudication of international tenders and management assistance in creating and sustaining operating protocols.

Thorsborg Institute, LLC’s Founder and CEO, Captain Kip Peterson will be attending the ICE conference and is available for limited meetings.

For further information and/or to arrange a meeting at ICE 2017, please CONTACT: Thorsborg Institute, LLC, Email:, Telephone: 1+ 770 518-0704.

SOURCE: Thorsborg Institute, LLC.



Skill Games Regulations & Fantasy Sports Ruling Now in Force

By Malta Gaming Authority

MALTA (January 31, 2017) -- The Skill Games Regulations (S.L. 438.11) are now in force following publication in the Government Gazette on the 24th of January 2017. In terms of these new regulations, the Authority is entrusted with the governance and regulation over the skill games sector, as originally envisaged under article 78 of the Lotteries and Other Games Act (Chapter 438 of the Laws of Malta).

The publication of these regulations follows a public consultation that was carried out in 2015. The Authority collected and analysed the feedback received, and met with industry stakeholders, and a position paper was published in December 2015, laying down the Authority’s roadmap for the regulation of this sector. The legislative process was undertaken in 2016, which included notification to the European Commission in terms of the process laid down by Directive 2015/1535.

La Fleur's 2016 Lottery Almanac

In terms of the Skill Games Regulations, the Authority is empowered to regulate the sector in terms of a number of public policy objectives listed down in regulation 3, including consumer protection, fairness of the game, and the prevention of criminality.

Furthermore, skill games which, in the opinion of the Authority, should be subject to additional regulatory supervision because of any additional risk they may pose to consumers, may, by virtue of a public ruling issued by the Authority in terms of regulation 6, be deemed ‘controlled skill games’, and thus become subject to the requirement of a licence, and the rest of the obligations envisaged in the regulations.

In view of the above, the Authority is hereby exercising this power to deem fantasy sports as controlled skill games. The ruling on fantasy sports, and the parameters thereof, are attached. The effects of this ruling, together with the repealing of the Fantasy Sports (Exemption) Regulations (S.L. 438.10), are that such fantasy sports operators are required to acquire a controlled skill games licence from the Authority.

A controlled skill games licence may be a licence to provide a service for the purposes of engaging with end consumers, or a licence to provide a supply, that is, in a business-to-business capacity. The licence is valid for five years, and is subject to a number of requirements, including a procedure to ensure that the persons behind the business are fit and proper, financial and system auditing to ensure that the operation is fair, sound and secure, and other measures to prevent fraud and money-laundering, a consumer-centric approach to the business, a high level of information security and segregation of player funds. Licence holders are also subject to administrative fees, licence fees, and a 5% tax over gaming revenue. A three-month transitory period is in effect.

Stakeholders are invited to access the Skill Games page on the Authority’s website for further resources on this new framework, and to contact the Authority for further assistance.

SOURCE:  Malta Gaming Authority.



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