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Lottery Insights December Issue
Latest electronic version
of Lottery Insights

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Give Yourself The Edge


A Weekly Snapshot of the Top Lottery and Gaming News Stories


Vol. 79 No. 9- Monday May 29, 2017

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Four New Florida Lottery Scratch-Off Games Offer Millions in Cash Prizes!

Florida Lottery Tickets

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (May 23, 2017) -- The Florida Lottery introduced four new Scratch-Off games today that offer more than $215 million in total cash prizes. The games, BONUS DOUBLE MATCH, LUCKY 7’s CROSSWORD, TRIPLE 777, and VERY CHERRY, range in price from $1 to $5. All Lottery retailers are expected to have these new tickets in stock and available for purchase within 72 hours.

BONUS DOUBLE MATCH features 16 top prizes of $250,000 and over $18 million in cash prizes from $100 to $10,000! The $5 game offers more than five million winning tickets, and overall odds of winning are one-in-4.03.

The second $5 game launching today, LUCKY 7’s CROSSWORD, offers more than $111 million in prizes, including 24 top prizes of $250,000! The game’s overall odds of winning are one-in-3.99.

TRIPLE 777 offers players the chance to win up to ten times and features 16 top prizes of $25,000! This $2 game features more than 3 million winning tickets, and overall odds of winning are one-in-4.41.

Schafer Systems Inc.

For just $1, players can win up to $5,000 with VERY CHERRY. There are more than 3 million winning tickets totaling over $10.2 million in cash prizes! The game’s overall odds of winning are one-in-4.94.

Scratch-Off games are an important part of the Lottery's portfolio of games, comprising approximately 65 percent of ticket sales and generating more than $734 million for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF) in fiscal year 2015-16.


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $31 billion to education and sending more than 750,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida’s economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and transfers to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $52.4 billion in prizes and made more than 1,900 people millionaires.

For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Florida Lottery Communications, T: (850) 487-7727,

SOURCE: The Florida Lottery.




Loterie Romande Report 2016 Results: CHF 216.8 Million Disbursed for Good Causes


LAUSANNE, Switzerland (May 23, 2017) -- After a year of consolidation of its results in 2015, Loterie Romande returned to encouragingly robust growth in 2016, with the highlight of a record Swiss Loto jackpot. Gross gaming revenues (GGR) rose by 5.7% to CHF 398 million. Net profit, i.e. the sum disbursed for the public good, totalled CHF 216.8 million. In an increasingly competitive landscape in the gambling sector, the diverse range of games on offer from Loterie Romande, the high quality of its distribution network and tight control exerted over operating costs paid off, helping to contribute to a small increase in the level of profits available for allocation to social-welfare, cultural and sports projects.

The text of the new legislation on gambling will shortly be finalised by the Federal Assembly, Switzerland’s parliament. Loterie Romande considers the draft bill submitted by the Federal Council to be both consistent and well balanced, taking the interests of all parties involved into account. It is vital this draft legislation, considering the balanced positions achieved, especially with regard to social responsibility, is not degraded by amendments that might damage the competitiveness of public-interest lottery companies, as profits generated by them are vitally important and central for the funding of projects working for the public good.

Loterie Romande
from left to right: Jean-Maurice Tornay – Chair CPOR; Jean-Luc Moner-Banet – CEO Loterie Romande; Jean-Pierre Beuret – Chairman Loterie Romande.

On Tuesday, at Loterie Romande’s head office in avenue de Provence in Lausanne, Loterie Romande convened its annual press conference to announce its operating results for 2016, under the Chairmanship of Mr Jean-Pierre Beuret, alongside Loterie Romande’s CEO, Mr Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, and the Chairman of the Conference of the Chairs of the Distributing Bodies (CPOR), Mr Jean-Maurice Tournay.

Results up slightly year on year

In 2016, gross gaming revenues (GGR), i.e. the sum of money staked less winnings paid out to players, totalled CHF 398 million, a rise of 5.7% on 2015 levels (CHF 377 million). The record jackpot of CHF 70 million offered on Swiss Loto boosted sales and lay behind this increase that was also driven by the success of scratch-cards.

Net profit for the year totalled CHF 216.8 million. This total, allocated to the cantonal bodies tasked with redistributing Loterie Romande’s profits and to sport, was slightly up on its 2015 level (CHF 209.5 million). This bears testament to long-term strategies put in place to maintain levels of funding distributed for the public good.

With 282 staff on its books as of 1st January 2017, Loterie Romande paid out in 2016 CHF 74.5 million in commission fees to the 2,600 retailers distributing its games throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Through these payments, Loterie Romande makes a significant contribution to local neighbourhood businesses (kiosks, cafés/bars, restaurants) located in city centres, on the outskirts of towns or in villages in the countryside.

Distribution of profits

Around 3,000 public-service bodies and institutions received funding from Loterie Romande in 2016. On average, over CHF 500,000.– were distributed daily to social, cultural and sports projects throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

After taking account of the CHF 3.7 million allocated to the Association pour le développement de l’élevage et des courses (ADEC; Association for the Promotion of Horse Breeding & Racing), net profits for 2016 were distributed according to the following split: 5/6ths, i.e. CHF 177.5 million, went to the cantonal distributing bodies to fund projects in the social-welfare, cultural, educational or environmental fields, with the remaining 1/6th or CHF 35.5 million going to sport.

As in past years, Loterie Romande paid the 0.5% duty levied on its GGR, i.e. a sum of CHF 1.99 million, which is allocated for preventing and combating gambling addiction.

New Swiss gambling law


The draft gambling legislation has been scrutinised and debated by both chambers of the Federal Assembly – the Council of States in June 2016, followed by the National Council in March 2017 – so the new Gambling Act is on track to be finalised and approved shortly by parliament. Loterie Romande considers the draft legislation to be both consistent and well balanced, taking the interests of all parties involved into account. It ensures proper protection for the population against those dangers associated with gambling, setting out a series of tangible measures to clamp down on illegal gambling and games, such as the blocking of unauthorised Internet sites. Considering the balanced positions achieved, especially with regard to social responsibility, Loterie Romande is adamant this bill should not be watered down by any amendments that might blunt the competitive edge of public-interest lottery and sports betting companies. Provisions set forth in this law must be such as to ensure that profits generated from gambling, pursuant to Article 106 of the Swiss Federal Constitution, are indeed allocated to public-interest projects and not diverted exclusively to private gambling operators.

In an increasingly competitive gambling industry, this new legislation must enable lottery operators to propose attractive, profitable and socially responsible games so as to guarantee the long-term sustainability and stability of profits, totalling almost CHF 600 million each year, distributed by Loterie Romande and Swisslos.

Increased backing for Swiss Olympic

Loterie Romande and Swisslos, the intercantonal lottery operator for German-speaking Switzerland and the Canton of Ticino, have decided to boost their annual contribution to Swiss Olympic by an extra CHF 17 million to support, in particular, both current and up-and-coming elite athletes. Of the 17 million, CHF 4 million will come from Loterie Romande and CHF 13 million from Swisslos – these contributions will lift the total sum distributed to Swiss Olympic by the two lottery companies to CHF 46 million from 2017. Loterie Romande and Swisslos have added their weight to Swiss Olympic’s drive aimed at enabling Swiss sport to remain competitive in international sporting arenas. The extra money being disbursed to Swiss Olympic will be allocated to the athletes themselves, their support teams and facilities. These contributions bear sound testament to the major role Swiss lottery companies play in supporting sport.

As a reminder, funds allocated by Loterie Romande to sport, some CHF 35.5 million, are split two-ways: first to the cantonal sports bodies (CHF 24.8 million) to help fund amateur and grassroots sport (facilities, next generation of active sports participants, local sports events, etc.); second to the Sport-Toto company which redeploys its share (CHF 10.6 million) to support Swiss Olympic, the Swiss Football Association, and the Swiss national football and ice hockey leagues.

CONTACTS: Mr Jean-Pierre Beuret, Chairman, 079 332 01 00 or Mr Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO, 079 310 78 69.

SOURCE: Loterie Romande.


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Pac-Man Just Got Real with New Instant Scratch-Its Campaign


AUSTRALIA (May 24, 2017) -- Eighties icon Pac-Man is making the leap from the video game screen to Instant Scratch-Its tickets under a new arcade-inspired game being launched by the Lott – Australia’s official lotteries.

For the first time, Instant Scratch-Its players can dodge the “ghosts” and weave through the iconic Pac-Man maze for the chance to win from a prize pool of $9 million, including three top prizes of $100,000.

Pac-Man Instant Scratch-Its are available from Monday 22 May 2017 at Instant Scratch-Its outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

A six-week marketing campaign commencing Sunday 4 June 2017 will support the game’s launch.  This will include Snapchat, social media and digital videos, along with billboards, shopping centre videos, and full bus wraps.

The campaign’s two 10-second Snapchat ads mark the first time Instant Scratch-Its has used this social platform as a marketing channel.


The new game is part of Instant Scratch-Its ongoing brand repositioning that highlights how Instant Scratch-Its deliver little moments of joy that brighten up Australians’ lives every day.

Instant Scratch-Its Brand Portfolio Manager Nada McNamara said the Pac-Man Instant Scratch-Its game and associated campaign aimed to showcase the brand’s playful and fun personality.

Australia has had an enduring love affair with Pac-Man since the arcade game that was first released in Japan in May 1980 – just a few years after Instant Scratch-Its were first launched Down Under,” she said.

With a renewed love of all things ‘80s at the moment – from the reunion of Bananarama to the era’s metallic ruffles and shoulder pads – we expect the power of Pac-Man to exceed all previous successes we’ve had using licenced properties on Instant Scratch-Its tickets.

The iconic appeal of Pac-Man is a great way to introduce Instant Scratch-Its to new and infrequent players, particularly adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who fondly remember Pac-Man from their youth.

For the marketing campaign, we wanted to take Pac-Man to the next level so many of our digital assets will show the animated Pac-Man leaping from the video screen onto an Instant Scratch-Its ticket and into our everyday lives.”

Ms McNamara said the launch of the Pac-Man Instant Scratch-Its game was part of a concerted strategy to develop new games and tickets aligned to customers’ needs.

Our strategy moving forward is based on ensuring Instant Scratch-Its meets people’s needs.  We know from our recent consumer research that our customers are in different mindsets when they are playing different types of tickets and we need to develop Instant Scratch-Its games that align with these.”

 Agencies involved in the creation and delivery of the Pac-Man Instant Scratch-Its campaign:

  • Creative agency: Y&R Brisbane
  • Media agency: Carat


Some of the campaign's creative assets can be downloaded HERE.

About Instant Scratch-Its

The world’s first scratch off ticket with instant prizes was introduced in the USA in 1974 and into Australia in 1978.

Instant Scratch-Its are priced from $1 to $20. Within this price range there are a range of game types, from quick fun plays to extended play games.

Each ticket series or game has a specific prize structure consisting of several prize levels, ranging from top prizes of up to $1 million down to thousands of other smaller prizes. In most instances, the top prize represents approximately 10 per cent of the total prize pool available in that game.

Chances of winning on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket range from 1 in 2 to 1 in 4, which creates millions of moments of instant joy each year.

The Lott operates and markets Australia’s leading lottery games in each jurisdiction under Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, Tatts, SA Lotteries and Tatts NT.  These games include Saturday Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Set for Life, Lucky Lotteries, The Pools and Instant Scratch-Its.

For more information please CONTACT:


Matt Hart

the Lott

Senior Public Relations Executive

0412 404 626

Elissa Lewis

the Lott

General Manager Public Relations

0457 759 945


SOURCE: The Lott.



Skilrock to Unveil Innovative Solutions on its Unified Gaming Platform @ EL Congress


GURGAON, India (May 25, 2017) – Skilrock is set to unveil innovative solutions over its well established Unified Gaming Platform during 9th European Lotteries Congress at ICE Krakow Congress Center, Poland from 5th to 8th June

Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director of Skilrock Technologies, commented, "We are expecting a great congregation of European Lottery industry experts at this wonderful setting to showcase our fittingly innovative solutions. We believe our interactions will be helpful in exploring options for rapidly changing lottery ecosystem involving dynamic players, changing paradigms of responsible gaming and technology landscape.

Skilrock will be showcasing its Unified Gaming Platform which covers all the channels like Retail, iGaming, Self Service and a wide range of games making it exciting for every segment of players. We invite you to meet our team at our stand #B0 during the congress.

Event: 9th European Lotteries Congress

Date: 5th to 8th June

Venue: ICE Krakow Congress Center, Poland



skilrock image


About Sugal & Damani Group:

Sugal & Damani Group is a 45+ year old business conglomerate with revenues of over US$2 billion and presence in 3 continents. It is the parent organization of leading Lottery and Gaming technology provider SKILROCK TECHNOLOGIES. The group is also the largest state government lottery operator in India and runs the second largest commercial services business "Payworld" with 65,000 retail touch points along with having diverse business interests ranging from real estate to power generation to stock broking and more.

For further information or assistance please CONTACT: Sourabh Goyal, T: +44 (0) 20 3286 7878 / +91 8826 315550, email:, website:

SOURCE: skilrock technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Sugal & Damani Group).


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Scientific Games to Provide End-to-End Gaming Solutions for Baha Mar Casino in The Bahamas

Company Awarded 30 Percent Floor Share; Provides Games, Systems, and Table Products For Opening Of Luxury Bahama Casino Resort


LAS VEGAS, NV (May 23, 2017) -- Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS) ("Scientific Games" or "the Company") today announced new agreements to provide an expansive range of casino systems solutions, table products, games and platforms at Baha Mar Casino in Nassau, The Bahamas for its 100,000 square foot casino, which held its soft opening on April 21, 2017.

Alex W. Pariente, Executive Vice President, Casino Operations and Marketing at Baha Mar, said, "We are pleased that Scientific Games is our technology partner at our new sophisticated casino. Scientific Games provides us with a one-stop-shop, helping us efficiently run our gaming operations while delivering an engaging experience to our international guests."

Scientific Games Chief Executive Officer Kevin Sheehan said, "Our agreement with Baha Mar Casino truly showcases our ability to provide a floorwide gaming experience across an entire casino enterprise. Baha Mar is leveraging a variety of Scientific Games' transformational solutions to drive operating efficiencies and offer the best of entertainment to its players – and we are thrilled to be a major technology partner to this long-awaited and spectacular new destination in The Bahamas."

Leveraging its extensive, industry-leading Bally® Systems suite, Scientific Games powers Baha Mar's high-speed, networked casino floor with its ACSC, CMS/SMS, TableView and Bally Business Intelligence slot monitoring, table management, player tracking, marketing, analytics, and casino accounting solutions.

Scientific Games

Each of Baha Mar's 1,140 slot machines is connected to Scientific Games' iVIEW® network to provide patron self-service, marketing messages, and powerful bonusing solutions through iVIEW Display Manager ("DM")'s powerful on-device messaging technology.

Baha Mar chose Scientific Games' new iVIEW4 technology, which combines all the features of the original iVIEW with web-based content management. This enables operators to easily and quickly change marketing content and publish videos or animations themselves, making the content immediately available to the player through the gaming machine, a kiosk, or mobile device.

Using the iVIEW DM on-device interface and without interrupting game play, Baha Mar Casino drives player engagement, second-ways-to-win, and instant rewards through Scientific Games' Elite Bonusing Suite® ("EBS") of turnkey promotions including Power Promotions, Video Poker Bonusing, U-Spin® Wheel Bonus, DM Tournaments, Lucky Match Bonusing, Dynamic Random Bonusing, Flex Rewards, Virtual Racing and Power Winners.

The Company's Servizio intelligent, rule-driven mobile service applications helps Baha Mar Casino's floor staff deliver exceptional guest service by providing messages to team members on their mobile devices that enable them to immediately respond to needs such as jackpot processing, player registration, host functions, slot maintenance and more.

Baha Mar Casino opened with Scientific Games' sophisticated slot platforms and engaging casino games. Baha Mar Casino chose Scientific Games' TwinStar® upright video, TwinStar J43™ and slant; the Bally Pro Wave®, Pro V32™, Pro Stepper and V55; the WMS® Blade™ s32; and the Barcrest® platform.

Scientific Games is providing the casino with a wide array of its highest-performing and most engaging games, including such game titles as 88 Fortunes®, Dancing Drums™, Fu Dao Le®, Zeus®, Kronos®, Lock It Link Night Life™, Lock It Link Diamonds™, Super Quick Hit® Playboy Sunset Sapphires™, and MONTY PYTHON™ Black Knight®.

From Scientific Games' premium portfolio, Baha Mar Casino will offer engaging game titles such as MICHAEL JACKSON™ WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHING; CHER LIVE, Hot Shot Platinum®, TITANIC™, SUPER MONOPOLY BOARDWALK SEVENS, IRON MAN™ DELUXE, THE WIZARD OF OZ™ EMERALD CITY, and MONOPOLY™ PRIME REEL ESTATE®.

Lottery Insights December Issue
Click here for the latest electronic version of Lottery Insights.

Baha Mar Casino opened with a Shuffle Master® product on many of its 119 card table games, including an array of utility products for automatic card shuffling such as i-Deal Plus™, one2six®, i-Score Plus®, i-Shoe Auto®, iVerify® and MD3®. Baha Mar Casino also installed an expansive suite of popular Shuffle Master proprietary table games, including several with progressive offerings to add even more excitement to their sophisticated casino floor. Players will find their favorite games including Blackjack Switch® progressive, Caribbean Stud Bonus® progressive, Casino War®, Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive®, Free Bet Blackjack, Let It Ride® progressive, Six Card Bonus, Three Card Poker Progressive®, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em Progressive®.

CHER:  © 2003 Apis Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Iron Man, Marvel, and all related characters, TM & © 2008-2017 Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and its subsidiaries.  All rights reserved.

Michael Jackson™; Rights of the Publicity and Persona Rights: Triumph International, Inc. © 2017 Triumph International, Inc.  Licensing Representative: Authentic Brands Group, LLC

MONOPOLY is a trademark of Hasbro.  Used with permission.  ©2017 Hasbro.  All rights reserved.

MONTY PYTHON™ ©2017 Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd under license from Bravado Merchandising.  All rights reserved.

PLAYBOY ©2017 Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. PLAYBOY, PLAYMATE, PLAYBOY BUNNY, and the Rabbit Head Design are trademarks of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. and used under license by Scientific Games Corporation.

THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s17) Judy Garland as Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ.  (s17)

TITANIC TM & ©1997, 2017 by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

All ® notices signify marks registered in the United States.  © 2017 Scientific Games Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

About Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ:SGMS) is a leading developer of technology-based products and services and associated content for worldwide gaming, lottery and interactive markets. The Company's portfolio includes gaming machines, game content and systems; table games products and shufflers; instant and draw-based lottery games; server-based lottery and gaming systems; sports betting technology; loyalty and rewards programs; and interactive content and services. For more information, please visit



Investor Relations:

Bill Pfund

+1 702-532-7663

Vice President, Investor Relations

Media Relations:

Susan Cartwright

+1 702-532-7981

VP, Corporate Communications


SOURCE Scientific Games Corporation.



New Mexico Lottery Announces April 2017 Revenue Transfers to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship Fund

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (May 18, 2017) --The New Mexico Lottery announced April 2017 revenue transfers of $2.95 million to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship Fund. Transfers through April are lagging $7.6 million behind transfers during the same period in Fiscal Year 2016. The Lottery continues to project a fiscal year return of approximately $37.5 million to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship Fund, which is approximately $9 million less than the return in Fiscal Year 2016.

Lottery Chairman, Dan Salzwedel said, “It is unfortunate that artificial sales barriers continue to stymie the Lottery from maximizing sales and providing more dollars for scholarship recipients in this time of critical need since all profits go to the Lottery Scholarship Fund.”

Fastrak Lottery Services

As Colorado, Texas, Arizona and recently Oklahoma have found, a repeal of the 30 percent requirement would allow the lottery to provide higher prize payouts for scratcher games resulting in more dollars for beneficiaries (students). A recent Georgia lottery report revealed that “virtually every lottery” that has repealed a return mandate and implemented higher prizes in scratcher games has increased the actual dollars returned to beneficiaries.

Lottery CEO, David Barden said, “You only need to look at the Oklahoma lottery to see change and that mandates don’t work.” Oklahoma just repealed its 35 percent return requirement and is anticipating an additional $85 million to be generated for its good causes. The Oklahoma bill was modeled after successful changes in other states eliminating return mandates. Barden stated, “This is a proven method other states have used to get more dollars for scholarship funding (or other good causes) and it is unfortunate that students and families continue to be hurt because we are lagging so far behind successful business models used by other lottery states.” Barden estimates that the scholarship tuition fund will lose approximately $27 million additional dollars over the next five years without a legislative reprieve from the 30 percent mandate. The bottom line is that a continuation of the requirement in the current law that mandates a 30 percent return to the Scholarship Fund means less money for lottery scholarship recipients.

Chairman Salzwedel stated, “the dynamics are simple – without legislative relief from the mandate, my worst fear is that next year we will be reporting another decline in lottery transfers.” The Chairman also cautioned about the negative impact of losing the Lottery’s Gross Receipts Tax Exemption at some point. “This would just be devastating to higher education, the scholarship tuition fund, and our students. I urge policymakers not to do this should it come up in Special Session next week. If it is passed, Lottery transfer projections for next year will be grim.” 


Fiscal Year 2017 transfers to date total $31.65 million through April 2017, compared to $39.26 million in FY 2016.


Fiscal Year
FY 2016
Fiscal Year
FY 2017
July Proceeds $3,072,017 $4,000,688
August Proceeds $3,160,406 $3,045,424
September Proceeds $3,621,665 $2,779,242
October Proceeds $3,203,089 $2,936,011
November Proceeds $2,898,341 $3,144,106
December Proceeds $3,438,410 $3,095,931
January Proceeds $8,547,832 $3,071,196
February Proceeds $4,260,193 $3,332,682
March Proceeds $3,476,591 $3,297,277
April Proceeds $3,585,036 $39,263,580 $2,955,004 $31,657,561
May Proceeds $3,620,490
June Proceeds $3,440,087
Fiscal Year Proceeds $46,324,157 $31,657,561


The Lottery celebrated its 21st anniversary on April 27. Since 1996, the New Mexico Lottery has raised $732.5 million for education and more than 109,000 students have attended college on Legislative Lottery Scholarships. 

More information about Legislative Lottery Scholarships is available at

CONTACT: Wendy Ahlm, T: (505) 342-7638 -- (800) 642-6689, ext. 7638, E:

SOURCE: The New Mexico Lottery.



Arizona Lottery’s “Welcome Back Willie” Campaign Wins Telly Award

National Honor Recognizes Premier Creativity in Film and Video

PHOENIX, Arizona (May 22, 2017) – In early 2017, the Arizona Lottery and its advertising agency, OH Partners, released a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign to bring back the iconic Arizona Lottery mascot, Windfall Willie. The campaign gained attention across the state, and now the creativity behind the campaign is being recognized on a national level with a 2017 Bronze Telly Award for Art Direction for Local Commercial.


We are honored to receive this recognition,” Gregg Edgar, executive director of the Arizona Lottery, said. “It was an exciting process working so closely with the OH Partners’ innovative creative team to develop and execute this campaign. It has been wonderful to see our players excited about the return of Windfall Willie, and it is quite an honor to be recognized on a national level for this campaign.” 

The “Welcome Back Willie” campaign incorporated print, online, radio and television, reinventing the beloved Arizona Lottery character with a modern look and feel. The 60-second television commercial featuring the quirky new Windfall Willie quickly became an Arizona favorite and its comedic writing, unique set design and attention to detail helped land the Telly Award.

OH Partners is the Agency of Record for the Arizona Lottery and concepted and directed the campaign for “Welcome Back Willie.” To learn more about the Arizona Lottery and what Windfall Willie has up his sleeve next, visit:

About Arizona Lottery

Since 1981, the Arizona Lottery and its retail partners have generated more than $3 billion in net funding in support of programs that help to improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona. Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales — more than $3.7 million per week – fund Arts and Education; Community Enrichment; Economic Development; Environmental Conservation; Health and Human Services; and Public Safety programs. Our mission is to support Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner. Learn more at:

CONTACT: Megan Conner, OH Partners, Phone: (480) 229-1427, E:

SOURCE: Arizona Lottery.


Fastrak Lottery Services Banner


New York Lottery Celebrating 50th Anniversary with Live Drawing on Empire State Plaza

Meet Yolanda Vega & Win Prizes

NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 19, 2017) -- The New York Lottery will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on June 16 by holding a series of activities on Albany’s Empire State Plaza, hosted by Lottery spokeswoman Yolanda Vega. Everyone’s invited to join the party.

In recognition of the golden anniversary, Vega and the New York Lottery will host giveaways, contests and more, anchored by a special live drawing of the Midday NUMBERS and WIN 4 games from the Empire State Plaza.


The event will complement the regular food truck and farmer’s market offerings already scheduled.

The 50th Anniversary event is free and open to the public. All attendees ages 18 or older are welcome to participate in the contests described below.

For 50 years, the New York Lottery has been providing fun and exciting games, resulting in billions of dollars in prizes across the Empire State,” said the New York Lottery’s Yolanda Vega. “I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Lottery’s legacy and I’m excited that our 50th Anniversary will give us a chance to entertain our players, thank our retailers, offer one-of-a-kind prizes, and have some fun in the sun – all at one great event!

The June 16 celebration at the Empire State Plaza will take place on and around the “Made in the Shade of the Egg” stage from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and feature the following:

  • Live Midday NUMBERS and Win 4 Drawings: At 12:26 p.m., the New York Lottery’s popular Midday NUMBERS and Win 4 drawings will be televised live from the Empire State Plaza, with Vega announcing the winning numbers.
  • Meet Yolanda Vega: Vega will interact with fans on the Plaza, share memorable anecdotes about the New York Lottery, and ask trivia questions about the Lottery (with tickets as prizes for those who answer correctly).
  • Play Lottery Games: Attendees will be able to purchase tickets for New York Lottery draw games and scratch-off tickets, including the commemorative $10,000,000 Cash 50th Anniversary ticket
  • Free Powerball Coupons: The first 500 attendees (age 18 or older) will receive a "Buy One, Get One" Powerball coupon.
  • Fun Games for Additional Prizes: Attendees who purchase $10 of New York Lottery games can try their luck with the “Dice Drop” game for additional prizes and merchandise. Those who spend $20 will receive a free spin of the New York Lottery's “Prize Wheel” for a chance to win a limited-edition Yolanda Vega t-shirt.
  • New York Lottery Players Club: Attendees will have the opportunity to join the New York Lottery’s Players Club, where New York Lottery tickets have a second chance to win cash and prizes, and enter the 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $50,000.


In the event of inclement weather, the festivities will be held in the South Performance Area of the Empire State Plaza concourse.


The Lottery’s year-long Anniversary celebration will continue after the Empire State Plaza event with a 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes where Players Club members will have a chance to win monthly cash prizes of $5,000 and a Grand Prize of $50,000. The first Players Club 50th Anniversary Sweepstakes drawing will take place in June.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more details as the event gets closer.

About the New York Lottery

The New York Lottery continues to be North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing $3.27 billion in fiscal year 2016-2017 to help support education in New York State. The Lottery’s contribution represents approximately 14 percent of total state education aid to local school districts.

New York Lottery revenue is distributed to local school districts by the same statutory formula used to distribute other state aid to education. It takes into account both a school district’s size and its income level; larger, lower-income school districts receive proportionately larger shares of Lottery school funding.

CONTACT: Communications, T: 518-388-3415, E;

SOURCE: New York Lottery.


GLI Banner


NOVOMATIC to Host Exclusive Networking Event During Juegos Miami

LONDON (May 18, 2017) -- NOVOMATIC is looking forward to hosting an exclusive networking event during Juegos Miami on Thursday, June 1st from 5-8pm, where guests will have the chance to get hands-on with new gaming innovations. Open to all guests of the event, the evening begins on the outdoor terrace which will be transformed into an elegant beach theme and is the perfect backdrop for the event. Guests will enjoy tray passed canapes, scorpion bowl cocktails, beer and wine at this bespoke event that will highlight NOVOMATIC’s new GAMINATOR® Scorpion machine.

Lawrence Levy, Vice President of Global Sales NOVOMATIC, commented that, “Participating in Juegos Miami allows NOVOMATIC to reach key decision makers in the Latin American market. The event format perfectly fits our brand’s approach to building relationships with our customers in the region. We look forward to showcasing some of our latest gaming machines for guests to experience during this year’s event.


NOVOMATIC’s GAMINATOR® Scorpion has made a big impact on the world gaming stage since its release last year. Combining a proven concept of innovative design with leading technology, this new gaming machine delivers NOVOMATIC content in stunning high definition. It comes with three 24” full HD LED screens embodied in a matte black design with intrinsic glow frames that create stirring LED effects. Also on show will be the new V.I.P. Lounge™ and NOVOSTAR® II, two exceedingly popular cabinets in Latin America.


The NOVOMATIC Group is one of the biggest international producers and operators of gaming technologies and employs more than 29,000 staff worldwide, has locations in more than 50 countries and exports high-tech electronic gaming equipment and solutions to 80 countries.

The Group operates more than 260,000 gaming terminals in its some 1,800 plus traditional and electronic casinos as well as via rental concepts.

Through its numerous international subsidiaries, the NOVOMATIC Group is fully active in all segments of the gaming industry and thus offers a diversified Omni-channel product portfolio to its partners and clients around the world. This product range includes land based gaming products and services, management systems and cash management, online/mobile and social gaming solutions as well as lottery and sports betting solutions together with a range of sophisticated ancillary products and services.

SOURCE: Press Release from Clarion Events.


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Hoosier Lottery Celebrates National Be a Millionaire Day

Hoosier Lottery created 22 millionaires in the last year

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (May 20, 2017) - May 20 is National Be a Millionaire Day. Since 1989 the Hoosier Lottery has made millionaires out of 686 lucky Lottery players. The most recent Hoosier Lottery millionaire is Rebecca T. of Marion who won $1 million on a Powerball ticket this month. 

Hoosier Lottery's newest millionaires

Rebecca is one of a 22 lucky Hoosier Lottery players who won $1 million or more in the past 12 months. Other Hoosier Lottery millionaires during this time include Devin Hodson of Farmland ($1.2 million), Clarence Ash of Elkhart ($1 million), Ernestine McKinney of Gary ($9.2 million) and Cody Wagner of Indianapolis ($1 million).

Scratch-off millionaires

Over the years, 178 players have discovered it is possible to win $1 million or more INSTANTLY on select Hoosier Lottery Scratch-offs. Currently, it is possible to win up to $7 million instantly on a Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off. The $30 $7,000,000 Mega Ca$h Scratch-off game offers the largest instant top prize in Hoosier Lottery history.


Hoosier Lotto millionaires 

Indiana's hometown Lotto game has made millionaires of 133 lucky winners. The most recent Hoosier Lotto win was a $6.5 million jackpot claimed by John N. of Indianapolis in November of 2016.

25 years and 39 Powerball jackpot millionaires

In April, Powerball celebrated 25 years and Hoosier Lottery joined in the celebration with Powerball retail events and promotions around the state. Go to for information about promotional events in your area. 2017 also delivered Indiana's 39th Powerball jackpot winner. The winning ticket was sold in Lafayette, IN, and the $435 million jackpot was claimed by Bohemian Financial, LLC.

Mega Millions millionaires 

The Hoosier Lottery joined the multi-state Mega Millions game in 2010, and since then, ten lucky players in Indiana have celebrated their own Be a Millionaire Day thanks to Mega Millions and Megaplier! The most recent million-dollar Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket was sold in Cambridge City, IN, and the $536 million jackpot was claimed by Warren D, LLC.


Overall Odds for Powerball are 1 in 25. Hoosier Lotto Overall Odds are 1 in 6. +PLUS Overall Odds are 1 in 6. Overall Odds for Mega Millions are 1 in 15. Estimated Overall Odds for $7 Million Mega Ca$h are 1 in 3.01. Overall Odds for Hoosier Lottery Scratch-offs vary with purchase.

ABOUT THE HOOSIER LOTTERY: Hoosier Lottery distributions benefit every county throughout Indiana. The Hoosier Lottery contributes $30 million annually to local police and firefighters' pensions and $30 million annually to the Teachers' Retirement Fund. In fiscal year 2016, the Hoosier Lottery contributed $251.2 million to the Build Indiana Fund. To learn more about the Hoosier Lottery, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter. Download Hoosier Lottery logos here.

CONTACT: Jerry Grider, Hoosier Lottery, Sr. Manager of Public Relations, Phone; 317-264-4676 office, E:

SOURCE: Hoosier Lottery.


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Alexander Labak Appointed to Casinos Austria Board

VIENNA, Austria (May 18, 2017) -- Designated successor to Karl Stoss is appointed to the Management Board of Casinos Austria as of 1 June and will take over the functions of Director General of Casinos Austria and Chairman of Austrian Lotteries’ Board as of 1 July.

In a press conference on 25 April 2017, Karl Stoss announced that he would not be seeking to extend his contract as Director General of Casinos Austria and Chairman of Austrian Lotteries when it expired at the end of 2017. Two weeks later, on 8 May 2017, the Personnel Committee at Casinos Austria AG presented its recommendation for the appointment of his successor.

In an extraordinary meeting of the Casinos Austria AG Supervisory Board chaired by its President, Walther Rothensteiner, the Board voted to follow this recommendation and has appointed Alexander Labak to the Management Board as designated successor to Karl Stoss. Alexander Labak (born 1962) holds a degree in Business Studies and has extensive international experience above all in the financial services and insurance sector, most recently in London, UK.


He will join the Management Board of Casinos Austria on 1 June and take over the position as Director General as of 1 July. At the same time, he will be appointed to the Board of Austrian Lotteries with effect from 1 July 2017, where he will assume the role of Chairman. “For the sake of continuity, it was important to us to appoint a successor as quickly as possible, and I am delighted with our excellent choice of Alexander Labak,” said Supervisory Board President Rothensteiner. Alexander Labak likewise expressed his delight with the decision: “Joining Casinos Austria as only the third Director General in the company’s 50-year history gives me a special responsibility when it comes to leading the company to continued and long-term success. The gaming industry is currently in a period of dynamic change, which brings with it opportunities, but also risks, for our companies. I am looking forward immensely to the new challenge and am confident that we as a strong team will be successful in all strategic areas of our business.”

Equally positive were the decisions of the Personnel Committee and the Supervisory Board regarding the pending extension of the contract with Director Dietmar Hoscher. His contract, which was also due to run out on 31 December 2017, has now been extended. “I am delighted to be able to carry on with my existing work and am certain that we will continue to write our company’s success story with Alexander Labak as new Director General,” said Hoscher.

Since Director Bettina Glatz-Kremsner’s contract runs until the end of 2019, the mandates of Alexander Labak and Dietmar Hoscher will be aligned to this date. Consequently, the Casinos Austria Management Board will be made up until 31 December 2019 of Alexander Labak as Director General and Bettina Glatz-Kremsner and Dietmar Hoscher as Directors. The Austrian Lotteries Management Board will be composed from 1 July 2017 of Alexander Labak as Chairman and Bettina Glatz-Kremsner as Director.

For further information, please CONTACT: Martin Himmelbauer, Head of Corporate Communications, Casinos Austria – Österreichische Lotterien, Phone.: +43/1/53440-22326, E-Mail:

SOURCE: Casinos Austria AG.



Gaming Standards Association (GSA) and iGaming Academy Launch Game Authentication Terminal (GAT) Standard Course

Online Training Module Available Now; First in a series of e-Learning Courses

LAS VEGAS, NV (May 22, 2017) - The Gaming Standards Association and iGaming Academy have launched "GSA Executive Overview: Game Authentication." Earlier this year, GSA partnered with iGaming Academy to develop and host a series of e-learning modules related to GSA standards, and this is the first in a library of e-learning courses to come.

The course can be purchased from the iGaming Academy e-shop and serves as an insight into the fundamentals of GAT. The course is specifically designed for anyone with an interest in learning how to deliver the highest quality software in order to ensure player protection and game integrity.

On completing this course, learners will:

  • Understand some of the history behind game authentication
  • Understand how game authentication is performed
  • Be familiar with the command set used by the serial GAT protocol
  • Understand how the same game authentication services can be accessed through other protocols
  • Be familiar with the command set used by the Network GAT Interface


"GSA is pleased to launch this first course in our e-learning initiative. As I said at the time we announced our partnership with iGaming Academy, GSA's membership operates across multiple time zones. We are now able to offer premium learning that is available on-demand, allowing our members to learn on their schedule," GSA President Peter DeRaedt said."

LaFleur's 2017 Almanac

The GAT protocol was developed over two decades ago with the aim of providing a mechanism that allows regulators and operators to verify that only approved software is running in gaming machines. The protocol is frequently updated and expanded as changes occur in the industry, and has just recently been revamped to include gaming systems as well as peripheral devices.

GSA's and iGaming Academy's online educational series provides an easily accessible platform for users to learn more about GSA's standards, the impact they have had on the global gaming industry, and the potential they can bring to operators, suppliers, and regulators.

There is a level of membership for every budget. Visit: to learn more. Join GSA as a member today and join GSA on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About the iGaming Academy

The iGaming Academy is the leading training provider to the iGaming industry with over 7,000 learners trained in 2016 alone. The iGA provides training to over 35 gaming companies such as Betsson, Betclic Everest Group, Stanleybet, Lottoland, Sky Betting and Gaming, Evolution Gaming, ComeOn, Evoke Gaming, Mr. Green and Pala (US) who have taken up our training services not only to satisfy regulators but also enhance internal staff knowledge and awareness.

CONTACT: Peter DeRaedt, Gaming Standards Association President, Tel: +1 (775) 846-4422, E-mail: Email Contact or Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Steinbeck Communications

President, +1 (702) 413-4278

SOURCE: Gaming Standards Association press release.


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