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A Weekly Snapshot of the Top Lottery and Gaming News Stories


Vol. 80 No. 10 - Monday September 4, 2017

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IGT Signs Four-Year Contract Extension with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to Continue Providing INTELLIGEN™ VLT Solution


LONDON, U.K. (August 31, 2017) -- IGT announced that its subsidiary, IGT Canada Solutions ULC, has signed a four-year contract extension to continue providing the Company’s INTELLIGEN™ video lottery terminal (VLT) central system to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in Canada. The contract extension runs through July 6, 2021. A central systems customer since 2003, AGLC monitors up to 6,000 VLTs in the province, of which more than 4,800 are provided by IGT.

“The INTELLIGEN VLT system provides the integrity, security, ease of management, and advanced reporting that the AGLC has come to expect of IGT’s solutions,” said Jay Gendron, IGT Senior Vice President, WLA North America Lottery. “INTELLIGEN was developed to respond to the unique needs of distributed VLT customers, and with its open-standard interfaces, it will enable the AGLC to continue managing its gaming program efficiently and effectively now, and in future years.”


INTELLIGEN offers stable, secure command and control capabilities uniquely tailored to operators of distributed and venue VLT environments, based on more than 20 years of proven central system experience. It interoperates with a wide range of VLTs using multiple protocols, including the Game to System® (G2S®) open standard protocol.

The AGLC conducts and manages all gaming in the Canadian Province of Alberta, including lotteries, VLTs, casino gaming terminals, and racing entertainment centers.

Revenue received from gaming activities is returned to Albertans through licensed charities.

About IGT

IGT (NYSE: IGT) is the global leader in gaming. We enable players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play. We have a well-established local presence and relationships with governments and regulators in more than 100 countries around the world, and create value by adhering to the highest standards of service, integrity, and responsibility. IGT has over 12,000 employees. For more information, please visit:




Robert K. Vincent,

Corporate Communications,

toll free in U.S./Canada (844) IGT-7452; outside U.S./Canada (401) 392-7452

James Hurley,

Investor Relations,

T: (401) 392-7190

Simone Cantagallo,

Italian media inquiries,

T: (+39) 06 51899030


SOURCE: International Game Technology PLC (IGT).


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INTRALOT Announce Results for the Six Month Period Ended June 30th, 2017

“Y-o-Y Revenue (+15.1%) and EBITDA (+3.6%) growth for 1H17”

ATHENS, Greece (August 31, 2017) -- INTRALOT SA (RIC: INLr.AT, Bloomberg: INLOT GA), an international gaming solutions and operations leader, announces its financial results for the six month period ending June 30th, 2017, prepared in accordance with IFRS.





INTRALOT Group CEO Antonios Kerastaris noted:

Results for the first half of 2017, announced today, make it clear that this year represents a turning point for INTRALOT’s financial performance. Continued double digit revenue growth and profitability improvements are directly linked to reforms implemented in the previous year and more specifically to our M&A and partnership strategy. Strong local partnerships offer portfolio diversification, local market knowledge, and an asset light structure in addition to economies of scale and new strong revenue streams. Significant progress and strong trust from our clients have registered in mature and very competitive markets such as the United States. Recent renewals of flagship contracts in Ohio, Arkansas and Vermont secure our operational profitability and income visibility for the next 10 years, developing the US market into our biggest EBITDA contributor. The company’s ability to renew in a competitive market such as the US, on top of its historical renewal track record, creates fresh confidence for the extension of all contracts maturing in the next year.  A recent filing for eligibility to float our shares in the Italian Stock Exchange by our local joint venture, Gamenet, also creates the prospects to capture and monetize the value of a key company asset.”



  • Reported consolidated revenues increased by 15.1% compared to the first half of 2016, leading to total revenues for the six month period ending in June 30th, 2017, of €733.2m.
  • The main factors that drove top line performance per region are:
    €+39.9m in Europe primarily due to increased sales in Bulgaria (mainly due to Eurobet’s consolidation after July 2016) and Poland, following the recent regulatory changes.
    €+29.8m in North and South America, with the increase driven by Jamaican’s top line performance (improved performance of its Numerical games portfolio and the introduction of horse racing following the acquisition of the Caymanas Track), the improved performance in Argentina (Numerical and Sports Betting alike), and the start of INTRALOT’s new contract in Chile which fully counterbalanced the top line deficit from our US operations as a result of last year’s record high Powerball jackpot in 1Q16 and the sale of multi-play self-service lottery terminals in Ohio in 2Q16.
    €+26.6m stemming from all other regions primarily driven by Azerbaijan’s strong performance and the sale of a software license right in Australia which fully offset the sales gap from Turkey (vs. last year)
  • On a quarterly basis, revenues increased by 10.1% compared to 2Q16, leading to total revenues for the three month period starting in April 1st, 2017, and ending in June 30th, 2017, of €365.3m. Increased revenues for the quarter are primarily attributed to increased sales in Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Poland and the sale of a software license in Australia that fully offset the US operations deficit due to last year’s self-service lottery terminals sale in 2Q16. Eurobet consolidation after July 2016 fully balances the revenue shortfall of Eurofootball due to last year EURO effect.
  • Adjusting for Eurobet’s consolidation after July 2016, total revenues for the six month period ending in June 30th, 2017, developed to €703.4 m (+10.5% y-o-y). While adjusted revenues for the three month period starting in April 1st, 2017, and ending in June 30th, 2017, totaled €351.3m (+5.9% compared to 2Q16).
  • Constant currency basis: In 1H17, revenues—net of the negative FX impact of €17.6m—reached €750.8m (+17.9% y-o-y) while in 2Q17 revenues—net of the negative FX impact of €9.0m—at €374.3m (+12.8% y-o-y).
  • Lottery Games remain the largest contributors to our top line, comprising 43.4% of our revenues, followed by Sports Betting contributing 40.1% to Group turnover. Technology contracts accounted for 10.2% and VLTs represented 2.7% of Group turnover while Racing constituted the 3.6% of total revenues for the first half of 2017



  • During the six month period ending June 30th, 2017, INTRALOT systems handled €12.4b of worldwide wagers (from continuing operations), a 2.4% y-o-y increase. South America’s wagers increased by 43.0%, Africa’s by 9.9%, Asia’s by 9.8%, and West Europe’s by 3.7%; while East Europe’s wagers decreased by 14.9%,  and North America’s by 3.4%.


  • The Payout Ratio in 1H17 increased by 0.7pps vs. 1H16 (70.3% vs. 69.6%) primarily due to increased payout rates in Jamaica, Azerbaijan, and Poland in part offset by reduced payout rates in Bulgaria. At the same time, GGR from continuing operations increased by 7.0% (€363.5m) following the top line growth of our B2C contracts that fully balanced the augmented payout effect and the marginal sales deficit of our B2B/ B2G contracts (mainly last year’s Powerball Jackpot and equipment sale in Ohio). Adjusting for Eurobet and the Chilean contract, GGR increased by €10.9m (+3.2%). In 2Q17, the Payout Ratio marginally increased by 0.1pps compared to 2Q16, while GGR increased by 3.4% (€181.5) as a result of our B2C contracts performance which fully absorbed the B2B/ B2G contraction driven by the terminal sale in USA in 2Q16. Excluding Eurobet and the Chilean contract, GGR remained relatively stable compared to last year’s 2Q.
  • The Gross profit margin reached 17.3% in 1H17, compared to 18.7% in 1H16, negatively affected primarily by the top line contract type mix change (1H16 had larger B2B/B2G contribution, i.e. 26.8% vs. 22.5% in 1H17) compared to last year. In more detail, the Gross profit margin deficit is mainly driven by the payout uplift (-3.8pps both due to increased payout ratio and increasing B2C contract type contribution) in part offset by the containment of the other CoS items (+2.3pps) which are less sensitive to revenue uplift, and by the marginally contained tax and agent commission costs (+0.1pps). Overall, Gross Profit increased by 6.5% (€+7.8m) compared to the 1H16 levels. Adjusting for Eurobet and the Chilean contract, Gross Profit increased by €2.7m (+2.3%).
  • For the three month period starting on April 1st, 2017, and ending on June 30th, 2017, Gross Profit increased by 5.8% compared to the same period last year, totaling €63.8. Similar to the 1H results, 2Q17 profit margin decreased by 0.7pps (17.5% vs. 18.2%) negatively affected primarily by the top line contract type mix change. Adjusting for Eurobet’s first time consolidation and for the Chilean contract, Gross Profit for 2Q17 increased by 2.7% (€+1.6m), totaling €61.9, compared to 2Q16.


  • income in 1H17 totaled €8.8m compared to €10.2m in 1H16; posting a decrease of 13.7%, mainly driven by a provision reversal related to a litigation case in Turkey in 1Q16.
  • Total operating expenses increased by 8.2%, to €79.3m. Adjusting for Eurobet’s first time consolidation and Chile’s new project, operating expenses increased by 4.0% compared to 1H16 (€+3.1m). The uplift is mainly driven by increased advertising expenses in Turkey and higher administrative costs in USA, as well as in Jamaica because of the new Horseracing project started operations in March 2017.


  • EBITDA, from continuing operations, developed to €92.2m in 1H17, posting an increase of 3.6% (€+3.2m) compared to the 1H16 results. LTM EBITDA developed to €179.0m posting a 1.8% increase vs. FY2106. Adjusting for Eurobet and the Chilean contract, 1H17 EBITDA developed to €89.2m posting a slight increase vs. last year (€89.0m). The Group managed to fully absorb the excessive Powerball jackpot effect and equipment sale in Ohio in 1H16, supported also by the software license right sale in Australia in 2Q17.
  • On a quarterly basis, EBITDA increased by 2.9% (€+1.3m) compared to 2Q16. Adjusting for Eurobet’s effect and the Chilean contract, EBITDA increased by 1.7% (€+0.8m) compared to 2Q16.
  • On a yearly basis, EBITDA margin, from continuing operations, decreased to 12.6% compared to 14.0% in 1H16, as a result of the contract type mix change and last year’s Powerball and Ohio terminals sale effects. On a quarterly basis, EBITDA margin contracted by 0.9pps to 12.5% compared to 2Q16.
  • Constant currency basis: In 1H17 EBITDA, net of the negative FX impact of €4.0m, reached €96.2m (+8.1% y-o-y); while in 2Q17 EBITDA, net of the negative FX impact of €2.0m, concluded at €47.7m (+7.4% y-o-y).


  • EBT in 1H17 totaled €26.6m compared to €20.3m in 1H16 positively affected by the significantly decreased finance expenses (lower by €6.9m compared to 1H16) as a result of the 2016 bond refinancing. In 2Q17 EBT decreased by 12.4%, from €9.7m in 2Q16 to €8.5m, adversely affected by a negative FX effect of outstanding balances translation despite the improved finance expenses.
  • Constant currency basis: In 1H17 EBΤ, adjusted for the FX impact, reached €35.5m from €23.3m in 1H16 (+52.4%); while in 2Q17 EBT, net of the negative FX impact of €8.1m, developed at €16.2m from €9.2m (+76.1%).
  • NIATMI from continuing operations in 1H17 concluded at €-13.7m compared to €-15.2m in 1H16 as the positive EBT variance was negatively affected by increased Taxes (primarily Azerbaijan and Australia) as well as higher Minorities profits. In 2Q17, NIATMI concluded at €-8.4m compared to €-5.7m in 2Q16.
  • NIATMI (total operations) in 1H17 concluded at €-25.8m compared to €19.4m in 1H16. In 2Q17, NIATMI concluded at €-20.3m compared to €31.4m in 2Q16.
  • Constant currency basis: NIATMI in 1H17, on a constant currency basis, reached €-3.7m from €22.4m in 1H16. In 2Q17, NIATMI net of the negative FX impact of €22.5m totaled €1.7 compared to €31.1m in 2Q16.



  • Operating Cash-flow posted a decrease in 1H17 at €77.2m vs. €86.2m in 1H16. On a pro-forma basis, i.e., excluding the operating cash-flow contribution of our Italian and Peruvian entities, which were included in 1H16 (€+9.4m), performance is slightly improved (€77.2m vs. €76.8m pro-forma).
  • Net Capex in 1H17 was €41.2m compared to €26.4m in 1H16. Headline Capex items in 1H17 include €11.7m towards the strategic partnership with AMELCO, €10.5m towards R&D, €5.5m in USA mainly towards the Idaho and Ohio contract renewals and €2.6m in Jamaica mainly towards the acquisition of Caymanas Track. All other entities net additions amount to €10.9m for 1H17. Maintenance CAPEX for 1H17 stood at €11.9m, or 28.8% of the overall capital expenditure in 1H17 (€41.3m).
  • Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period decreased by €17.2m vs. FY16; as a result of the AMELCO investment (€-11.7m) and the Eurobet PP instalment payment (€-5.4m). Front loaded dividend distribution to minorities (€-27.5m) were fully absorbed by cash generated in the normal course of business and a €9.0m cash collateral released on early April.
  • Net debt, as of June 30th, 2017, stood at €516.8m, up €21.9m compared to December 31st 2016 driven by the AMELCO investment and Eurobet PP installments. The latter also was the main driver for 2nd quarter Net Debt increase by €7.9m.
  • As of June 30th, 2017, the Company didn’t hold any of its bonds.
  • The company may undertake a liability management exercise on regular basis; currently, INTRALOT is evaluating positive market conditions in order to extend debt maturities.



  • At the end of June of 2017, INTRALOT extended the Ohio Lottery contract for another two years securing on top of that additional 2-year renewal options thus extending the contract term through June, 2027. The value of the 2-year contract extension granted is estimated at $71.0m. The extension of the contract also has provisions for the sale of 750 additional online vending machines, which will be delivered by the end of 2017, as well as the addition of cashless sales functionality to all vending terminals and retailer terminals in the field.
  • At the end of July INTRALOT S.A. announced the renewal of the current contract of INTRALOT Inc., a subsidiary of the INTRALOT Group in the United States, with the Vermont Lottery for the two-year period from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2020, and consistent with its initial six-year contract with the option of exercising two two-year extensions, covering the period 2010-2020. The value of this two-year contract is estimated at approximately $ 5 million.
  • At the end of August of 2017, INTRALOT extended its current Arkansas Lottery contract for another seven years thus extending the contract term through 2026.
  • On August 29, 2017, Gamenet Group S.p.A. (“Gamenet”) filed with the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.) a request for eligibility to list its shares on the Electronic Stock Exchange (Mercato Telematico Azionario) and, together with its shareholders TCP LUX Eurinvest S.à r.l. and INTRALOT Italian Investments B.V., filed with the National Capital Markets Commission the request for approval of the registration document drafted pursuant to Article 113 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 58 of February 24, 1998 and Article 52 of the rules adopted by Consob with resolution no. 11971 of May 14, 1999. INTRALOT Italian Investments B.V is a subsidiary of INTRALOT S.A. and holds 20% of Gamenet.




1 INTRALOT Australia from 1Q17 onwards has been re-classed under “HW sales & facilities management contracts” from “Operation contracts” previously


  • Revenues from Operation contracts (licenses) increased by 21.9% mainly due to the improved top line in Bulgaria (Eurobet consolidation after July 2016), Azerbaijan’s strong performance, Jamaica’s uplift in its Numerical games portfolio and the recent race track acquisition and Poland’s top line improvement following the recent regulatory changes.
  • Sales from Management contracts decreased by 8.1% mainly driven by the performance of Turkey, and Russia, with Morocco top line increase acting as a counterweight.
  • Revenues from HW sales and facilities management decreased marginally, by 0.9%, as the revenue contraction in our US operations due to last year’s record Powerball jackpot and the sale of multi-play self-service lottery terminals in Ohio in 1H16 was virtually counterbalanced by our new contract in Chile, the Argentinian, Netherlands and Australia monitoring contracts improved performance, the uptake of the new Peruvian contract (following the recent M&A activity), the higher revenues in Ireland due to equipment sale and the sale of a software license right in Australia. In addition, INTRALOT Australia reclassification from the prior characterization as “Licensed operations” to “Technology and support services” from 1Q17 onwards also supported in mitigating the USA sales gap vs. last year
  • Revenues from Operation contracts (licenses) increased by 21.9% mainly due to the improved top line in Bulgaria (Eurobet consolidation after July 2016), Azerbaijan’s strong performance, Jamaica’s uplift in its Numerical games portfolio and the recent race track acquisition and Poland’s top line improvement following the recent regulatory changes.
  • Sales from Management contracts decreased by 8.1% mainly driven by the performance of Turkey, and Russia, with Morocco top line increase acting as a counterweight.
  • Revenues from HW sales and facilities management decreased marginally, by 0.9%, as the revenue contraction in our US operations due to last year’s record Powerball jackpot and the sale of multi-play self-service lottery terminals in Ohio in 1H16 was virtually counterbalanced by our new contract in Chile, the Argentinian, Netherlands and Australia monitoring contracts improved performance, the uptake of the new Peruvian contract (following the recent M&A activity), the higher revenues in Ireland due to equipment sale and the sale of a software license right in Australia. In addition, INTRALOT Australia reclassification from the prior characterization as “Licensed operations” to “Technology and support services” from 1Q17 onwards also supported in mitigating the USA sales gap vs. last year


Table 4


INTRALOT Parent Company results

Revenues for the period decreased by 7.2% to €27.0m. The sales deficit is primarily driven by less intragroup merchandise and services sales which are in part offset by the pickup of our facilities management contract in Peru (following the recent M&A transaction) and the improved contributions of our contract in Kenya.

EBITDA decreased to €1.4m from €2.8m in 1H16. The EBITDA variance is mainly driven the net effect of the higher reversals of intragroup doubtful provisions in 1H16 as well as the higher intragroup impairments in the same period last year.

Earnings after Taxes (EAT) at €0.0m from €-0.1m in 1H16.


Table 5

INTRALOT, a public listed company established in 1992, is a leading gaming solutions supplier and operator active in 55 regulated jurisdictions around the globe. With €1.32 billion turnover and a global workforce of approximately 5,300 employees (3,450 of which in subsidiaries and 1,850 in associates) in 2016, INTRALOT is an innovation – driven corporation focusing its product development on the customer experience. The company is uniquely positioned to offer to lottery and gaming organizations across geographies market-tested solutions and retail operational expertise. Through the use of a dynamic and omni-channel approach, INTRALOT offers an integrated portfolio of best-in-class gaming systems and product solutions & services addressing all gaming verticals (Lottery, Betting, Interactive, VLT). Players can enjoy a seamless and personalized experience through exciting games and premium content across multiple delivery channels, both retail and interactive. INTRALOT has been awarded with the prestigious WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification by the World Lottery Association (WLA) for its global lottery operations.

For more information CONTACT:

-Mr. Chris Sfatos, Group Director Corporate Affairs, email: or

-Investors Relation Dept. email:

Phone: +30-210 6156000, Fax: +30-210 6106800,


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NOVOMATIC Report Sales and Employee Record in the First Half of 2017


Novomatic Acquisions 2017


  • NOVOMATIC continues its strong growth
  • Acquisitions made primarily in the core markets of Germany and Spain
  • Annual sales revenue rise by 11.3 percent to EUR 1,218.7 million
  • Number of employees grows to 26,336



GUMPOLDSKIRCHEN, Austria (August 30, 2017) -- NOVOMATIC, Europe’s leading gaming technology group, achieved record sales figures in the first six months of the 2017 financial year and the highest number of employees in the company’s history.

In the first six months, the sales of NOVOMATIC AG rose by 11.3 percent to EUR 1,218.7 million (first half-year 2016: EUR 1,094.9 million). This development is mainly due to a significant increase in the electronic slot machines operated by NOVOMATIC worldwide. Compared to the same period in the previous year, the number of self-operated sites (including casinos, sport betting outlets and bingo operations) increased from about 1,800 to almost 2,100. Operated gaming machines also achieved a new record with an increase of about 9,000 machines to currently 70,700 machines.

The growth of the Group in the first half of the year was driven by acquisitions made primarily in the core markets of Germany and Spain. Among others, the Casino Royal Group in Germany and Basque Gaming in Spain were acquired. Other small corporate acquisitions took place, e.g. in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

"These future-oriented investments ensure the strong position of NOVOMATIC in the global market for the long-term," said NOVOMATIC CEO, Mr. Harald Neumann. "The current half-year figures with record sales show that we are on the right track with our international growth strategy. This is also exactly what we will pursue in the future.”


The acquisitions made in the first half of 2017 amounted to EUR 115.4 million. The largest acquisition accounted for EUR 44 million in the German market for Casino Royal, followed by EUR 39.8 million in Eastern Europe (EE) with the acquisition of majority interests in four Polish companies.

In the first half-year, the EBITDA amounted to EUR 282.5 million and thereby was just EUR 4.7 million below the level of the previous year. The number of employees rose to a historically high figure of 26,336, representing a growth of 2,487 persons compared to the end of 2016.


The NOVOMATIC Group is one of the biggest international producers and operators of gaming technologies and employs more than 25,000 staff worldwide. Founded by entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graf in 1980, the Group has locations in more than 50 countries and exports high-tech electronic gaming equipment and solutions to more than 70 countries. The Group operates more than 260,000 gaming terminals in its almost 2,100 plus gaming operations as well as via rental concepts.

Through its numerous international subsidiaries, the NOVOMATIC Group is fully active in all segments of the gaming industry and thus offers a diversified Omni-channel product portfolio to its partners and clients around the world. This product range includes land based gaming products and services, management systems and cash management, online/mobile and social gaming solutions as well as lottery and sports betting solutions together with a range of sophisticated ancillary products and services.




PA Lottery's 'The Big Game' Second-Chance Drawing Opens

News Provided By: Pennsylvania Lottery

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (Aug. 29, 2017) -- The Pennsylvania Lottery's The Big Game Second-Chance Drawing is now accepting entries for chances to win one of 10 Ultimate Trip and Prize Packages to visit Minneapolis for professional football's biggest game of the year.

Players may enter any winning or non-winning PICK 2, PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5, Treasure Hunt, CASH 5, Match 6 lotto, Cash4Life®, Powerball® and Mega Millions® ticket purchased between August 29 and October 19, 2017. Look for the official entry code on eligible tickets.


Three trip and prize packages will be awarded through a Halftime Drawing, which has an entry deadline of September 28, 2017. The Final Drawing, which has an entry deadline of October 19, 2017, will award the seven remaining trip and prize packages. Entries not selected as Halftime Drawing Winners will carry over to the Final Drawing for a chance to win.

Each qualifying ticket submitted will receive one entry for every 50 cents in ticket purchase value. For example, a $1 ticket will result in two entries. Enter through the VIP Players Club at or scan-to-enter using our official mobile app.

Review entry instructions, prize details, official rules, and drawing information at Mailed entries will be disqualified and late entries are not accepted. Winners will be announced in the Second Chance Prize Zone™ at

Players should enter qualifying tickets as soon as possible after play and not wait until the final day to submit entries. Please play responsibly.

About Us: The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery to direct all proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since ticket sales began in 1972, it has contributed nearly $28 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and local services including senior centers and meals.

Players must be 18 or older. Please play responsibly. Call 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) for help with a compulsive gambling problem.

Visit for winning numbers, rules, chances of winning, and to join the VIP Players Club for second chances to win. Install our official mobile app, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @PALottery.

CONTACT: Lottery Media Relations, T: 717-702-8008.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Lottery.



Virginia Lottery Launches Hot $5 Ticket Featuring Pollard Banknote’s Spectrum Scratch Fx® Innovation


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada (August 30, 2017) -- Pollard Banknote Limited (TSX: PBL) (“Pollard Banknote”) congratulates the Virginia Lottery on the successful launch of its $5 777 instant Scratcher ticket. Launched March 7, 2017, the ticket features Pollard Banknote’s Spectrum Scratch FX® innovation. 777 is the Lottery’s top-performing $5 Scratcher ticket since 2012, recording 10-week average sales that are 63% higher than that of the Lottery’s average $5 game!

777 takes two popular themes --7s and money -- to a new level with Pollard Banknote’s Spectrum Scratch FX® and an exciting twist to the game’s play mechanics.

This bold, red ticket turns up the heat with a blazing hot flame design that is enhanced with Spectrum Scratch FX®, marking the first time the Lottery has launched a ticket with this patented innovation. Spectrum Scratch FX® makes instant tickets sparkle and shine, creating a vibrancy that cuts through retail clutter.

777 offers players a familiar number match game, but with additional ways to win. Players that uncover three or more flaming 7s win the corresponding prize shown in the legend. Maximizing the lucky number 7 theme, prize amounts in the legend use only 7s, up to the top prize of $77,777.


Pollard Banknote is excited to continue working with the Virginia Lottery to expand its instant game portfolio with the introduction of our Spectrum Scratch FX® innovation,” said Byron Peterson, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote. “The suite of Scratch FX® options are all proven drivers of sales, and as the Lottery’s primary supplier of instant products, we’re happy to be able to offer the Lottery our continued support with new strategies and innovative products that help the Lottery drive sales in support of Virginia’s public schools.”

Pollard Banknote’s insight has helped us to achieve consecutive record-breaking years for Scratcher sales, with more than $1.1 billion worth of Scratchers sold in FY 2017,” said Paula Otto, Executive Director of the Virginia Lottery. “The company continues to offer fresh new products, and their recommendations are helping us maximize proceeds that ultimately benefit education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

About Virginia Lottery

When it comes to education, the Virginia Lottery is game.  In fact, it’s the reason we play. The Lottery generates more than $1.5 million per day for Virginia’s K-12 public schools. Operating entirely on revenue from the sale of Lottery products, the Virginia Lottery generated more than a half-billion dollars for Virginia’s public schools in Fiscal Year 2017. For more info, visit the Lottery’s website, and connect on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Please play responsibly.

About Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote is a leading lottery partner to more than 60 lotteries worldwide, providing high quality instant ticket products, licensed games, and strategic marketing and management services for both traditional instant games and the emerging iLottery space of web, mobile and social channels. The company is a proven innovator and has decades of experience helping lotteries to maximize player engagement, sales, and proceeds for good causes. Pollard Banknote also plays a major role in the charitable pull-tab and bingo markets in North America. Established in 1907, Pollard Banknote is owned approximately 73.5% by the Pollard family and 26.5% by public shareholders, and is publicly traded on the TSX (PBL). For more information, please visit our website at

For More Information CONTACT:


Doug Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


John Pollard,

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: (204) 474-2323


Rob Rose,

Chief Financial Officer,

Telephone: (204) 474-2323



SOURCE: Pollard Banknote Limited.




Entertaining new slot game features Ron Burgundy, his comical Channel 4 News team, and hilarious footage from Paramount Pictures' iconic movies


LAS VEGAS, NV (August 29, 2017) -- Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ: SGMS) ("Scientific Games" or the "Company") announced today the launch of the new slot game, ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY™ ("ANCHORMAN" or "Game"), designed exclusively for the dramatic new TwinStar® V24/43 cabinet.

Based on the beloved Paramount Pictures' comedy franchise, ANCHORMAN is a five-reel, 25-line video slot game that boasts a three-level Near-Area Progressive. The central game feature is the engaging Big Bonus Filmstrip Stop featuring Ron Burgundy and the rest of the comical Channel 4 News team. If the filmstrip stops on a character, a bonus game starring that character is triggered.

SGI Anchorman

The options for the character bonus games include the Champ Kind Free Games, where Whammy symbols on the reels advance players up an award ladder; Ron's Giant Free Games, in which the reels expand to 20 lines; the Sex Panther Pick feature starring Brian Fantana; and Brick's Weather Wheels which awards credits and the chance to advance to another wheel level that awards even higher credit amounts or a multiplier. The action never stops in this highly entertaining game.

"ANCHORMAN has woven its way into our culture, often referred to and quoted, it has proven to be an excellent story to base a slot game on," said Derik Mooberry, Executive Vice President and Group Chief Executive of Gaming for Scientific Games. "Our development team worked diligently to stay true to the films and incorporate the comical nuances and favorite scenes. We are certain that players and fans will be laughing in their seats, captivated by this highly entertaining game."

The innovative TwinStar V24/43 cabinet features best-in-class processing power, eye-catching 24-inch and 43-inch HD displays, interactive touch controls, and an immersive sound system that makes for a superior player experience.

Scientific Games

ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY will soon be available in various jurisdictions throughout North America.

About Scientific Games

Scientific Games Corporation (NASDAQ:SGMS) is a leading developer of technology-based products and services and associated content for worldwide gaming, lottery and interactive markets. The Company's portfolio includes gaming machines, game content and systems; table games products and shufflers; instant and draw-based lottery games; server-based lottery and gaming systems; sports betting technology; loyalty and rewards programs; and interactive content and services. For more information, please visit

About Paramount Pictures Corporation

Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier global media brands that create compelling television programs, motion pictures, short-form content, apps, games, consumer products, social media experiences, and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries.



Investor Relations:

Scientific Games:

Bill Pfund

T: +1 702-532-7663

Vice President, Investor Relations  


Media Relations:

Scientific Games:

Susan Cartwright

T: +1 702-532-7981

Vice President, Corporate Communications 



SOURCE: Scientific Games Corporation.


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North Carolina Education Lottery Issues Warning About Scam Emails

RALEIGH, North Carolina (August 25, 2017) -- The North Carolina Education Lottery is getting reports of scammers sending fake emails to people across the state.

The emails claim a person has won a prize of over $1 million in an online drawing called the “Legacy Prize.” The email asks for a player’s personal information to be sent to an overseas claim office.

Lottery scams, unfortunately, are all too common,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the N.C. Education. “But they can easily be avoided by looking for the warning signs.”


Here are some things that will help people determine if an email is from the North Carolina Education Lottery.

  • The lottery does not know who winners are until they claim their prize. People will not get an email notifying them they won a prize, unless they are part of our players club.
  • The lottery will never ask for personal information over email. If you do receive a prize notification e-mail from our Lucke-Rewards or subscription program, it will ask you to verify contact information that is already on file.
  • The lottery does not have an overseas claim office. There are six claim centers located across the state.
  • Prizes of $100,000 dollars or more must be claimed at NCEL headquarters in Raleigh. Players will need to present a photo ID and proof of Social Security number to claim a prize.
  • Players can only buy draw tickets online or take part in our online drawings, if they are members of our players club. If someone isn’t a member and gets an e-mail saying they won, there’s a good chance it’s not authentic. If someone is a member, they can check the list of current drawings listed on


Players who have questions about NCEL games can call Customer Service toll free at (877) 962-7529 and those with a security issue can call the Security Hotline toll-free at (888) 732-6235.

The NCEL keeps information about lottery scams in a section of its website HERE.

SOURCE: The North Carolina Education Lottery.


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Robert Kraft and New Hampshire Lottery Launch 2017 New England Patriots Scratch Ticket Game

CONCORD, N.H. (August 28, 2017) --With the defending champion New England Patriots preparing to kick off the 2017 season next week, Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft joined the New Hampshire Lottery and Governor Chris Sununu to launch the 2017 New England Patriots $5 Scratch Ticket today at the Statehouse. Featuring the chance to win up to $100,000, the 2017 New England Patriots $5 Scratch Ticket has become one of the best-selling scratch ticket games in New Hampshire Lottery history. This is the sixth consecutive year the New Hampshire Lottery has offered the Patriots scratch ticket.

Schafer Systems Inc.

We appreciate all the support our fans in New Hampshire give the New England Patriots,” said Kraft. “We are proud that the partnership with the New Hampshire Lottery has been so successful for the state each of the last five years and hope it will continue for years to come. I will always have an affinity for the Granite State, as I built my first plant in Dover, New Hampshire in the 1960s and have been doing business in the state ever since.”

The $5 Patriots Scratch Ticket went on sale state-wide on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Along with four $100,000 grand prizes, the game features the opportunity to enter a series of second-chance drawings to win Patriots game day ticket packages. Other cash prizes range from $5 to $1,000. The New Hampshire Lottery first offered a New England Patriots-themed scratch ticket in 2012.

Every kid should have the chance to be a champion, and there is nobody who knows how to be a champion better than the New England Patriots,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “I am excited to see the partnership between the New Hampshire Lottery and the New England Patriots continue and I am looking forward to seeing it succeed once again so that New Hampshire’s schools can thrive, ensuring every child has a chance to succeed.”

As part of the ticket announcement today, the New England Patriots hosted a mini-training camp for 100 football players from the Merrimack Cardinals Youth Football League. Patriots alumni led the training camp. In addition, 25 Merrimack youth cheerleaders had the chance to participate with two New England Patriots cheerleaders as well.

The New Hampshire Lottery is all about winning and nobody knows more about winning than the defending champion New England Patriots—that’s why this partnership is a perfect match,” said Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery. “Our loyal customers are devoted to the Patriots and they love playing the New England Patriots $5 Scratch Ticket, which offers four chances to win up to $100,000. With the football season about to kick off, the New Hampshire Lottery wants to wish the New England Patriots good luck this season.”

About New Hampshire Lottery

Since 1964, the New Hampshire Lottery has had a significant financial impact on the state. For the past 53 years, the New Hampshire Lottery has recorded almost $6.0 billion in lottery sales and other earnings, with over $3.8 billion being paid in prizes and other cost of sales. Net proceeds to education total more than $1.7 billion to date.  

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission, located at 14 Integra Drive in Concord, currently manages all lottery operations in the state, including instant games, New Hampshire Powerball®, New Hampshire Mega Millions®, New Hampshire Hot Lotto® Sizzler, Tri-State Megabucks Plus, Tri-State Pick3®/Pick4® Daily Numbers games, Gimme 5, Fast Play games and Lucky For Life®.

SOURCE: New Hampshire Lottery.



Lotto Bayern Extends Premium Partnership with 1. FC Nürnberg


GERMANY (August 23, 2017) -- Lotto Bayern and 1. FC Nuremberg extend their partnership mediated by Lagardère Sports Partnership will be expanded by a further two years. Lotto Bayern remain at least until the end of the Bundesliga season 2018/19 premium partner of 1. FC Nürnberg. As well as industry-exclusivity, national TV-related advertising and hospitality services at the Bundesliga home games in the Max-Morlock stadium.

"The club has a future. The view is directed upwards and upwards. This is a great fit, "said Minister of Finance and Home Affairs Dr. Markus Söder.

"About 50 million euros a year come from the Bavarian state budget to promote sport. In addition, additional funding from the sponsoring activities of Lotto Bayern will be provided for the broad and top sport. This proud sum serves the common good in Bavaria and creates a basic basis for the sport," continues Söder.


Josef Müller, Vice President of Lotto Bayern, summed up: "Lotto Bavaria has always been well-oriented. The premium partnership with the 1. FC Nürnberg is a pleasing example of a successful advertising partnership in the top sport - and this has been the case for 18 years. We are looking forward to supporting the club as a premium partner for another two years. "

"Lotto Bayern is one of our long-standing partners in the sponsoring family of the club - together we will be able to look back on a 20-year partnership in 2019. That makes us proud. We appreciate the fact that we have such an important and reliable player in the region at our side. The premature extension of the contract shows the appreciation for the 1. FC Nürnberg and that the partnership over the years forms a solid foundation, which is characterized by great trust," explains Michael Meeske, Chief Executive Officer at 1. FC Nürnberg.

"We are very pleased to have established such a long-term partnership and established ourselves over the years. The collaboration between Lotto Bayern and 1. FC Nürnberg is characterized by great confidence. The extension of the commitment underlines the attractiveness of the association as an important and integral part of the communication strategy of the state lottery company," adds Hendrik Schiphorst, Executive Vice President of Football Germany at Lagardère Sports.

SOURCE: Lotto Bavaria.




BCLC’s 2016/17 Social Responsibility Report

KAMLOOPS, B.C. Canada (August 23, 2017) -- This week BCLC released its 2016/17 Social Responsibility Report, organized and presented in accordance with the core GRI G4 framework. BCLC is committed to following internationally recognized best practices in sustainability reporting and this year its key social responsibility performance metrics have received independent third-party assurance to provide additional confidence in the accuracy of the information contained in this report.

About BCLC

BCLC is a Crown corporation with the exclusive authority to conduct and manage lottery, eGaming, bingo and casino gambling entertainment on behalf of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. BCLC entertains its customers with a chance to dream and have fun, while delivering important revenue to the Government of B.C. to support health care, education, social programs and charitable organizations.


BCLC brings fun to life through national and provincial lotteries sold at approximately 3,500 retail locations and over 12,800 slot machines, 500 table games and bingo play at 41 venues.

These games and more are also available through, the province’s only regulated online and mobile eGaming channel.

Today BCLC employs a team of approximately 920 people across British Columbia and its two offices located in Vancouver and Kamloops.

Whether its employees work in sales, marketing, distribution, finance, administration or information technology, its teams work together to collaborate and deliver cutting edge innovative entertainment offerings.

BCLC’s people are proud knowing that when they come to work, they’re helping to generate revenue for public good in B.C. – whether it’s funding for a local soccer field, a charity, education or a healthcare program.

Since 1985, BCLC has generated $20 billion for the benefit of British Columbians.

BCLC strives to be open and honest with all of its stakeholders about its successes, as well as its challenges, so that it can build trust and accountability in what it does.

For more information, please CONTACT: Consumer Services, Phone: 1-866-815-0222.




New Gambling Commission Research Shows More Progress Needed To Tackle Problem Gambling

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. (August 24, 2017) -- Following new research published by the Gambling Commission today, the regulator has called for a renewed focus on addressing the harms that can arise from problem gambling.

The report provides, for the first time since 2010, a comprehensive analysis(1) of gambling across all nations of Great Britain - examining the rates of participation, at-risk gambling and problem gambling, and explores the associated characteristics and behaviours.

Tim Miller, Commission executive director, says: “For many, gambling is an enjoyable leisure activity. But for some people gambling can become a problem with serious consequences for them, their families and their communities.

Fastrak Lottery Services

Whilst overall problem gambling rates in Britain have remained statistically stable, our research suggests that in excess of two million people are at-risk or classed as problem gamblers, with very many more impacted by the wider consequences of gambling-related harm.

Tim adds: “We have a clear commitment to make gambling fairer and safer and these figures show that this is a significant challenge. Success will depend upon us, the industry, government and others, all working together with a shared purpose to protect consumers. The pace of change to date simply hasn’t been fast enough - more needs to be done to address problem gambling.”

Sir Chris Kelly, Chairman of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board – the Commission’s expert advisor for research, education and treatment - said: “These new findings show that gambling continues to cause harm to a significant number of people in Great Britain. They underline the importance of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy being pursued with vigour by everyone with a role to play in its delivery.

The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board's published assessment of progress with the first year of the Strategy identified a number of priority actions where more can and should be done. Gambling operators have a responsibility for leading a large part of this agenda and need to demonstrate they are making a positive impact through their work to protect customers and promote safe play.”

Headline findings

  • 1.4% of gamblers were classed as problem gamblers (0.8% of the population), with 6.4% at-risk (3.9% of the population) – which is similar to the rate published in the 2012 report.
  • Problem gambling was more prevalent among people who had participated in a multiple gambling activities in the past year, than those that had just participated in one.
  • 63% of adults (aged 16 and over) in Great Britain had gambled in the past year.
  • Men (66%) are more likely to gambling than women (59%).
  • Most popular gambling activities were: National Lottery draws (46%), scratchcards (23%) and other lotteries (15%).
  • Overall participation was highest among the middle age groups and lowest among the youngest and oldest age groups.
  • Those in employment or training were more likely to gamble (69%). Participation by those unemployed was at 56% and 57% for those retired.


Click here to download Gambling behaviour in Great Britain.


CONTACT: Press office on 0121 230 6700 or email:

SOURCE: Gambling Commission.



mybet Holding SE: First Betting Shops in Austria Opened with B2B Partner

BERLIN, Germany (August 25, 2017) – The mybet Group has expanded its B2B services business and starts with a new partner into the Austrian market. After having completed the technical ramp-up phase the partner's first seven sports betting shops are now in operation. Further shops are already being planned and are going to significantly increase the business volume in the B2B group segment during the second half of the year.

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"Also in Austria, like in all our B2B shops, we cooperate with a partner holding the necessary permissions. This step creates a quick and profitable growth in our B2B group segment," said Markus Peuler, CEO of mybet Holding SE.

Cashout available in whole mybet offering

Since the complete launch of the new online platform mybet is constantly working on improving the offering. In example, as a direct consequence of the platform switch the cashout feature, meaning a buy back option for a bet that has not been settled, which is very popular in the market, is available in all mybet sales channels. That means, customers can use cashout independently from having placed the bet in a shop, on a smartphone or online.

"Cashout is a very popular feature in the market and already a standard offering for a modern betting provider. This is why we are very glad to be able to offer this feature not only like before in some but in all our sales channels," explains Peuler.

mybet Holding SE

The mybet Group, licensed in several European countries, provides sports betting and online casino games with the headquarter located in Berlin and offices in Cologne and Malta. mybet offers its betting and gaming products over the internet platform as well as in land-based betting shops operating under a franchise system. In addition, the group is supplying regional betting providers in Europe and Africa as a B2B service provider.

mybet Holding SE is the parent company of the mybet Group. The shares of mybet Holding SE (ISIN DE000A0JRU67) are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard.

For further information, visit | |

CONTACT: mybet Holding SE, Sebastian Bucher, Investor & Public Relations, tel +49 30 22 90 83 161, fax +49 30 22 90 83 150, e-mail

SOURCE: mybet Holding SE.


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MGA Launch New Licensee Relationship Management System

MALTA (August 29, 2017) -- During a press conference addressed by the Malta Gaming Authority’s Executive Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri and the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Hon. Silvio Schembri, the MGA announced the launch of a New Licensee Relationship Management System accessible through a secure and dedicated web portal.


This project, which is the result of a collaboration between the MGA and Microsoft, will transform the way the MGA interacts with its current and prospective licensees through the simplification and digitisation of its online and land-based processes.

The first phase of the project will see the MGA launching three main online services which are:

  1. Applications for Remote Gaming Licences;
  2. Dynamic Seal URL requests, and
  3. Submission of Players Liability and Gaming Tax Reports.


This new system will empower the gaming operators to electronically track the status of their applications and meet regulatory requirements more efficiently. This digitisation process will enhance a two-way communication between the Authority and its customers.

The Authority is embarking on this process to progress dynamically and create an enhanced, easier-to-use process.

The MGA’s Executive Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri stated that; “The Malta Gaming Authority is taking another step towards achieving efficiency and innovation in the way it conducts its function as a regulator by applying information technology in regulatory processes. This project further aids the Authority in providing a top end service to its licensees and practitioners alike. Our main objective remains; that of exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders at large. This portal goes a long way in achieving that”. 

In his speech, Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri said that the Malta Gaming Authority is being proactive by always improving the services provided to companies operating in the gaming industry. “Today, the MGA is launching a new system by which it will be facilitating the communication with clients applying for a gaming licence on our shores. This system will function via an online portal improving the efficiency of the Authority’s regulatory process. This project forms part of the government’s vision for the improvement of our gaming jurisdiction. With similar initiatives, the Authority is excelling in the service given to those wishing to invest in our country, whereby said service always exceeds the expectations of the vast majority of operators.”

The new Licensee Relationship Management System will be the one-stop shop for licensing. This is mirrored in the next phase of the project whereby the Authority will be extending the system to land-based operations including but not limited to; casinos, gaming parlours, the national lottery and commercial bingo.

SOURCE: Malta Gaming Authority.




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