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Vol. 90 No.2 - Monday January 13, 2020




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Florida Lottery Unveils New Player’s Guide Website

Website will be a best-in-class platform for tips on how to play and win responsibly

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (January 8, 2020) -- Today, the Florida Lottery launched the Player’s Guide, a new best-in-class website with detailed information on how to play and win the lottery responsibly. The Player’s Guide will serve as a one-stop-shop for the latest tips, resources, documents and how-to information for every Florida Lottery player—from beginners to experienced players.

The new website will be an extension of the Florida Lottery’s current website, The Player’s Guide homepage, which can be accessed directly at will drive players to two sections: “Play Responsibly” and “Win Responsibly.” Content within the Play Responsibly section includes video tips for safer gaming, a discretionary income budget calculator, a detailed explanation of odds, and a myth vs. fact quiz. The Win Responsibly section includes information on where to claim a prize, payment options, documents needed to claim and how to manage winnings.


I am proud of the work the Florida Lottery is doing to ensure its players are informed about how to play responsibly,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Knowing how and when to play is just as important as winning, and the new Player’s Guide website helps with those efforts. I look forward to seeing more great initiatives from the Florida Lottery as they work to maximize revenues for education in our great state.

Our new website provides Florida Lottery players additional informational tools for playing our games,” said Florida Lottery Secretary Randall Hunt. “Whether calculating how much they can afford to spend, discovering the odds of a certain game, or figuring out where to claim a prize, the Player’s Guide is a one-stop-shop for players to play and win responsibly. This is another way the Florida Lottery is ensuring our players have the best chance at success—while remembering that every ticket is a winner for education in our state.

The Player’s Guide is a prime example of the great work the Florida Lottery is doing to promote responsible gaming,” said Lynne Roiter, Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and Secretary General of the World Lottery Association. “With this new tool, they are empowering their players to be successful, both as a player and as a winner. The World Lottery Association looks forward to seeing the success of this wonderful initiative.”


The Florida Lottery is responsible for contributing more than $36 billion to education and sending more than 840,000 students to college through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. The Florida Lottery reinvests 98 percent of its revenue back into Florida's economy through prize payouts, commissions to more than 13,000 Florida retailers and contributions to education. Since 1988, Florida Lottery games have paid more than $66.9 billion in prizes and made more than 2,800 people millionaires. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Florida Lottery Communications, T: (850) 487-7727.

SOURCE: The Florida Lottery.


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New Jersey Lottery Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebration Year

  • $42 Billion in Prizes Awarded to its Players since 1970
  • Innovative New Games & Chances to play in 2020


TRENTON, NJ (January 8, 2020) – The New Jersey Lottery, one of the largest lotteries and the third oldest in the United States, is excited to celebrate 50 years of fun-filled gaming with a year-long celebration that includes the introduction of new games and producing on-going fun and entertainment for players, with continued commitment to responsible gaming while providing financial support to the state.


Fifty years ago, New Jersey voters took a chance and approved a state Lottery, which turned out to be a winner. The original hope was that the lottery would generate $12 million in profit annually. Last year, the New Jersey Lottery contributed over a billion dollars to the state,” said James A. Carey, Acting Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery.

Launched in 1969, the lottery was born with the goal of raising funds to support education and state-run institutions. Today the New Jersey Lottery is committed to providing revenue-generating entertainment products to help protect the retirement benefits of those who serve our community, including New Jersey’s teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other public employees.

We have so many reasons to celebrate fifty years of success. Since 1970, the New Jersey Lottery has produced over $28 billion in revenue for the state and $42 billion in prizes for our players – making over 2,000 millionaires in the process. I can’t wait to meet the next group of winners at our kick-off events,” said Carey.


The year-long celebration will kick off with two events open to consumers where $50,000 in various prizes will be available to attendees 18 and over, and some (literally) “up for grabs” with the premier of the New Jersey Lottery CA$HNADO, an interactive, prize -grabbing, everybody-is-watching experience.

  • January 9, 2020; 2:30 - 4:30 PM: Bridgewater Commons Mall in the Atrium
  • January 11, 2020; 4-6 PM: Wild Wild West in Atlantic City


CONTACT: Missy Gillespie, Communications Manager, T: Phone: (609) 599-5875, Email:

SOURCE: The New Jersey Lottery.


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Michigan Lottery Raises Record-Breaking $1.07 Billion for Michigan Schools in 2019

LANSING, Michigan (January 8, 2020) -- The Michigan Lottery raised more than $1.07 billion for Michigan schools in fiscal year 2019, an increase of nearly $129 million over the prior year’s contribution. This marks the largest one-year increase in the Lottery’s 47-year history and the first time the Lottery has reached the $1 billion milestone in support for public education in a single year.

FY 2019 also was the Lottery’s fifth straight record-setting year for school contributions, an increase of about $327 million, or 44%, since fiscal year 2014, before the streak began.  School contributions over the prior five years were:



FY18: $941.3 million

FY17: $924.1 million

FY16: $888.9 million

FY15: $795.5 million

FY14: $742.9 million


Since 1972, the Lottery has generated more than $23.4 billion for public education in Michigan.

This vital funding for our schools would not be possible without the support of our players and retailers, which we greatly appreciate,” said Commissioner Brian O. Neill. “Every Lottery purchase helps raise revenue for schools in our state.

The Lottery set several other significant records in fiscal year 2019, including nearly $3.9 billion in sales; more than $2.3 billion in prizes to players; and more than $287 million in commissions to Lottery retailers, many of which are small, family-owned businesses across the state. “Our 2019 performance reflects the incredible work done by the retailers, vendors, and the exceptionally dedicated teams that make this organization a success,” said Neill.

The Lottery is also proud of its commitment to promoting responsible gaming. Michigan was the first state lottery to receive certification of its online program through the National Council on Problem Gambling and also has attained Responsible Gaming Verification through the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. Responsible gaming information and resources are available on the Lottery’s website at:

For each dollar spent on a Michigan Lottery ticket in fiscal year 2019, approximately:


61 cents went to players as prizes

27 cents went to the School Aid Fund to support public education

9 cents went to commissions for retailers and vendors

3 cents funded the Lottery’s operations and administrative costs


Under state law, all profits from the Lottery go to the School Aid Fund.

SOURCE: Michigan Lottery.




Texas Lottery to Pay Out Larger Prizes at Metropolitan Claim Centers Starting Jan. 6

Five claim centers can now pay prizes worth up to $5 million by check


AUSTIN, Texas (January 7, 2020) – Some Texas Lottery® prize winners will soon have a more convenient option for claiming large prizes. Beginning Monday, Jan. 6, the Texas Lottery’s metropolitan claim centers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio – in addition to Austin – will be able to pay out prizes of up to $5 million by check, an increase from the $2.5 million cap.

Additionally, prizes of up to $5 million may be claimed via mail. With the increase, some prize claim restrictions remain unchanged. All Lotto Texas®, Powerball® and Mega Millions® jackpot/top prizes regardless of the amount, all prizes paid out in annuity payments, as well as prizes greater than $5 million, can only be processed at the Texas Lottery Commission headquarters in Austin.

It is recommended that players call the Texas Lottery claim center in their area or call 800-375-6886 for hours of operation and to be certain they have all necessary information prior to travelling to Austin or any Texas Lottery claim center to claim a prize.

GLI 300x250

Prizes of $599 or less may be claimed at any Texas Lottery retailer and prizes of $25 or more that are claimed by mail require a claim form for processing.

A ticket holder forfeits any claim to a prize for a draw game after the expiration of the 180th day following the draw date; and for a scratch ticket game after the expiration of the 180th day following the official "end of game" as determined by the Commission.

Certain persons serving on active military duty may have an additional period of time to claim a prize. All claims are subject to applicable laws, rules, procedures and final decisions of the Executive Director.

For questions or additional details about claiming a prize, contact the Texas Lottery at 800-375- 6886 or visit

About the Texas Lottery

Beginning with the first ticket sold in 1992, the Texas Lottery has generated more than $30 billion in revenue for the state and distributed $62 billion in prizes to lottery players. Since 1997, the Texas Lottery has contributed $24.4 billion to the Foundation School Fund, which supports public education in Texas. As authorized by the Texas Legislature, certain Texas Lottery revenues benefit state programs including the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. Since the first veterans’ themed scratch ticket game was launched in 2009, the Texas Lottery has contributed more than $125 million for programs supporting Texas veterans.

The Texas Lottery provides several entertaining games for lottery players including Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lotto Texas®, All or Nothing™, Texas Two Step®, Pick 3™, Daily 4™, Cash Five® and scratch ticket games.

For more information visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or at PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

SOURCE: Texas Lottery.


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NordwestLotto Schleswig-Holstein - Annual Report 2019

  • 109 million euros paid in profits, including 3 million profits
  • Taxes and lottery taxes totaling EUR 106 million were paid



KIEL, Germany (January 7, 2020) -- 32 profits of at least 100,000 euros were achieved in Schleswig-Holstein in 2019. These included three wins of more than one million euros.

The “happiest” district in 2019 is Pinneberg. There were a total of five prizes from € 100,000. The city of Kiel, the district of Stormarn and the district of Nordfriesland followed in second place with four major prizes, the Plön district and three prizes of at least 100,000 euros each.

In Schleswig-Holstein, more than 32 million game orders were placed in the LOTTO acceptance points in 2019, via the LOTTO app and on the website . The Schleswig-Holstein top win in 2019 of 2.4 million euros was achieved by a game participant from the southern part of the country in September 2019 with the lottery LOTTO 6aus49.

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The maximum prize in the SUPER additional lottery6 in the amount of 100,000 euros was achieved 14 times. Last year, 15 Schleswig-Holsteiners were delighted to win the 2nd prize class in the Spiel 77 additional lottery with respective prizes of EUR 77,777. A total of around EUR 109 million in winnings was distributed to game participants from Schleswig-Holstein in 2019.

In addition to the many small and large winners in 2019, the common good also benefited from the lotteries and bets organized by LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein.

LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein paid around EUR 106 million in special duties (EUR 60.86 million) and lottery taxes (EUR 45.26 million) to the State of Schleswig-Holstein in 2019.

With the help of these funds, not only social and cultural institutions were supported in Schleswig-Holstein, but also other projects of public interest. The German Foundation for Monument Protection, the Federal Working Group on Free Welfare Care, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the State of Schleswig-Holstein all received a total of 2.3 million euros from the GlücksSpirale lottery. The sport in Schleswig-Holstein could be funded with a sum of 8 million euros from the taxes to be paid. About the BINGO lottery ! In 2019, numerous projects in Schleswig-Holstein from the areas of environmental protection and nature conservation were supported with a total of around 2.55 million euros.

With annual sales of EUR 275.8 million (2018: EUR 276.5 million), LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein almost achieved its good previous year's result. Statistically speaking, Schleswig-Holsteiners spent an average of EUR 95.11 (2018: 95.63) per capita on the games of chance organized by LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein in 2019.

CONTACT: Florian Blömer, Tel .: 0431/98 05 – 410, Fax: 0431/98 05 – 444, E:

SOURCE: NordwestLotto Schleswig-Holstein GmbH & Co. KG.


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Camelot Illinois Awards Grants to Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation and Lost Boyz Inc.


CHICAGO, IL (January 7, 2020) -- Camelot Illinois announced the first recipients of the Camelot Illinois Grant Program to help fund non-profit initiatives that benefit communities across the State.

As an Illinois company, we place great emphasis on social responsibility and are dedicated to providing much-needed support to organizations that are making a difference in our communities,” said Keith Horton, Acting General Manager Camelot Illinois. “Through our new grant program, we are able to partner with impactful organizations like Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation and Lost Boyz to do good for the people of Illinois.

Camelot Illinois awarded the Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation $25,000 in grant funds to help provide resources and opportunities through its Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy guides the next generation of Latino leaders by providing them with essential tools and support needed for success and helps create a talent pipeline to fulfill leadership gaps in both the public and private sectors.

We are extremely proud and excited to have been part of the first wave of Camelot Illinois grant recipients,” said 36th Ward Alderman Gilbert Villegas, Chairman of the Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation.


Our foundation has worked diligently to mobilize and empower the Latino community, particularly at a time when our city is facing many challenges that require bold and innovative leadership to move us forward.

We’ve accomplished so much in a short period of time,” said Sonia Del Real, Executive Director of the Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation. “Receiving this grant speaks to Camelot’s faith in our program’s ability to have a measurable impact within the Latino community.

Lost Boyz Inc. was also awarded a grant of $20,000 to support the organization’s efforts to address the social and emotional needs of Chicago’s youth boys and girls through organized sports and mentorship. Lost Boyz Inc. uses the benefits of team sports as a foundation, with additional services providing opportunities to improve academic performance, develop personal relationships and sense of community, experience cultural enrichment and participate in rewarding social recreation.

"Lost Boyz is extremely grateful to be a recipient of Camelot Illinois' grant program,” said LaVonte Stewart, Founder and Executive Director of Lost Boyz Inc. “This support will further enhance our ability to positively impact the lives of children on Chicago's south and west sides.

The Camelot Illinois Grant Program was launched in July 2019, and awards grants to eligible non-profit organizations four times per year. Annual grant reviews take place in January, April, July and October. Grants typically range from $5,000 to $25,000+ and will be used to fund programs that:

1. Foster educational opportunities

2. Support technology initiatives

3. Promote community and neighbourhood development.


Interested applicants can find out how to apply and obtain more information about the Camelot Illinois Grant Program at

About Camelot Illinois

Camelot Illinois is the private manager of the Illinois Lottery. In partnership with the State, Camelot operates a modern lottery that truly benefits the people of Illinois. Camelot is dedicated to working with transparency, integrity and responsibility to grow the lottery and reinforce its rightful position as a force for good. The company’s innovative approach places consumers and social responsibility at its core, providing funding for schools, capital projects and special causes. To learn more, visit

CONTACT:  Jessica Perez, T: (312) 965-4139.


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Gambling Commission Opens Consultation on Society Lottery Reform

Start date: 19 December 2019

End date: 12 March 2020

In June 2018 the Government published a consultation on society lottery reform, seeking views on potential changes to sales and prize limits for large and small society lotteries. 


In July 2019, the Government announced that it intends to amend section 99 (3) of the Gambling Act 2005 to raise the per draw limit on lottery proceeds (ticket sales) from £4 million to £5 million, with the result that the maximum individual prize will raise from £400,000 to £500,000.  In addition, the annual aggregate proceeds limit will rise from £10 million to £50 million. The Gambling Commission is required by section 99 of the Act to attach conditions to lottery operating licences for the purposes of achieving the requirements of section 99. So the current limits, which are reflected in licence conditions attached to all society lottery operating licences, will also need to be amended to reflect the changes.

The reasons for changes to, and levels at which the limits will be set are explained in the Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport’s responses document ‘Government response to the consultation on society lottery reform’.

We are also looking at the current regulatory requirements to ensure that issues related to the fair and open licensing objective, regarding transparency to consumers, are addressed. We are seeking views on strengthening some aspects of the Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) and producing guidance related to information available to consumers. 

This consultation will be of interest to consumers of lottery products, licensees and prospective licensees, charities and organisations concerned with gambling and social responsibility; and academics and organisations with an interest in lotteries.

Respond to the consultation

SOURCE: Gambling Commission.


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Svenska Spel Strengthens Its Commitment to Swedish Cross-Country Skiing - New Partner for Ski Tour 2020

VISBY, Sweden (January 3, 2020) -- Svenska Spel strengthens the ties to Swedish cross-country skiing by joining as a partner for Ski Tour 2020.


It feels very fun and we are hereby taking another step to strengthen our collaboration with Swedish cross-country skiing, says Nicklas Biverståhl, sponsoring manager at Svenska Spel.

This summer, Svenska Spel became a new presenting partner to the Swedish Ski Association and the cross country team. Now the gaming company is taking another step in its commitment to cross-country skiing.”

Cross country skiing is the Swedish people and our customers warmly at heart and millions of TV viewers sit every year, week out and week during the winter, and follow the national team heroes' deaths in the tracks. Thanks to the partnership with Ski Tour 2020, we are further strengthening the links with skiing and obviously getting good exposure for our brand,” says Nicklas Biverståhl.

Ski Tour 2020 is a new Scandinavian competition tour that will be decided in February and will be part of the FIS World Cup 2020. During six racing days, in five different arenas in both Sweden and Norway, several of the world's best skiers will compete in the cross-country tracks in Östersund, Åre, Storlien, Meråker and Trondheim. The event is supposed to be held every championship-free year.

Getting Svenska Spel on the trip is extra fun considering their attitude to sports and society,” says Patrik Svärd, partner manager at Ski Tour 2020.

Svenska Spel

Ski Tour 2020 is an event that puts sustainability issues in focus, partly because all transport of riders will take place by train. And the investment in sustainability is also important for Svenska Spel.

Ski Tour 2020 has really taken sustainability issues to a new level, and this is something we value highly. During the winter, together with the cross country team, we will be raising the sustainability issues in different channels, and therefore it feels extra fun to be a partner to a sporting event where sustainability is the focus,” says Nicklas Biverståhl, who also hopes to see some breakthroughs from talented Swedish riders. during the tour.

In our collaboration with the Swedish Ski Association, not only is a focus on the cross-country team, but also on the skiers who aim to get there. We hope that someone, or some, from Team Svenska Spel will take further steps during Ski Tour 2020, and maybe we will see a new breakthrough from one of the talents in the development team Team Svenska Spel. It would be fantastic!

For more information, CONTACT: Svenska Spel's press tour, phone 010-120 33 33

About Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel is the entire Swedish gaming company. We want games to be a pleasure for everyone. The Group comprises three business areas: Sport & Casino with well-known brands such as Stryktipset and Oddset, the Tour business area with favorites Triss and Lotto, and Casino Cosmopol & Vegas with four international casinos and Vegas vending machines at restaurants and bingo halls. Svenska Spel is Sweden's largest sports sponsor at both elite and grassroots level. The Group has approximately 2,100 employees, headquartered in Visby. For more information:

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.


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Red Tiger Live with

Popular titles now available to lottery players

MALTA (January 6, 2020) -- Award-winning casino game and software provider Red Tiger has released its slots on, a brand of online lottery company Annexio.

The site, which offers its players the fun and excitement of betting on the world’s biggest draws, including the Powerball and Mega Millions, has added their titles to its games tab.

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Licensed in the Isle of Man, is a next generation operator with comedian Keith Lemon as its brand ambassador.

Chris Looney, Commercial Director at Red Tiger, said: “We’re thrilled to have joined forces with Annexio and to add our games content to its brand.

"We pride ourselves in delivering market-leading titles and we look forward to seeing how our games perform.

Tom Brodie, CEO at Annexio, said: “We are continuously looking to provide innovative and exciting new content to our customers, and I know Red Tiger’s games will be very popular.

I’m sure this partnership will be fruitful for both companies in the months and years to come.”

About Red Tiger

Red Tiger is a dynamic casino games and software supplier that creates top-performing HTML5 slots and table games. It also offers a bespoke progressive jackpot system, a Smart Spins bonus management application, and its own Tournaments gamification feature to enhance the user experience. Its Daily Drop Jackpots Network allows operators of any size access to network-wide daily and hourly jackpots. Founded in late 2014 by a group of industry veterans from major B2B and B2C gaming brands, the company is growing fast and is now served by over 200 full time staff including mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, QAs, account managers and secret magicians; all entirely dedicated to continuously improving the slots player experience. It holds licences in the UK, Malta, Alderney, and Gibraltar, and its games are certified for Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

SOURCE: Red Tiger (


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JCM Global® Establishes Local Relationship with Mercado Gaming to Benefit Latin American Customers

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 6, 2020) – JCM Global® customers in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay now have an extra layer of confidence thanks to a new partnership between JCM and Mercado Gaming Latinoamerica.

JCM announced the new partnership during the company’s recent appearance at SAGSE Buenos Aires. With this new relationship, Mercado Gaming will provide direct and localized sales, service, training, support, and warranty of JCM’s award-winning product portfolio.

Mercado will represent JCM’s full portfolio of gaming and commercial products for the region, including JCM system solutions.

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“Our partnership with Mercado Gaming expands our ability to provide even greater support to our customers in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. Customers at SAGSE reacted very positively to this new development, which is just another example of how JCM is constantly improving the ways we serve our customers in Latin America and around the world,” said JCM SVP of Sales, Marketing & Operations Dave Kubajak.

We are committed to offering technical service that meets the highest quality standards of JCM Global. We will do this with our unique team formed of highly qualified personnel, our more than 10 years of experience in both gaming and commercial markets, and our certified service center to attend to all business requirements,” said Commercial Manager MG Latinoamerica / Mercado Gaming, Juan Pablo Farcuh.

Mercado will cover all local warranty and service calls with its certified technical service. It will also support customers on new integration processes in new and existing opportunities and provide solutions to both gaming and commercial markets.

For more information about JCM’s award-winning products, visit JCM and join on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About JCM Global

JCM Global is one of the world’s leading transaction technologies supplier for the gaming, banking, kiosk, retail, and vending industries. With unsurpassed service and support, JCM is trusted by operators, manufacturers, and integrators on six continents. Its extensive line of award-winning products set global standards with ground-breaking peripheral transaction components to optimize your cash management. Please visit for more information.

CONTACT: Paul Speirs-Hernandez, Steinbeck Communications/Red Wagon Institute, T: +1-702-413-4278, E:

SOURCE: JCM Global media release.


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Connective Games Receives UK Certification

Award-winning online poker platform and game provider receives go ahead to offer Texas Hold’em to UK operators

MALTA (January 7, 2020) – Connective Games, the Malta and Russia-based award-winning online poker and casino technology and services provider, has received UK certification from iTech Labs for its Texas Hold’em Poker offering.

Lottery Insights December Issue
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The certification allows Connective Games to offer its Texas Hold’em product to operators in the highly regulated UK market and to strengthen its position as one of the leading online gambling technology companies in the world.

You can find the certification document here.

Connective Games has established itself as one of the most successful online poker platform and service providers in the market. It is the third largest poker network in the world based on site traffic according to PokerScout.

The company is a pioneer of online poker and has pushed the boundaries when it comes to mobile poker – its technology allows players to multi-table from mobile while also playing their favourite poker games on the move in portrait mode.

Its impact on the online poker industry has seen Connective Games and its operator partners collect many industry awards. Most recently, Connective Games was crowned Online Poker Platform Provider of the Year at the EGR B2B Awards 2019.

Serge Mukhanov, CEO of Connective Games, said: “We are delighted to have received certification from iTech Labs and to be able to offer our popular Texas Hold’em game to UK operators and their players.

“Our award-winning poker products offer the best possible player experience across desktop and mobile and we look forward to partnering with UK operators in the coming months, allowing them to offer their players a superior Texas Hold’em product.”

About Connective Games:

Connective Games is a pioneering software development company that has been supplying the online gambling industry with state-of-the-art technology since 2006. It has built a formidable reputation as the go-to-supplier for poker platforms and content driven by highly-localised approach to product and service. The supplier’s technology powers five of the top-30 online poker rooms according to PokerScout comprising third biggest Real Money Poker liquidity in the world. Innovation is in its DNA, and the company is constantly moving the needle with new and exciting game formats, tools and features.

SOURCE: Connective Games.


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Microgaming Kicks Off 2020 with a Wealth of January Game Releases


ISLE OF MAN (January 7, 2020) – Microgaming has revealed details of its latest drop of action-packed exclusive new games designed to excite and entertain players.

Throughout January, Microgaming will launch an array of exclusive new titles developed by its roster of independent studios and game development partners.

The new year begins with a trip to ancient Egypt in Book of Atem, developed exclusively by All41 Studios. Players can unlock the mysteries of the pharaohs in this five-reel, 10-payline slot featuring free spins with expanding symbols. The magical book symbol acts as both a wild and scatter in this dynamic game offering excellent win potential up to 5,000x the initial bet. With classic Egyptian music and graphics, Book of Atem reveals its ancient secrets on 7 January.

East Asian riches await in Double Lucky Line by Just For The Win, featuring vivid visuals and a feast of features. Set to launch exclusively to Microgaming operators on 14 January, this five-reel, 17-payline slot is home to several double symbols, including pairs of dragons, frogs and turtles. The ever-present Double Lucky Line feature ensures that only double symbols land on the centre reel, thereby optimising win potential during normal gameplay. Rounding out the game’s features are Random Wilds and free spins, with Lucky Wilds awarding further free spins and unlocking extra double symbol positions throughout the reel set.

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Triple Edge Studios take players on a safari in African Quest, a five-by-four reel, 1,024 ways online slot including Hyperspins™, Microgaming’s strategic paid respin mechanic, which previously featured in Break da Bank Again Respin. Players join the search for Kubwa, the high-paying stacked lion symbol ready to roar out majestic rewards. Gathering three or more scatter symbols awards free spins in which players have the chance to select their desired free spin and multiplier option. During free spins, the wild symbol awards a multiplier, which can potentially result in up to a 64x multiplier if more than one multiplier lands. Embark on this African adventure on 21 January and set your sights on magnificent rewards.

Microgaming’s fourth exclusive release in January is The Incredible Balloon Machine™ by Crazy Tooth Studios. Taking flight on 28 January, this whimsical and innovative game features WiNCREASE™, multipliers up to 10x, and a rewarding Pick Bonus feature, in which players can inflate colourful balloons against a dreamy sky to reveal lofty rewards – provided they collect them before the balloons pop!

Providing access to an industry-leading portfolio of exclusive content and top-performing partner games, Microgaming is set to deliver dozens of exciting new titles in 2020.

James Buchanan, Director of Global Operations at Microgaming, comments: “Microgaming’s January titles are representative of the variety and quality that will be rolled out throughout 2020. The mechanics of these feature-rich exclusive games combine with innovative new designs to create a thrilling gameplay experience for all players. The year ahead is shaping up to be very exciting as we add new games to Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network, take on new adventures with some of our favourite characters, and continuously debut exclusive games with new and dynamic themes.”

For further information please CONTACT: Microgaming Press Office, T: 01624 727777, E:

About Microgaming (

Microgaming supplies online gaming operators in markets across the world with access to a diverse, industry-leading portfolio of content from its growing network of exclusive independent studios, along with top-performing partner games via its award-winning aggregation platform. Creator of the world’s first true online casino software in 1994, and home to legendary online slots such as Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II and Book of Oz, Microgaming offers a branded range that includes Game of Thrones™, Jurassic World™ and Lara Croft® Temples and Tombs™. Microgaming’s renowned progressive jackpot network has paid out more than €1.1 billion to date and features the record-breaking Mega Moolah slot. Driven by a diverse and inclusive workforce that thrives on innovation, the Isle of Man-based supplier empowers its employees to be agile and adventurous, drawing on boundless creativity to compete on a global scale. And through its staff-led CSR programme, Microgaming PlayItForward, it gives back to communities worldwide, powering positive change for people, place and planet.

SOURCE: Microgaming (


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Sporting Solutions Lands Major Norsk Tipping Deal

Leading sportsbook and lottery supplier will provide pricing and risk management services to Norwegian lottery’s new sportsbook


LONDON, U.K. (January 7, 2020) -- Award-winning sportsbook and lottery supplier Sporting Solutions, part of the Sporting Group, has won a landmark tender to supply Norsk Tipping with its market-leading pricing and risk management services.

The decision followed a competitive procurement process in which six companies applied to deliver data and risk management services as part of the Norwegian state-run operator’s new sports betting solution.

Norsk Tipping will become the latest lottery to benefit from Sporting Solutions’ fully automated suite of risk management services, joining Danish giants Danske Spil as a partner in the highly regulated Nordic market.

Sporting Solutions’ risk management algorithms, which apply and integrate advanced economic techniques borrowed from the financial markets, have been designed specifically to help operators drive volume, improve efficiency in pricing and optimize returns.

Norsk Tipping will also receive access to Sporting Solutions’ proprietary trading software, allowing it to offer localised content to differentiate against private operator offerings.

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Ed Peace, MD of Sporting Solutions, commented: “Being chosen by Norsk Tipping after a thorough and competitive public procurement process is a fantastic outcome for Sporting Solutions and testament to the innovation and leadership we continue to show in the fields of pricing and risk management.

We are very proud to announce Norsk Tipping as our latest lottery partner and believe our shared vision, proven track record and market-leading offering will provide the solutions for Norsk Tipping to drive bottom line growth and deliver a market leading experience for its customers.

Thorbjørn A Unneberg, Director of Customer and Market Operations for Norsk Tipping, commented: “In today’s competitive sports betting environment we are constantly looking for solutions to strengthen our product and operations. In the procurement process, Sporting Solutions scored strongly across the board, and we’re confident its attractive value proposition will support Norsk Tipping in our continuous efforts to deliver the best responsible gaming experiences to our players in the future.

About Sporting Solutions

Sporting Solutions is the premium supplier and market leader for odds provision, trading expertise and risk management services to the world’s largest sportsbooks. We are partners to 40+ operators in regulated jurisdictions, the majority of which are either Lottery or Tier 1 operators.

Our intrinsic understanding of pricing, trading and risk management means we have an in-depth understanding of the services required by operators in competitive markets. While Sporting Solutions is global in outlook, with partners from Europe to Australia, it is focused on supporting partners to be leaders in their local markets. Rather than providing a “one size fits all” solution, it works with partners to fulfil their specific needs.

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Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board: 20 Video Gaming Terminal Establishments Operational at Close of 2019

VGT tax Revenue in 2019 Totalled over $1.2 Million

HARRISBURG, PA (January 6, 2020) -- The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) announced today that at the end of 2019 there were a total of 100 Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) at 20 qualified truck stops operating in the Commonwealth that generated over $1.2 million in tax revenue.

All of the locations thus far are offering the gaming under two licensed VGT operators, Marquee by Penn, LLC (15 establishments) and Commonwealth Gaming, LLC (5 establishments). Each of the 20 locations have the maximum of 5 VGTs in operation.

The process to open VGT establishments begins with the PGCB conducting onsite inspections of establishments that have applied to ensure that they adhere to the essential elements under the Gaming Expansion Act prior to approval by the Board for licensing. These are truck stops which:



(1) are equipped with diesel islands used for fuelling commercial motor vehicles;

(2) have sold on average 50,000 gallons of diesel or biodiesel fuel each month for the previous 12 months or is projected to sell an average of 50,000 gallons of diesel or biodiesel fuel each month for the next 12 months;

(3) have at least 20 parking spaces dedicated for commercial motor vehicles;

(4) operates a convenience store;

(5) is a PA Lottery Sales Agent; and,

(6) is situated on a parcel of land of not less than 3 acres.


Following the award and prior to gaining authorization to commence VGT gaming, PGCB staff conducts a rigorous pre-implementation inspection at the establishment to ensure that the video gaming area is in compliance with both the law and regulations.  There is also testing of the machines to ensure that each operates correctly and are connected to the PA Department of Revenue’s Central Control Computer System.


Patrons of VGT machines must be 21 years of age and can self-exclude from participating in VGT gaming through the PGCB.

A total of 52% of gross VGT revenue is collected by the Commonwealth in taxes including 42% deposited into Pennsylvania’s General Fund and 10% of the gross revenue used for grants under the administration of the Commonwealth Finance Agency. Since the first VGT establishment was launched in August 2019, tax revenue through December 31, 2019 was $1,211,361 based on gross revenue of $2,329,540.

Truck Stop VGT adjusted revenue for each terminal operator during 2019 is as follows:


VGT Terminal Operator 2019 Wagers 2019 Payouts 2019 Gross Revenue
Marquee by Penn¹ $18,700,876.42 $16,847,361.15 $1,853,515.27
Commonwealth Gaming² $5,692,221.51 $5,216,196.72 $476,024.79
State-wide Total $24,393,097.93 $22,063,557.87 $2,329,540.06


(1) operates VGTs in 15 establishments

(2) operates VGTs in 5 establishments


Click here to see the VGT establishment locations that are operational as of December 31, 2019.


A detailed revenue report for the month of December and for calendar year 2019 will be available on the PGCB website after January 15th.

About the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is tasked to oversee all aspects of gambling legalized under 2004’s Race Horse Development and Gaming Act and the Gaming Expansion Act of 2017. In addition to slot machine and table games gambling at land-based casinos, the expansion includes online casino games available to date on five sites; sports wagering offered through sportsbooks at 12 locations and through eight online outlets; video gaming terminals (VGTs) offered as of this date at 20 qualified truck stops; and, fantasy sports contests through eight providers.

The mature land-based casino industry in Pennsylvania currently consists of 10 stand-alone and racetrack casinos in operation, along with the two smaller resort casinos.  These facilities collectively employ over 16,000 people and annually generate over $1.4 billion in tax revenue from slot machine and table games play. Construction of a 13th casino is currently underway along with a number of new “mini-casinos” that are expected to begin operation over the next couple of years.

Additional information about both the PGCB’s gaming regulatory efforts and Pennsylvania’s gaming industry can be found at  . You can also follow the agency on Twitter by choosing @PAGamingControl.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.


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LOTTO 6aus49 Remains the Most Popular German Game of Chance

KOBLENZ, Germany (January 7, 2020) -- There were exactly 125 new lottery millionaires in the past year. The 16 lottery companies that are united in the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) were able to make at least two people happy on average every week. Overall, stakes of just under 7.3 billion euros were achieved last year. This means a slight decrease of around 1.2 percent compared to 2018.

"We are very satisfied with this result," says Jürgen Häfner, managing director of the currently leading block company LOTTO Rheinland-Pfalz - and emphasizes: "Our stakes have been almost stable for years - with the usual jackpot-related fluctuations."

And even more: In addition to the many cash wins that the DLTB companies distributed last year, the households of the federal states are also happy: The lottery companies paid over 2.9 billion euros in taxes and duties last year - every day around eight million euros: "These are funds that the common good in our country would have to do without if the state lottery companies did not exist," states Jürgen Häfner. It supports many important projects in the areas of welfare, sport and culture as well as monument conservation and environmental protection in all federal states.

Pleasing development at LOTTO 6aus49


The deployment development for the LOTTO 6aus49 was particularly encouraging in the past year: Compared to 2018, the most popular variant of the Germans recorded an increase of more than two percent. With a stake of around 3.54 billion euros, LOTTO 6aus49 secured its top spot in 2019. Almost 49 percent of all stakes in the DLTB were submitted for the lottery game.

"This is a good starting point for the further development that our classic will experience in the new year," says Häfner, looking ahead. In the fall of 2020 there should be some changes that will make it possible for LOTTO 6aus49 to win even more millions in the upper prize categories for the game participants every week. This is financed - after a long price stability of more than seven years - with a moderate stake adjustment from 1 euro to 1.20 euros per lottery box.

Eurojackpot still successful

The slight decline in total stakes in 2019 is primarily due to the fact that there were less long jackpot phases. The Eurojackpot lottery in particular is a product that thrives on large sums of first prize. As a result, the lottery offered in 18 European countries had a 14.4 percent drop in sales in Germany last year. "After an extraordinary increase of 61 percent at Eurojackpot in 2018, this comparatively moderate decline was to be expected," explains Managing Director Jürgen Häfner.

Nonetheless, Eurojackpot defended its second place in the rankings of those deployed within the DLTB. With around 1.25 billion euros, the European lottery generated more than 17 percent of all betting stakes at the DLTB in 2019.

State lottery monopoly as a model for the future

The balance of the year 2019 shows in the current discussion about the new State Treaty on Gaming that the state lottery system in Germany is a model for the future: "Gambling for the common good on the basis of regulatory law and within the framework of federal responsibility has proven itself," says Jürgen Haefner. "Our responsible gaming offer exemplarily satisfies the requirements of addiction prevention and player protection. We are confident that an amendment to the State Treaty on Gaming 2021 will be based on this after all parties have agreed to this."

It is also indisputable for the DLTB that black lottery bets must remain banned. "Illegal providers such as 'Lottoland' operate product piracy, pay virtually no taxes and duties in Germany and are not committed to the common good. The ban must continue to be enforced at all levels," says Managing Director Häfner.

Acceptance points remain the most important pillar of sales

The lottery companies continue to perform an important structural policy task in the federal states. "We have a dense network of around 21,500 LOTTO acceptance points all over Germany. This network is and will remain the mainstay of our offer," says Jürgen Häfner: "This is particularly important because, among other things, we are there too to support rural areas. Our lottery shops are often the last village shops to ensure local supplies. "

Online gaming stakes increased again

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In the online area, the companies of the DLTB are making gratifying gains. The regional websites of the lottery companies, where you can conveniently and securely submit your tips for most game offers online, have enjoyed an increasing number of users and game orders. Game fans can also get information about LOTTO via the DLTB's information and service platform, In 2019, around 651 million euros in online gaming bets were generated, an increase of around 11.6 percent compared to the previous year.

125 new millionaires in Germany

The biggest winners last year were once again the large number of game participants. 973 game orders achieved a profit of EUR 100,000 and higher in 2019. 125 tippers have become a millionaire with a direct hit.

In this context, it is also interesting to take a look at the distribution of millions of profits across the country. Baden-Württemberg took first place in 2019 with 23 millionaires, followed by the two most populous states of North Rhine-Westphalia (21 new millionaires) and Bavaria (17). Lower Saxony (14) is in fourth place, followed by Rhineland-Palatinate (9) and Brandenburg (8).

A Eurojackpot player from southern Rhineland-Palatinate was delighted with the biggest win of 63.2 million euros last year. The highest prize in the LOTTO 6aus49 was won by a participant from the Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia with almost 31.5 million euros. In the additional lottery game 77, a game participant from Prignitz in Brandenburg achieved the highest win with just under 7.5 million euros.

The LOTTO numbers of the year

The hit list of the most frequently drawn numbers at LOTTO 6aus49 led the 42 in 2019, which was drawn 22 times from the drawing drum. The 29th and 36th places follow. The number that has been drawn the least since the first drawing in 1955 to this day is still the number that was determined as the first in the first drawing: the 13th ,

CONTACT: Clemens Buch, Phone: 0261 9438-2154, mailto:

SOURCE: German Lotto and Totoblock.





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