German Lotto and Totoblock Want to Make the Classic LOTTO 6aus49 Even More Attractive

December 30, 2019 | Lottery News

A six for LOTTO 6aus49

GERMANY (December 19, 2019) — The proverbial “six in the lottery” is expected to regularly lead to millions of profits from autumn 2020 even without a suitable super number.

But the many smaller profits should also be somewhat higher. These are two of the innovations with which the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) wants to make the classic LOTTO 6aus49 even more attractive.

The lottery players want higher winnings in all ranks. We want to implement this with a new profit plan,” says Georg Wacker, Managing Director of Lotto Baden-Württemberg and also Chairman of the DLTB Product Committee LOTTO 6aus49. He points out that the innovations are subject to approval by the responsible state authorities. In an increasingly dynamic gaming market, it was necessary to keep the lottery flagship on a sustainable course.

Thanks to the new features, the lottery jackpot is set to climb into double-digit millions in the future. In addition, the rules for compulsory distribution are to be changed: If the jackpot is left standing for a long time, it should no longer be automatically emptied in the 13th draw, but after reaching the 45 million euro limit – regardless of the duration.

With a six without a super number, significantly more millions should be won in the future. For this purpose, it is planned to increase the proportion of the prize money disproportionately. The previous nine ranks remain. Neither will the mathematical chances of winning change.

We have put together a comprehensive package of improvements based on market research and intensive discussions at the DLTB and hope that we can implement it in autumn 2020,” emphasizes Wacker. The higher profits are guaranteed by a price adjustment with the introduction of the new profit plan. So the stake of currently 1 euro per tip should increase by 20 cents.

LOTTO 6aus49 records nationwide operations of around 3.5 billion euros per year. The classic has been around since 1955. Lotto Baden-Württemberg has been responsible for the LOTTO 6aus49 at the DLTB since early 2019. The core task of the product committee is to manage the brand strategically and operationally and to set new impulses.

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SOURCE: German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB).

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