Lottery Operators in Dispute Over Game Rights, Revenue, Tax Payment

December 30, 2019 | Government

ABUJA, Nigeria (December 23, 2019) –Following the exclusive rights obtained by Western Lotto Nigeria Limited to sell and promote Ghana Games in Nigeria it is now seeking a Federal High Court order to stop the sale of the games by other lottery operators.

However, according to The Sun Nigeria some lottery operators are claiming that the agreement between Western Lotto and LMC VAS Ghana, owners of the Ghana Games intellectual property, is an attempt by Western Lotto Limited to appropriate the regulatory functions of the NLRC as the sole regulator of the lottery industry in Nigeria.

The newspaper reports lottery operators opposed to Western Lotto also claim that the agreement debars them from offering 5/90 Ghana games comprising Monday Special Lotto, Lucky Tuesday Lotto, Midweek Lotto, Fortune Lotto, Friday Bonanza Lotto, Saturday National Lotto, VAG Lotto and Super Six Lotto, to Nigerian lottery players and, consequently, affects the revenue accruing to the Federal Government of Nigeria

But Western Lotto, in a letter to the Director General of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, disputed the claims, saying its suit against the lottery operators was borne out of altruism to halt the diversion of revenue meant for the government by the operators.

Western Lotto said with the exclusive rights obtained by it to market the games, there would be full disclosure which would assist the NLRC to generate billions of naira yearly from each of the major operators.

While calling on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to check the finances of lotto operators with a view to determining their level of compliance with the nation’s tax regulations, the company said its action would help in streamlining sales and promotion of the Ghana Games in Nigeria such that all the lottery operators that sell and are interested in selling the games will have their platforms linked to the NLRC and Western Lotto Nigeria Limited.

SOURCE: The Sun Nigeria.