German Lottery Report Sports Betting Players Suspected of Money Laundering

January 26, 2020 | Lottery News

SAXONY-ANHALT, Germany — Exceptionally high stakes in the sports betting Oddset in the Zerbst area have come to the attention of the Lotto investigation committee in the state parliament, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported Friday.

According to DPA on Friday, the parliamentarians interviewed the department head for gaming operations and authorized representative of Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt. This said that the high stakes were noticed for the first time in 2017. “We watched it very carefully and passed it on.” A total of nine players were identified, who had used more than 100,000 euros within six months. Everyone was active in and around Zerbst. The sports betting Oddset is a niche product at Lotto, it is bet on results of football matches.

The suspected cases were reported to the German central office for financial transaction investigations. Despite requests, no feedback came from there. Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt continued to closely monitor gaming behaviour but did not intervene in order not to endanger the success of the investigation. “There is no evidence that it is criminal behaviour,” the department head described the findings of the lottery company. She described a very detailed monitoring of gaming behaviour and sales. Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt does not know where the money for the stakes comes from.

The sales development in a lottery sales point in Zerbst was particularly striking. According to the committee’s findings, sales there rose from around 200 euros a week to around 15,000 euros after a change of ownership. A sales manager interviewed on Friday said that the weekly limit for use in this one point of sale was raised on request.

The owner of the point of sale was the focus of several questions from MPs to the witnesses. The authorized officer confirmed that the woman is married to a software developer who worked for a company that created betting software. The man himself is not a player at Lotto-Toto Sachsen-Anhalt.

Following the meeting, committee chairman Andreas Steppuhn said: “I am now counting on the interior ministry as the supervisory authority and the public prosecutor to act on their own initiative.” The committee of inquiry cannot provide complete information.

The parliamentary committee of inquiry was set up on the initiative of the AfD. It is intended to investigate who received the lottery funding and to what extent and whether the intended uses were observed. There is also the question of whether personal relationships played a role in the placement of jobs and whether there have been cases of money laundering that have not been sufficiently investigated.

SOURCE: Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (DPA).

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