La Quiniela Chaqueña Celebrates 46 Years of Its First Edition

January 26, 2020 | Lottery News

CHACO PROVINCE, Argentina — The Chaqueña Lottery Directory highlighted the validity of the Official Quiniela as the most popular product among the public of the entire province, while pondering the work done by the workers in the area and the members of the sales network.

“La Quiniela is still the favourite game of the Chaqueños,” said the head of the Chaqueña Lottery, Gabriel Lemos on the occasion of celebrating the 46th anniversary of the first draw of the Chaco Quiniela.

The first concrete antecedent of this popular product goes back to July 27, 1973, when the then governor Deolindo Felipe Bittel authorized Lotería Chaqueña to organize the Quiniela game.

The Official Quiniela was first played in the province on January 25, 1974, eleven years after the creation of the Chaqueña Lottery through Law 500, promoted in 1963 by the deputy for the Popular Union Party, Vicente Amores.

One of the witnesses of the birth of this game was Juan Francisco Romero, who for several years has been in charge of the Quiniela Directorate and has been the protagonist of all the changes experienced throughout the decades.


Initially, the bets of the Quinquela Chaqueña were registered through card-tickets, which had four copies each. In 1981, the punch card system began to be implemented, for five years thereafter going to the optical coupons. And in 1996, finally, the online terminals (Agencies) and the off-line terminals (Sub-agencies) were put into operation.

“At the beginning, the capture of bets was done manually with booklets-ballots that were filled in quadruplicate: the original (white) and duplicate (light blue), which were delivered by the agents in separate packages with a statement of the total amount of each notebook for their respective controls, the triplicate (pink), for the agent and the quadruplicate (yellow) for the bettor,” Romero explained.

To carry out these controls, the Quiniela Directorate had 72 people, since it was an entirely manual task that required an important execution time.

Currently, the Management of Quiniela has 41 people, as well as a fully automated system, which allows the control and operation of 350 Official Agencies and 930 Sub-Agencies, which makes a total of 1,280 sales mouths throughout the province.


A real milestone for the Quinquela Chaqueña was the creation of the “Vicente Amores” Sweepstakes Hall, inaugurated on June 22, 2009 by the then president of the organization, Juan Manuel Pedrini, during the first term of Governor Jorge Capitanich.

A year earlier, more precisely in April 2008, the game of La Primera had been implemented, while on October 17, 2009 the evening draw began on Saturday.


But if commercial success is mentioned, we must highlight the Quincela Poceada Chaqueña, a by-product that went on the street on January 29, 2011 and that quickly became an event throughout the province.

And as if that were not enough, on January 25, 2019, the Chaqueña Lottery returned to the forefront with the departure of La Previa, the first draw on the day of the Quiniela, at 9.30 in the morning.

“These are commercial strategies that were promoted and that helped the Quinquela Chaqueña remain in force for more than four decades, in the hands of a clandestine game prevention policy that Governor Capitanich sustained since the beginning of his administration,” he said.

SOURCE: Chaqueña Lottery.

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