Lottery Players May Have Mandatory Identification to Prevent Money Laundering

January 26, 2020 | Government

Lottery bets from Caixa Econômica Federal can now be identified with the bettor’s Individual Taxpayer Number (CPF).

BRAZIL (January 23, 2020) — “It is no surprise that lottery prizes have been used as an instrument for money laundering in Brazil. This practice, which has already been the subject of a series of investigations by different authorities, has not yet been properly fought. We need to restrict this possibility of money laundering,” said the author of the text, Senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB-MA).

According to the project, the identification of the bettor becomes mandatory, as well as that of who will receive the prize. If the CPFs are different, both must be identified, and the drawer must present a justification to replace the original bettor.

Both the identifications and the justification will be sent to the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf).

In such cases, the prizes can only be collected after 30 calendar days of the presentation of the winning ticket at the Casa Lotérica, so that the council has time to analyze the case and make an investigation, if necessary.

Senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE) is the rapporteur of the text. The commission’s decision is final. This means that the bill, if approved, may go straight to the Chamber of Deputies, if there is no appeal for it to be analyzed in plenary.

SOURCE: Agência Senado.

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