Bulgaria’s Parliament Approves Amendments to Gambling Act on First Reading

January 30, 2020 | Government

SOFIA, Bulgaria — The Parliament has approved amendments to the Gambling Act on first reading, Focus News Agency reported. The bill was tabled by NFSB leader Valery Simeonov and was voted in favour by 116 MPs, while two voted against and 68 abstained.

The new bill prohibits the organisation of gambling games, the distribution of tickets, slips, coupons, as well as the payment of gambling winnings by persons or businesses without licence.

According to the provisions, lottery games, with the exception of raffle, bingo, keno or their variants, may be organised only by the state-owned “Bulgarian Sports Totalizator”.

The lottery businesses, whose licences will be revoked, will be obliged, within 30 days from the bill enactment into law, to establish an unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee in the amount of unpaid prizes in favour of the State Commission on Gambling.

SOURCE: Focus Information Agency.

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