LOTTO Bayern Create 17 New Millionaires and 163 Winnings of at Least €100,000 in 2019

January 31, 2020 | Lottery News

Around 410 million euros for the state budget

MUNICH, Germany — Game participants win over 573 million euros at LOTTO Bayern

In 2019, LOTTO Bayern transferred around 410 million euros in lottery tax and profit transfer to the public budget from lotteries and sports betting. This enables diverse social and cultural achievements for the citizens that would otherwise not have been possible.

There were 17 million prizes in Bavaria in 2019 that were generated by the lotteries offered by LOTTO Bayern. Over 573 million euros were distributed to game participants last year. The highest individual win in the Free State was achieved by a syndicate from Upper Franconia. For their hit in winning class 1 at the Euro Jackpot, the ten regulars friends with 30 million euros received Bavaria’s highest prize, which has so far accrued to the international lottery.

Four game orders from the Free State were worth at least one million euros each in LOTTO 6aus49. A game order from Upper Bavaria accounted for almost two million euros, and a game participant from Lower Franconia received almost 1.4 million euros. Two LOTTO players from Upper Bavaria received exactly one million euros each in their block-wide Nikolaus special draw “With the threesome to the millionaire” in their accounts.

Also in the additional game 77 lottery, four Bavarian game participants managed to become millionaires with hits of the highest winning class in 2019. A game participant from Upper Bavaria won over 2.5 million. A participant from the Upper Palatinate earned his cross in the “Yes” field of the additional lottery just under 1.5 million euros. Around 1.3 million euros and almost 1.2 million euros fell on game orders placed in Upper Bavaria.

In the GlücksSpirale pension lottery, there were two players from Upper Bavaria and Middle Franconia in the highest prize category in 2019, each of whom won a monthly pension of 10,000 euros for 20 years or a one-time amount of 2.1 million euros each in cash. The GlücksSpirale additional lottery “Die Sieger-Chance” brought a player from Upper Bavaria a profit of exactly one million euros.

Four Eurojackpot game orders in 2019 generated profits in the Free State of at least seven figures. In addition to the record profit of 30 million euros, a game order placed in Upper Franconia was worth around 19 million euros. Another Eurojackpot player from Upper Franconia won around 2.3 million euros, while a game order placed in Upper Bavaria was worth over 1.6 million euros.

Middle Franconia went to over three million euros for a TOTO player in the selection bet “6 out of 45” and the maximum win of one million euros in the daily lottery KENO.


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