Alabama Governor to Appoint Study Group on Lottery

February 8, 2020 | Government

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Governor Ivey’s request for lawmakers to hold off on lottery bills until a study group could report came as a surprise to some legislators.

Some legislators have lottery bills ready to go for this session, but sources say many will honour the Governor’s request.

For some lawmakers, who is in the group is more important than the group itself.

I don’t think any lawyer in the state of Alabama is equip to really deal with gaming,” says Rep. Pebblin Warren.

Representative Steve Clouse has a lottery bill that is written, and ready to go for this session.

There’s been plenty of study all over the country from 45 different states, and all of them are still in business,” says Clouse.

Clouse maintains that the revenue from his lottery bill would send all of the money to education. Governor Ivey says she will not let voters and legislators make uninformed decisions.

Thinking is not enough we’ve got to have some data. We need to study and get the facts behind this,” the Governor said.

SOURCE: Alabama News.

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