US Patent Application Filed for a Smart Bin Lottery Ticket Dispenser with Remote Electronic Display

February 8, 2020 | Lottery Patents

United States Patent Application Number: 20200027304

Published: January 23, 2020

Title: Smart Bin Lottery Ticket Dispenser with Remote Electronic Display

Inventors: Ghia; Ajay J.; (Cumming, GA); Behm; William F.; (Roswell, GA); Christensen; Kent; (Cumming, GA); Mejenborg; Sten Hallundbaek; (Cumming, GA)

Applicant: Scientific Games International, Inc. (Newark, DE, US)

Family ID: 62711131

Appl. No.: 16/586999

Filed: September 29, 2019

ABSTRACT: A lottery ticket dispenser system includes a physical dispenser array having a plurality of separate bins for receipt of a supply of interconnected lottery tickets.

A control system is in communication with a drive mechanism in each bin to initiate a dispense sequence upon receipt of a ticket dispense command. A central lottery server is in communication with the control system.

An electronic display device is in communication with the central lottery server and is configured to present a virtual dispenser array with bin positions that mimics the physical dispenser array.

The central lottery server transmits lottery ticket images to the electronic display device that correspond to the lottery tickets in the physical dispenser array and bin position assignments for the lottery ticket images in the virtual dispenser array.

SOURCE: US Patent & Trademark Office.