Lottery Authority with New Information Campaign on the Consequences of Gambling

February 15, 2020 | Government

addiction: – The consequences of are brutal, showing why accountability has to go above profit when it comes to gambling.

FØRDE, Norway (February 13, 2020) — 34,000 people in Norway have problems with gambling. 88,000 are at risk of getting it.

Gambling problems have serious consequences, both mental and financial. Many get huge gambling debts, and struggle to get their lives back in the right track.

This also affects spouse, partners, girlfriends, children and other relatives.

  • If you add everyone around the player, who is also affected by the gambling addiction, there are a lot of people. We want to show how brutal and painful gambling addiction is, but that the best help is, says Gunn Merete Paulsen, director of the Lottery and Foundation Authority.

Responsible games

Money games that are offered and marketed in Norway should be responsible, precisely to protect vulnerable players and their families. Ensuring responsible gaming and preventing gambling problems is one of the social missions of the Lottery Authority.

Today, Norsk Tipping has a license to offer online games, casino games and odds. They have limits to how much gamers can lose, and how long they can play.

The foreign gaming companies operate illegally in Norway, and do not have the same measures regarding accountability.

  • While Norsk Tipping contacts players who are at risk for problems and asks them to play less, foreign gaming companies do the opposite. They contact players and ask them to play more, Paulsen says.

The most dangerous games are fast betting games where there is such a short time between effort and reward that the brain’s defense mechanisms do not strike.

  • Those who have a problem with gambling and are at risk of getting it are also the ones who notice the most about bonuses, betting odds, free games and gifts in gambling advertising. This tool markets the foreign gaming companies on a large scale.

It is also true that 6 out of 10 Norwegians do not know or are uncertain about the woman who is allowed to offer gambling in Norway.

  • It is not strange. Foreign gambling companies market their gambling a lot. Then it is important for us to reach out with the knowledge that the foreign gambling companies are in fact not allowed to offer and market gambling in Norway.

FINN ads

In the years to come it will pop up ads about spel depending heit on . The ads are not real ads, but the problem is real.

Some with the diagnosis of gambling addiction play away the house or car. Sky-high gambling debts can lead to familiar not being able to afford to go on holiday they had planned.

  • Many Norwegians go to when to buy or sell. Perhaps some of the regular ads that lie there are completely real, that is, there are some just like the seals town, cabin or car because of gambling debts. We hope the campaign will give some indication of how serious gambling addiction is, and that we are helping to spread knowledge, says Gunn Merete Paulsen, CEO.

The guide with new websites

The gambling addict helpline is one of the players who will help those who have a problem with gambling or their relatives. In parallel with the information campaign, comes in a new suit.

  • The goal is to make the best possible way for those who need help to contact or find information, Paulsen says.

The helpline has been given a chat, where players or relatives can anonymously chat with the health care professional who works at the helpline.

  • Maybe for some, the threshold is lower if they can write about the problem, instead of calling.

The guide has also been given a self-test, where you can answer questions and get an indication of whether you have a problem with games.

  • We also tell about people who have come out of gambling problems, to show that it is possible to get help and get life back. Maybe it can also help some people to see that they are not alone in having problems with games.

SOURCE: Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet.

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