The Sports Betting Concession Process Has Met with Considerable Interest from Providers

March 3, 2020 | Legal

Numerous providers are placing illegal gambling offers

Darmstadt regional council – press office

DARMSTADT, Germany¬† — After the 3rd State Treaty on Gambling Change came into force at the turn of the year and the limit of 20 licensees was lifted, almost 50 providers have now submitted an application to the Regional Council of Darmstadt (RP) Darmstadt for a license to organize sports betting on the Internet and terrestrially or applications reliably announced.

In the application documents, the provider must in particular demonstrate that compliance with the requirements of the State Treaty on Gaming is guaranteed, including in relation to youth and player protection and IT security. Granting permission for these providers would regulate around 99 percent of the sports betting market in Germany. The authority is about to grant permission for the first providers.

In addition to examining the application documents, the RP Darmstadt also has an eye on the providers who have not yet participated in the concession procedure and still offer sports betting on the Internet. In this context, the regional council informed around 100 providers of the authorization process and threatened to ban them if the offer was maintained if the application was not made. The first prohibitions are imminent. Furthermore, 10 providers have already discontinued their offer.


The regional council (RP) Darmstadt is responsible nationwide for the granting of licenses for the organization of sports betting. The proceedings have been running since January 2nd. The concessions and permits are to be granted until June 30, 2021. Further information is available on the website of the regional council ( under “Security / Gambling / Sports betting.”

SOURCE: Darmstadt regional council – press office.

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