Bern Cantonal Parliament Allows Local Sports Betting

March 16, 2020 | Sports Betting

BERN, Germany — The Bernese Grand Council now wants to allow local sports betting. The cantonal parliament decided on Tuesday evening for smaller clubs all over the country, which was a good opportunity to make money.

For example, a local football club should be allowed to place a result bet: for example, the spectators should bet money on the correct outcome of the game. Only bets on the game on the spot are permitted – not, for example, on international games.

This is regulated at the federal level. The federal government also stipulates that local sports betting may be carried out on a maximum of ten days per year and that the net profit must be used for a charitable purpose.

Due to these narrow guard rails, the majority of the council saw no problem in admitting local sports betting in addition to small lotteries and small poker tournaments. Only in the EPP faction there were concerns that the new offer had an addictive potential. The innovation was decided with 136 to 2 votes.

The decision was made by Parliament in the first reading of the new gaming law. The decree is necessary so that the canton of Bern can meet the changed federal requirements.

The first reading will end on Wednesday. The Grand Council decided on Tuesday to join the national and regional gaming concordat.

SOURCE: Nau media AG.

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