theLotter Includes Texas in Its Online Lottery Ticket Purchasing Service Area

March 18, 2020 | Lottery News

Avid Texas Lottery players able to play while preventing the spread of the coronavirus

AUSTIN, Texas — According to theLotter, Texans have definitely embraced on-demand services in recent years. theLotter states that having to visit stores and stand in line is an inconvenience for most people, but people with mobility or health concerns especially benefit from online access to goods and services. Texas has been making a concerted effort to further increase online access for all. In recent weeks especially the desire to avoid unneeded trips to the store has become commonplace as the Coronavirus starts having an effect on Texans’ choices.

Last year the ability to offer lottery tickets online became available to Texans. theLotter has since included Texas in its online lottery ticket purchasing service area. offers Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, and Cash Five. The new online service immediately enabled access for countless Texans who had previously been unable to participate in the state’s lotteries.

“Texas is successfully rolling out programs to improve online access for all and we’re proud to be able to be part of that movement, especially in times like these where the state is making collaborative efforts to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. We offer Texans an alternative that allows them to play their favorite lottery games while still taking precautionary measures,” said Peggy Daniel, theLotter’s U.S. Managing Director.

theLotter allows a customer to choose the lottery they wish to play online, and the official Texas Lottery tickets are purchased on their behalf from a licensed retailer. The customer then receives a scanned copy in their account, which proves their ownership. All prizes are paid out commission-free. theLotter utilizes advanced security measures to ensure safety and privacy for all customers, and strictly abides by the rules of the Texas State Lottery. Third-party controls on the site prevent underage Texansfrom playing and blocks anyone outside state borders.

To learn more about theLotter and to play the state’s biggest draw games from the comfort of your home, visit or download theLotter app on your smartphone.

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