ONCE Suspends Its Raffles and Focuses Its Work on Caring for Blind or Disabled People

March 19, 2020 | Lottery News

MADRID, Spain — The Spanish National Organisation of the Blind (ONCE) has decided today to suspend, from March 16, 2020 -including-, the draws of its traditional lotteries, including coupons and the extraordinary Father’s Day coupon, until the situation generated by the coronavirus recovers and ends the state of alarm declared by the authorities. The Organization now maintains and focuses its work on caring for blind people or people with other disabilities.

Based on the measures taken by the different administrations, which have concluded with the declaration of the state of alarm, the Organization has taken all possible decisions in defense of its workers, as well as to guarantee the rights of consumers, and maintain the coverage of its 72,000 members and the rest of people with disabilities.

The measures, collected in a resolution of the Director General of the ONCE refer to all the realities that refer to the marketing activities, payment of prizes and lottery draws of the ONCE.

  • The sale of all ONCE lottery products is suspended, in any of its three modalities, at all in-person points of sale, both sales agents and establishments of the Complementary Physical Channel.
  • The commercialization of all ONCE lottery products through the internet channel is suspended on the ONCE official gaming website ( ), with the exception of the active gaming product “Eurojackpot” and the products in electronic support of the “Instant Lottery of tickets the ONCE” modality.
  • From Monday, March 16, 2020, inclusive, the celebration of the draws of all the periodic and extraordinary products of the lottery modality called “ONCE Coupon” is suspended.
  • Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, inclusive, the raffle of the active gaming products drawn in Spain is suspended: “ONCE Triplex”, “7/39” and “Super ONCE”. The draws for the active gaming product “Eurojackpot” will continue to be held in Helsinki, in accordance with the regulations governing active gaming products.
  • Once the alarm state ends, the ONCE will issue instructions on the coupons and tickets purchased in relation to the non-held draws.
  • The expiration periods for the collection of prizes are suspended during the period of the alarm state. The ONCE will communicate in a timely manner the day this suspension will be lifted.
  • The prizes may continue to be collected in those ONCE Centers and branches of collaborating credit institutions that remain open.

Support for people with special needs

ONCE appreciates the solidarity of all citizens and is committed to maintaining and focusing all its efforts now on caring for the more than 72,000 blind people affiliated with the Organization and the rest of people with disabilities, a particularly sensitive and vulnerable group.

We are already working to care for these people and we wish all citizens the best that ONCE can wish for: good luck.

SOURCE: Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles

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