insic Extends ID Procedure with giropay-ID Account Verification

March 26, 2020 | Vendor News

AHRENSBURG, Germany — The age test of giropay-ID was already approved by the KJM in 2012. Giropay -ID is now expanding the tried-and-tested AVS procedure with an account check. It can be integrated as a single product, but also in combination with age verification or payment with giropay.

So far, account verifications have involved a lot of effort – for buyers and platform operators alike. This is at the expense of the conversion rate and is often associated with high process costs. With the online account verification from giropay-ID, portal operators and their customers save this effort. With giropay-ID, the customer’s bank immediately confirms the bank details and the first and last name of the account holder online and without any downstream processes. When verifying age with giropay-ID, the first and last name and the legal age of the online banking user who carries out the verification are checked. This does not necessarily have to be the account holder but can also be an authorized representative or – in the case of joint accounts – an account holder.

With giropay-ID, the customer uses the familiar and proven PIN- TAN procedure of his participating bank or savings bank. An extra registration is not necessary and there are no costs for the customer. Regardless of whether platforms combine an account or age verification or both, the customer only has to enter one TAN. This is said to increase the conversion rate.

insic extends the process by additional functions such as:

  • a configurable blur check for name matching,
  • parameter-controlled functions for data correction depending on the preference of the partner platform,
  • Checking in the background using a previously known account connection whether the user’s bank is participating in the giropay ID process, and
  • Different behaviour configuration options in the context of a complex ID workflow.

The account and age verification with giropay-ID works as follows:

  • Customers click on “Check data” and are then safely and directly directed from the game platform to the online banking of their own bank or savings bank.
  • Customers log in there as usual with their online banking access data.
  • After a successful login, customers are automatically informed that they want to confirm their account details and / or their legal age to the provider.
  • To carry out the verification, customers now only need to enter a TAN.
  • In addition, the customer immediately receives a confirmation of the verification from their bank or savings bank and is then redirected back to the game platform.
  • insic takes over the final processing, status management and integration into the game platform according to the specifications of the provider.

About Insic

Insic GmbH is a leading ID service provider under German regulation. Our procedures serve the clear identification of natural persons, the youth media protection with 18+ examination, as well as the prevention of gambling addiction and money laundering. A high number of test methods in combination with a unique process management allow the legally secure design of processes.

SOURCE: insic GmbH.