International Public Tender Announced for Instant Lottery Administration Contract in Costa Rica

March 29, 2020 | Government

By Matías Casano

COSTA RICA — The Costa Rican lottery administration, the Social Protection Board (JPS) reported that the opening for the Instant Lottery international tender poster is dated April 15, 2020.

The tender considers the pre-production, production, distribution and sale in Costa Rican territory of instant lottery tickets and the development and operation of instant lotteries in digital format.

Interested companies must enter the Costa Rican public sector purchasing platform “Sicop” and also carry out the registration process as suppliers.

The JPS state lottery intends to have a bidder under the administration model considering the pre-production, production and distribution of the Instant Lottery games in Costa Rica, both in physical tickets and in digital format.

The poster details aspects such as the participation guarantee for US$115,920 (one hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars currency of the United States of America). The guarantee of compliance that implies for the successful bidder an amount of $579,598; and, the insurance policy among other aspects.

In the technical conditions and specifications it is detailed that to be considered the bidders must have a minimum annual production capacity of 20 billion tickets, the requirement to present references as suppliers in pre-production, production and distribution.

Other elements detailed in the document are: model of the service, place of delivery and term, guarantee of participation, guarantee of compliance, insurance policy, criminal clause, confidentiality clause and topics corresponding to the opening of the points of sale.

The company must cover the pre-production and production costs, as well as the final cost of the Instant Lottery games will be assumed by the contractor.

It is detailed that, regarding pre-production, the designs of new Instant Lottery games will be made in coordination with the Social Protection Board, which will have the power to authorize or not the design of a game.

Likewise, the contractor must provide the Social Protection Board with the latest trends in the international market in terms of designs and that can be implemented in the Costa Rican market

In relation to the designation of the prizes in the different games, it must be carried out through a computerized process in order to comply with the programming and structure previously approved by the Board.

The structure of the prizes on average may not be greater than 63% of the sale of an issue for physical Instant Lottery tickets, nor greater than 80% for games that are marketed in digital format. The Social Protection Board will authorize or not the changes in the award plans that the Contractor proposes.