Arizona Lottery Gives Retailers Coping with COVID-19 a Licensing Lift

April 2, 2020 | Lottery News

All remaining license renewals for 2020 will be automatically extended to 2021!

PHOENIX, Arizona – As part of the Arizona Lottery’s ongoing efforts to help our valued retailers as they deal with the difficulties associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic, retailers are getting some much needed regulatory relief as the Lottery is now extending their licenses to sell instant and draw tickets.

This means the Arizona Lottery will automatically extend the license term for all retailers with a license expiration date within calendar year 2020, irrespective of the type of license, for one year. This extension will remain in effect until further notice by the Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery and shall be reconsidered every two months.

“We are dedicated to helping our valued retailers through this crisis,” said Gregg Edgar, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “This extension gives retailers the breathing room and certainty they need to continue their partnerships with us to give their customers the best play and winning experience available in Arizona. We are proud to play our small part in their continued success.”

This extension is in support of Governor Ducey’s executive orders designating grocery and convenience stores as “essential businesses”, ensuring the “continuity of work”, and the Arizona Lottery is committed to providing additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic to the retail stores which sell Lottery products. Many of these businesses are operating with drastically reduced staff and operating budgets, therefore the renewal process for their Lottery license may not be a top priority. Alleviating some of this administrative and regulatory burden will help our retail partners focus on the most important aspects of keeping their businesses open during this difficult time.

The Arizona Lottery is proud to have a growing retail network of more than 3,000 retailers, ranging from big-box stores, like Walmart and Costco, to independent grocery and convenience stores across the Grand Canyon State. These thousands of accessible Arizona Lottery retailers are creating an exciting play experience and lasting relationships for loyal customers.

Every Arizona Lottery retail partner receives a commission on every ticket sold and more than 9-in-10 Arizona Lottery customers also purchase at least one additional product while in a retail store, further increasing those retailers’ sales. Those millions of dollars in revenue to our valued retailers could make the difference for some who might otherwise be forced to cut back or suspend operations.

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