Exemptions from the Bingo Regulations Are Extended, but the Lottery Authority Also Places Stricter Requirements on Marketing

April 2, 2020 | Legal

FØRDE, Norway  — On March 16, the Lottery Authority granted exemptions from the bingo regulations that follow the corona virus until March 29.

The exemptions from the bingo regulations are now extended, until 13 April.

Play cannot be marketed to individuals

The following conditions are set for the marketing of the games in order to be exempt:

  • It should not be marketed directly to individuals, for example through text messages, e-mails or various forms of recruitment.
  • It is not allowed to avail any kind of bonuses as part of the promotion of online games.

The Lottery Authority also emphasizes in the decision that all new players who have not registered by physical attendance at the bingo hall must do so when the bingo halls open again. If they do not, they should delete as online gambling.

We will consider the extension on an ongoing basis based on the situation around the corona virus and the advice and recommendations that are common in society.

Read the entire decision.

SOURCE: Lotteri- og stiftelsestilsynet.

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