Svenska Spel’s CEO and Chairman of the Board Are Raging Against Games at Low Divisions

April 10, 2020 | Lottery News

VISBY, Sweden  — In coronapandemins footprints gaming world with high and low search for after game event to offer their customers. This has led to training matches between clubs in division 4 and division 5 in Sweden becoming a hot market for gaming companies around the world. In a discussion post at Sydsvenskan / HD today, Svenska Spel’s President and CEO Patrik  Hofbauer , as well as the  Chairman of the Board Erik Strand,  question  how this type of game can still be legal

All major unions that have some form of gaming object in their sports oppose strong play on lower divisions, just like Svenska Spel, they write among other things.

In recent weeks, the media has reported on games in Swedish matches in very low divisions and also matches where a majority of participants have been under 18 years. The arm about suspected match fixing has been many.

The fact that gaming companies act in this way makes us both surprised and disappointed.

Where is their respect for the sport? Where is the responsibility for the customers? How do they protect consumers, those who play at the matches, writes Patrik Hofbauer and Erik Strand.

Svenska Spel, like most other companies offering sports games, has been greatly affected by the fact that virtually all the world’s sports have been put on pause and that leagues and championships have been cancelled and moved.

But jeopardizing the safety of sports by offering games that are rogue is never an option for gaming companies.

On the occasions when Swedish Games offers games in friendlies, is in consultation with the Swedish Football Association and only the d level Association recommends.  All to protect sports and consumers.

Then we are extra careful to gather facts about the law, so that we know we can set the right odds. What is happening now is something completely different.

Svenska Spel is now demanding legislation that looks to the best of both athletes and gaming consumers, not the opportunities of criminal networks to make money.

Sweden must now ban games on amateur sports.

Read the full debate article here.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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