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April 20, 2020 | Remote Gaming

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Monday, May 11 – Friday, May 15

Coming to a screen near you soon, ICE North America Digital has been designed to deliver the expert insights you expected from this year’s exhibition and conference, even while most of us are at home.

The pressure on you isn’t off, just because the world as we know it has pivoted. In fact, quite the opposite – you’ve had to get used to a new way of working and it’s a challenge to keep up with developments in your Gaming industry under these conditions.

So we’ve gone back to the drawing board for you and – following the postponement of the in-person ICE North America exhibition and conference in New Orleans – we’re bringing you a whole week of streamed industry content, discussions and debate, that you can access from wherever you are.

One the debates is lottery-focused and today ICE North America Digital has provided Lottery Insider with their interview with Lauren Walker from the Kentucky Lottery.

All roads lead to iLottery in present predicament, customer service expert claims

The difficulties experienced by the betting and gaming industry because of the COVID-19 pandemic is hastening the adoption of iLottery in Kentucky, according to Lauren Walker, Director of Interactive Content and Customer Service at the Kentucky Lottery.

Alongside Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Bluegrass State was one of first – and to date, few – lotteries to offer their players omni-channel opportunities when it launched in 2016.

Despite only attracting around two percent of its billion-dollar yearly sales before the outbreak, the online option has witnessed a noticeable uptick in the weeks since.

Walker said: “iLottery is what today’s players expect as they grow and evolve. It is necessary to continue the expansion of the portfolio that way, not as an ‘or’ to retail but an ‘and’. It keeps lotteries top of mind, is convenient and meets the needs of customers. I don’t think it will replace retail sales and believe it will definitely augment retail efforts.

The types of stores that sell lottery are still open, of course, but they are not seeing nearly as much traffic. We are seeing extra players using an omni-channel approach as a result, and I’m sure that is the case across the states that offer iLottery.

Let’s not kid ourselves that this will happen overnight as there are roadblocks. But those states who have it on their wish list will have additional support now.

Walker believes the main advantage of launching online is the medium’s ability to reach a younger demographic. But she warns that a diverse product portfolio is essential to maintain their interest once they’re there.

She added: “The majority of retail players start to pick up after the age of 30, whilst online players are four of five years younger. Generally speaking, 18-24-year-olds don’t have as much disposable income, but those that do are often attracted to games like Keno rather than jackpots.

It is important to have a good mixture of draws, scratch-offs and other games like Keno which gives you cross play opportunities. Players also have the luxury of being able to try out games online in the comfort of their own home rather than feeling intimidated in a grocery store with people waiting in line.”

Walker is set to discuss the evolving lottery landscape at the forthcoming ICE North America Digital, which takes place between May 11th-15th. For more information and to register for the free-to-attend event click here.

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