Svenska Spel Makes Advance Payment of Grassroots 2020 Money

April 20, 2020 | Lottery News

VISBY, Sweden — Over the past seven years, Svenska Spel, through the Gräsroten initiative, has distributed almost SEK 400 million to youth sports in Sweden. In ordinary cases, the payment is made in November, but in a move to help associations under prevailing circumstances, Svenska Spel has chosen to make an advance payment , which now means that over 3,600 associations around the country can share SEK 20 million.

This is a positive news. Many sports associations have lost revenue as a result of the Corona pandemic and youth sports need all the support they can get in this situation,” says Björn Eriksson, chairman of the Swedish Sports Federation.

When Svenska Spel distributes money via the Grassroots for the eighth consecutive year, this is the first time that the payment is divided into two dividends. The 20 million distributed in connection with the advance payment will be deducted from the regular payment in November. As usual, Svenska Spel’s customers distribute the money by choosing one to three favorite associations.

We know that in many cases many associations are already turning and turning every krone, and during this social crisis, the economic situation becomes even tougher for sporting Swedes. Therefore, it was a matter of course for us, when we have the opportunity both technically and organizationally, to make an advance payment of the Grass Root. Of course, this does not solve all the problems, but we hope that the advance payment will help a bit along the way,’ says Patrik Hofbauer, CEO of Svenska Spel.

In the down payment, football gets the most money, SEK 11 million, followed by the hockey of SEK 3 million and the handball of almost SEK 1 million.

It is a trying time for everyone and the Swedish football family is no exception. Svenska Spels Gräsroten has long been an important building block for youth football and I hope the advance payment can help make a small difference for Sweden’s football associations,’ says Janne Andersson, the national team for the national football team.

It is still important for children and young people to move, and this crisis really sheds light on the important social function of sport. The fact that Gräsroten is now making an advance payment will please many associations in Sweden. The hat and helmet off,” says Johan Garpenlöv, the associate captain for Three Kronor.

About the Grassroots 2020 and the down payment:

Svenska Spel has a close connection to the sport and over the years we have tried to address the challenges of the sport. We now see that many associations find it difficult because of the situation we are in and therefore we have decided to make an advance payment in the Grass Root, which will be deducted from regular payment this fall. It is the customers of AB Svenska Spel and Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB who decide which sports associations receive money. As a customer in each company, you can choose to support three favorite associations in Gräsroten. Only associations whose earned points that result in more than SEK 1,000 between October 1 and March 31 will be allocated money in this advance payment. When an association’s earned points do not reach up to SEK 1,000, this will retain its points until regular payment in the fall.

SEF has requested withdrawal for its association members and these have not been in the Gräsroten since December 20, 2019, but each association receives its earned amount until then. SEF’s resignation, whose associations received larger sums in previous payments, means that Svenska Spel will pay a total of SEK 42 million to youth sports during 2020.

** Since the association has not been a member of Gräsroten since December 20, 2019, there are no supporters to report.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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