The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) Donates €10.000– for Social Institutions

April 24, 2020 | Vendor News

HAMBURG, Germany  — As a software company, The Quality Group is currently in the fortunate position of being able to continue to expand, hire new employees and become socially involved in its city of Hamburg.

In times of Covid-19, The Quality Group Lottery Solutions is donating € 10.000 — to social institutions to help those most in need.

The Arche is one of these institutions. It focuses its activities on socially disadvantaged children and supports them with a wide range of services in the form of homework help, meals, advice and much more.

The Arche has also had to reorganise its work as a result of the Coronavirus. Employees now provide support directly to the families in the form of food or school supplies; counselling or tutoring is also provided by telephone or online.

This week, The Quality Group handed over a cheque for € 1,500 — to Die Arche. With our donation, the children and their families are helped directly and without delay.

Thanks to The Arche for their commitment! TQG Lottery Solutions will continue to support this essential organisation in the future. You too can help! Aid organizations need our support especially now.

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