Publication of the 2019/2020 Activity Report of the National Platform to Combat Sports Manipulation

May 2, 2020 | Government

Annual activity report 2019-2020

A word from the Minister of Sports

FRANCE (April 28, 2020) — This year again, I have the honour of chairing the national platform for the fight against

manipulation of sports competitions, the work of which continued intensively during the 2019-2020 sports season.

The members of the Platform deployed the action plan that we had set together during our last meeting in April 2019 and particularly illustrated the very spirit of our Platform national: collective intelligence and collaboration between public and private actors at the service of preserving the integrity of our sports competitions.

First in terms of prevention, notably with the Tour de France of the Grand INSEP network, during from which more than 480 young athletes and supervisors have already been trained and which will continue in several CREPS in 2020-21. Raising awareness and training our future champions against any form of drifting in sport is one of my priorities.

Then, in its surveillance activities for which I particularly want to salute the close cooperation set up by the Platform with French sports federations organizers of major international sporting events held on French soil.

Finally, in its international dimension, with in particular the reception, in Rennes last June, of the 8th┬ámeeting of the Copenhagen Group, the network of national platforms led by the Council of Europe, which now hosts 32 countries compared to 6 when it was created in 2016. This meeting demonstrated France’s dynamism and its ability to intervene with international players.

Certainly, part of the activity came to an abrupt halt with the global health crisis, but the projects have flourished, and we plan to deploy the “Report!” ┬╗To all audiences the sports ecosystem before the end of 2020. This tool may also be an opportunity to pool the same alert system for all events likely to threaten the integrity of sport and practitioners.

Following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2020-21 season will have many international competitions, in France with certain Olympic qualification tournaments, or abroad with French athletes involved in the competition.

In a context of generalized weakening of the economy of sports players, it is up to us collectively to remain mobilized so as not to allow criminal networks to interfere in our to protect our athletes.


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