The Match Fixing Rules Are a Step in the Right Direction – But Far from Adequate

May 2, 2020 | Sports Betting

VISBY, Sweden  — Game Supervisory revised proposal till regulations against match fixing contains several positive news, but is far from perfected

“It is a step in the right direction, but it is still a long way to go before we have all the tools needed to stop match fixing, says Dan Korhonen at Svenska Spel.

In January, the Gaming Inspectorate presented proposals for new regulations on match fixing. Following a round of referrals, a revised proposal came last week in which the authority, among other things, had complied with one of the clearest  requirements of the  Swedish Football Association  – and Svenska Spels – to limit the range of games to only matches in  the four highest divisions of football.

It should be added, says Dan Korhonen, that “international matches at club level where the team is part of one of the four highest series levels in each country” is not a boundary that is applicable to all countries.

“For Sweden, this is a correct boundary in accordance with the recommendations of the National Sports Federation, while in Estonia, for example, it would mean games on extremely low divisions.

In addition to the Football Association’s recommendations, which Svenska Spel has long followed, the Gaming Inspectorate also wants to ban all betting on training and friendly matches, regardless of level. Svenska Spel is critical of the proposal.

“This would mean that, for example, in the Swedish licensing market, you can only offer games on competition matches played by our Swedish senior and U21 national teams. The national team plays many friendlies every year and not to allow licensed gaming companies to offer games on these would be very unfortunate, says Dan Korhonen.

Allows betting on corners Furthermore, the Gaming Inspection has chosen not to obey football’s demands to prohibit betting on throws and corners. Dan Korhonen points out that the right game at the type of events before the coming of it in investigations into suspected match-fixing the past year.

“It is therefore very strange that the game Inspectorate once again choose to ignore that limit these objects, says he.

A proposal that was included in the first version of the proposed regulation, but which has now been removed, is about betting on loss of parts in a match or competition. That the section is now the line, Dan Korhonen says is positive.

“Det threatened to cause major limitations of existing game offerings, without in any way affecting the risk of manipulation. In all betting, there are at least two outcomes, which means you can always play the opposite of losing a part.

Lack of effort limits for all customers Svenska Spel believes that there are still parts missing from the regulations. One such example is the effort restrictions that apply to all customers.

“It should be a matter of course. L Agre INSAT sgränser only winning players, which is common in the gaming market today are a direct threat to the channelling of sports betting and is open to gaming companies to offer less reputable betting objects without risk, says Dan Korhonen.

Svenska Spel also demands that the gaming companies monitor both games and odds to detect deviations, and an obligation to report any observations to increase the discovery of match fixing.

“The gaming industry is directly dependent on the sport, which has really been made clear in the circumstances that currently exist in the world. It should be obvious for a timed game industry therefore must take responsibility for sport and protect it from matchfixing as widely as possible.  In order to strengthen the industry’s long-term credibility, responsibility should always go before profit, Dan Korhonen explains.

Time to prioritize the entire sport an overall principle is that the sports participate in the assessment ning of what is appropriate selections, and now the game Inspectorate thus partly listened to football. But that’s not enough, says Dan Korhonen.

It should be clarified that the match fixing problem covers all sports and not just football. Therefore, obeying only one sports association may therefore be considered a step in the right direction, but of course much more is needed to strengthen the protection of the sport and counteract match fixing in general.

“When there is a big disagreement in the industry about what responsibility each company should take, legislation or regulations are needed to achieve effect. Therefore, expectations have been high on the Gaming Inspection and the authority’s work with new initiatives against match fixing. Dessvärre, our expectations are not met.

From parts of game industry expressed opinions about excessive restrictions on gaming et affect the so-called channelling, ie how much of the total gaming taking place in the Swedish licensing system. Dan Korhonen says that the channelling issue is also a high priority or Svenska Spel, but that the protection of sport and consumers must not suffer because of it.

“It is important to counter illegal players in the gaming market by all means available. But it should be managed as a separate process and not mixed with strengthening protection for both sports and consumers.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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