The Swedish Government is Taking Steps to Reduce the Risks in the Gaming Market as a Result of the Outbreak of Covid-19

May 2, 2020 | Government

Press release from the Ministry of Finance

STRÄNGNÄS, Sweden — Shortly, a proposal for a temporary regulation on gaming liability measures that impose restrictions on gaming is referred. The Government will also today commission the Gaming Inspection to strengthen supervision of unlicensed companies and take consumer protection measures in the gaming area as a result of the new corona virus.

The current situation affects the entire society, as does the gaming market. The availability of betting items has fallen sharply. At the same time, statistics from the Swedish Tax Agency show that several of the larger companies that have profiled especially on online casino games, one of the most risky forms of gambling for players, are making strong progress in Sweden right now.

We are seeing a trend right now with increased risk of unemployment, sick leave and financial uncertainty, combined with a decline in wagers. That mix of circumstances creates major risks in the field of play. The government needs to act quickly to protect Swedish consumers,” says Social Security Minister Ardalan Shekarabi.

The proposed regulation, which will shortly be due for referral until May 7, contains proposals to:

  • the limit for deposits to a gaming account may not exceed SEK 5,000 per week and the corresponding loss limit shall apply to bets on vending machines,
  • it must be mandatory for players to set limits on playing time when playing online casino games and vending machines, and
  • bonus offers may amount to a maximum of SEK 100.

It is proposed that the Provisional Regulation come into force on 1 June and expire at the end of 2020.

The assignment to the Gaming Inspectorate, which will be reported monthly until September 1 this year, includes, among other things:

  • report on developments in the gaming market,
  • take steps to significantly increase the public’s knowledge of the possibility of turning off games through,
  • strengthen supervision of players who provide illegal gambling by reporting on the enforcement measures taken and their effect, and what additional tools the authority needs to prevent unlicensed gambling from being directed online to the Swedish market; and
  • propose measures to strengthen the protection of consumers who set limits on their gambling.

About the government’s strategy for consumer protection in the gaming market

The government’s strategy for meeting the increased risk profile for Swedish consumers consists of three parts.

  1. Strengthened consumer protection and increased gaming responsibility.
  2. Strengthened preventive measures.
  3. Strengthened channelling by closing out actors providing illegal gambling.

CONTACT: Viktor Nyberg, Press Secretary to Social Security Minister Ardalan Shekarabi, Phone (switch) 08-405 10 00, Mobile 073-051 03 71, e-mail to Viktor Nyberg.

SOURCE: Press release from the Ministry of Finance.

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