Three New Accountability Measures Are the Most Important Norsk Tipping Brings with it from Last Year. At the Same Time, Profits Are Higher Than Ever

May 2, 2020 | Lottery News

HAMAR, Norway  — In total, the measures have reduced turnover by approx. NOK 200 million. Still, the CEO could. Åsne Havnelid presented good figures when Minister of Culture Abid Raja approved the annual results and accounts in the general meeting on Wednesday 22 April.

  • Profit increased by NOK 153 million to NOK 5 676 million.
  • The grass root share increased by NOK 50 million, to NOK 697 million.
  • Customer growth continues, and last year 2,040,000 people contributed to the profits.

Play safely

The most important thing we bring from last year, however, is that we succeed in the accountability work. The core of Norsk Tipping’s social mission is to prevent gambling problems,” says Åsne Havnelid.

Norsk Tipping will therefore offer attractive games that allow Norwegians to choose the publicly regulated offer instead of playing with other companies.

Then we achieve the government’s goal of directing consumers to a responsible offering with a safe framework. I am pleased that last year showed us that this policy is supported,” says Havnelid.

The surplus

All profits go back to good causes. It is the government that distributes the funds. Even if profits increase, profit targets will receive the same amount as last year. The surplus will be put into a “corona fund” which will help compensate for any revenue loss in 2020.

The distribution is as follows:

  • Sports: NOK 2861 million
  • Culture: NOK 805 million
  • Humanitarian / voluntary org: NOK 805 million
  • Health (Foundation Dam): NOK 306 million
  • Grass root share: NOK 697 million
  • Bingo purposes: NOK 55 million
  • Action plan against gambling addiction: NOK 15 million
  • Other equity (“corona fund”): NOK 131 million
  • Total: NOK 5 676 million

You can read Norsk Tipping’s annual report for 2019 here:

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SOURCE: Norsk Tipping