Dutch Gaming Authority Warns Rogue Bingo Operators Not to Take Advantage of the Current Situation

May 8, 2020 | Government

THE HAGUE¬† — The Ksa sees a large increase in the number of bingos that are offered online with the aim of taking people out of their isolation. There are also many more reports about online bingos than before the corona crisis. Although offering a game of chance with which a prize can be won without a license is not allowed, the Ksa is in these times very nice for ideal online bingos. On the other hand, the Ksa is extra sharp on bingos that are organized for commercial reasons and / or with which people are cheated.

The Ksa, regulator in the gambling market, understands that in these times of Corona there are initiatives to give people a fun pastime or to get them out of their isolation without having to leave their home. These are often online bingo organized by people with a good heart. In view of the special circumstances, the Ksa has decided to be temporarily lenient in these cases. Obviously, that courtesy stops as soon as bingo is organized to make money or to scam people. In other words, if people see their opportunity to take advantage of the current situation.

When does the Ksa perform?

In any case, that is if:

  • the purpose of the bingo is not purely idealistic. This means that no money should be made in any way by organizing the bingo, not even as a side activity;
  • deposits for participation in bingo are requested;
  • minors can participate in bingo;
  • one or more minors are the organizer;
  • the organizer has previously been in contact with the police and / or the Ksa in connection with illegal games of chance, money laundering, fraud or other relevant facts that may give rise to doubts about the reliability of the organizer and / or his game.


In view of the proliferation of initiatives among consumers, the Ksa urges caution against online bingos. Be careful with digital payment requests. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is often not true. The feeling (‘is this correct?’) Is often a good advisor.


The law does not impose requirements on games of chance, such as bingos and other so-called small games of chance. Games of chance are not without risks. Therefore, in principle, a license is required if a game of chance is offered with which a prize can be won. This ensures that supervision is possible.

More information about small games of chance

SOURCE: De Kansspelautoriteit.