Argentina’s Lotteries Unite to Alert About Illegal Gambling in a Pandemic

May 13, 2020 | Legal

CÓRDOBA, Argentina  — Once again Argentina’s lotteries, grouped in ALEA, unite to alert about the existence of illegal gambling in this context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the general cessation of activities by the Preventive and Compulsory Social Isolation decreed by the National Government, the lottery institutes of the 23 provinces and of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires stopped their activities. The possibility of playing legally has been suspended in our country since March 20.

ALEA members unite today to warn about the existence of illegal gambling in numerous jurisdictions: unscrupulous people always use confinement to increase their spurious business, which not only does not pay the State where that bet is made, but also does not protect the person who makes the move, nor guarantees the collection of the prize.

Illegal gambling undermines state funds when they need it most

On the contrary, the official leisure activity, regulated by the provincial states and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, carries out the control and prevention of money laundering, implements Responsible Gaming Programs and generates legitimate resources that are destined for the well-being of each one of the communities where that bet is made. It also provides direct and indirect sources of employment to thousands of Argentines. The more than 23,000 Official Agencies constitute the sales network that expands economic activity towards an even greater universe.

The clearest evidence of the contrast between legal and illegal recreational activity is provided by this period of almost fifty days of general suspension of activities in which there was no collection of official gambling and, therefore, lotteries and regulatory bodies do not have funds. to transfer to the respective states.

From the end of April and during the first week of May, five of the twenty-four jurisdictions reopened their gambling agencies, applying the biosafety protocols approved by the respective authorities, while the gambling halls continue to be closed. Meanwhile, international sites continue to attract Argentine gambling bets that are promoted through the media and national and foreign portals, in a kind of public legitimacy when, in reality, they constitute an alarming offer of illegal gambling that, we underline, has been classified as a criminal offense.

Gradual opening of some jurisdictions

On April 29, Corrientes and Jujuy reopened their agencies, with their own lottery draws and applying strict sanitary measures. On May 3 Misiones joined and a day later, Santiago del Estero. For its part, Entre Ríos applied a delivery modality, without draws. And on the 5th, Chubut began, with its own draws.

Meanwhile, Neuquén and Río Negro are preparing to reestablish activity together, Chaco and Catamarca are also activating their agencies in May.

Resuming the raising of bets and carrying out the official draws , using extreme health care measures, prevents the proliferation of unscrupulous people who take advantage of the suspension to profit from illegal gambling , exposing the community to innumerable unwanted effects. The resources generated by the official leisure activity contribute to strengthening the policies and programs of the governments, in the pandemic by COVID-19, of each of the 24 jurisdictions of our country.

SOURCE: Association of Argentine State Lotteries (ALEA).

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