Nederlandse Loterij Asks Players to Change Password for Their Online Account

May 13, 2020 | Lottery News

THE HAGUE — Customers with an online account at will be asked to set a new, unique and strong password. More than 1.5 million customers with an online account receive an e-mail with a short explanation. These are customers who actively use their account. The measure helps customers to protect their personal data even better.

Increase in cyber attacks

Since the corona measures came into effect, the Dutch Lottery has seen an increase in suspicious login attempts on Dutch Lottery accounts. In this login attempts will be used made of credential stuffing Internet criminals misuse stolen credentials elsewhere and try to log in with them.

A unique and strong password helps prevent cyber criminals from succeeding in their attempts.

Affected accounts blocked

Recently suspicious login attempts have been made on almost 12,000 accounts of players of the Dutch Lottery. Nederlandse Loterij immediately blocked the accounts and informed the relevant customers with the request to create a new, unique and strong password. Internet criminals have not had access to the personal Wallet and no (prize) money has been captured. Internet criminals have been able to view personal data.

Structural solution for customers

Dutch Lottery asks its customers with an online account to set a new and strong password. Customers will receive an email with this request.

“We are committed to protecting our customers’ personal information as best we can. Customers themselves also play an important role in this. For example, by using unique and strong passwords for an online account,” says Dutch Lottery spokesman Sander van de Vooren. “To prevent a cyber attack from being successfully executed, it is important that customers change their unique password regularly, we help them with that.” Dutch Lottery will continue to monitor for suspicious activities and will take additional security measures where necessary.

Reporting to authorities

The Dutch Lottery reports the cyber attacks to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the Gaming Authority. In addition, the Dutch Lottery reports to the police and asks its players to consider the latter.

More information about playing safely You can find more information about this measure and what else customers can do on the website here.

SOURCE: Nederlandse Loterij.

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