Svenska Spel Extends Cooperation with the Swedish Sports Association

May 13, 2020 | Lottery News

VISBY, Sweden  — Svenska Spel and the Swedish Sports Federation continue their cooperation where the Elite Sports Scholarship with the aim of facilitating active athletes to combine elite sports with post-secondary studies is an important part.

Svenska Spel and the Swedish Sports Federation extend their long-standing cooperation with a new agreement that extends through December 31, 2020. The agreement is worth SEK 17 million and secures important funds for the sports movement in a difficult time.

When the Swedish sports movement has been hit hard by the corona pandemic, it feels good that Svenska Spel and the Swedish Sports Federation extend the cooperation. In this way we secure important funds for Swedish sport. At the same time, work is underway on a more long-term plan for how we together can continue to strengthen the sports movement,” says Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO of Svenska Spel.

For over a decade, Svenska Spel and the National Sports Federation have worked closely and since 2017 a number of joint projects have been run.

The cooperation with Svenska Spel and the financial support for the sport enables efforts to reach more, support elite activists who study, counter match fixing and provide the conditions for associations and unions to continue to develop their activities in line with Strategy 2025,” says the Swedish Sports Federation’s secretary general Stefan Bergh.

The extension of the agreement enables, among other things, a continued investment to get more Swedes moving. The Forward project for more in motion is jointly run and consists of sponsorship agreements where 62 special sports associations each year receive resources that go to the sport’s own operations to get more physically active. The project also includes the Future Fund, where all special sports associations can seek funding for project ideas that lower the thresholds for children, youth, adults and the elderly to move and where initiatives such as Pensionärspingis and Gåfotboll have been made possible.

Through Forward for more in motion, we have put over 200,000 Swedes in motion in recent years. This is something we are very proud of and by extending the agreement we can now facilitate more Swedes to move in,” says Patrik Hofbauer.

Thanks to the extension of the cooperation, work on match fixing can also continue. Match fixing is a major threat to sports, therefore a digital education aimed at sports associations and their associations has been jointly developed. Svenska Spel also finances a full-time service at the Swedish Sports Federation with the aim of working preventively against match fixing and together runs a service where tips on match fixing can be submitted anonymously.

Svenska Spel and the Swedish Sports Federation will also continue to award the Elite Sports Scholarship with the aim of facilitating active athletes to combine elite sports with post-secondary studies. The scholarship is SEK 50,000 per fellow and is awarded annually to approximately 75 active athletes. The extension of the collaboration also includes the annual SM weeks where Svenska Spel continues to be the main sponsor.

The new agreement is worth a total of SEK 17 million, comes into force on June 1, 2020 and consists of:

  • Forward for more in motion , to put the Swedish people in motion, consists partly of sponsorship agreements and partly of the Forward Fund.
  • Match fixing contract, to fight match fixing and protect the sport.
  • The elite sports scholarship , for athletes to be able to combine an elite venture with studies.
  • The SM weeks , to highlight the diversity and social benefits of the sports movement.

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SOURCE: AB Svenska Spel.

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