Totalizator Sportowy Report Records Sales of Almost PLN 11 Billion in 2019

May 21, 2020 | Lottery News

In 2019 Total Revenues with Subsidies Amounted to Almost PLN 11 Billion!

WARSAW, Poland — Last year was the best in the history of Totalizator Sportowy in terms of sales over 64 years. Turnover in all areas of the company’s operations, including subsidies, amounted to as much as PLN 10,933,859 511.34! In 2018, it was PLN 6 119 680 876.42. So we can talk about absolutely record, jumping growth. We owe him, among others growing interest in the only legal online casino in Poland, the growing number of gaming arcades owned by Totalizator Sportowy, as well as a significant increase in sales in the terrestrial network and online of LOTTO products.

Total sales of all areas of business (number games, lotteries, online casino and gaming salons, TWK revenues, other services) last year amounted to 9 892 836 190.34 zł (5 092 586 200.42 zł in 2018 year and 4 652 590 387.10 zł in 2017 years), and the fee added to the price rates of number games and lotteries as many as 1 101 023 321,00 zł ( 2018 years – 1 027 094 679,00 zł, and in 2017 – 985 PLN 534 422.00).

Here are the exact amounts of subsidies that went to the accounts of individual funds:

Fund for Physical Culture Development – 825 767 490.75 PLN (in 2018 it was 770 321 009.25 PLN);
Fund for the Promotion of Culture – PLN 220,206,644.20 (PLN 205,418,935.80 in 2018);
Fund for Solving Gambling Problems – 11 010 233.21 PLN (10 270 946, 79 PLN in 2018);
Civil Society Development Fund – 44 040 932.84 PLN (41 083 787, 16 PLN in 2018).

Regardless of the subsidies for number games and cash lotteries, the company also transferred a record PLN 1 082 373 529.00 for tax on games (in 2018 it was PLN 919 946 741.00, and in 2017 – PLN 870 031 914.00), including thus exceeding the historical ceiling of PLN 1 billion.

Last year was a breakthrough for Totalizator Sportowy not only because of the above records. Let’s recall some of the most important data and dates for 2019 for the company:

PLN 3 326 581.20 – this is the value of the first “six” in Lotto, which fell on April 27, 2019, and whose bet was bought online.
PLN 193 396 500.00 – this is the record of winning amounts in Poland since May 10, 2019. It fell in Eurojackpot. There were as many as PLN 390,000,000 in the pot that day, but the player playing in Poland had to share the winnings with a player from another country.
On June 11 last year, the sale of the Ekstra Premija supplement began. You can play for up to PLN 100,000 for one zloty. At the maximum stake, winning an Extra Bonus is equal to PLN 1,000,000!
On August 14, 2019, won Multi Multi in the amount of PLN 2,500,000.00!
In September 2019, the distribution of winnings payments to VISA and Mastercard was launched at LOTTO own network points.
On September 29, 2019, Scratchcards celebrated their 20th anniversary.
On November 28, the highest win at Total Casino in 2019 was PLN 759,093.49.
In December 2019, the number of LOTTO sales points exceeded 18,000
200 December was opened on December 1, 2019.
By the end of December, Total Casino players made over 1.3 billion spins, and customers made over 45 million bets. Over 320,000 accounts have been registered on both platforms.
The increase in sales of number games and cash lotteries was higher than the European average.

Totalizator Sportowy has proved that it has ceased to be only a national lottery operator, and has become a modern technology company that, due to changes in the law, could start operating in new areas of the gaming market – said Olgierd Cieślik, President of the Board of Totalizator Sportowy .

We have achieved the best result in our history due to constant progress, launching online sales, continuous development of the network of arcade gaming arcades and LOTTO sales points.

We are constantly working on making us one of the largest players on the gaming market in this part of Europe – added Olgierd Cieślik.

We would like to remind you that key changes in Totalizator Sportowy took place in 2017.

At that time, the company gained new opportunities, e.g. the right to launch the well-known international Eurojackpot game, the network of arcades with slot machines outside casinos, online casinos, as well as the opportunity to enter the sale of number games to the Internet.

These are the most important changes in the entire history of the company, which were used to introduce a number of innovations and the ongoing technological revolution.

These positive changes meant not only an increase in the revenues of Totalizator Sportowy, but also the protection of players, limiting the gray area in gambling and increasing revenues to the state budget.

SOURCE: Totalizator Sportowy.

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