An Experienced Quartet Will Lead Team Svenska Spel Towards New Successes

May 23, 2020 | Lottery News

VISBY, Sweden — Svenska Spel’s and the Swedish Ski Association’s joint investment in the development national team, Team Svenska Spel, is this year led by four very experienced coaches, Martina Höök, Ida Ingemarsdotter, Mattias Nilsson and Andreas Domeij. The team will operate in three locations during the year; Falun, Östersund and Umeå. This was some of the news presented by the Swedish Ski Association at a press conference on Thursday morning.

Svenska Spel and the Swedish Ski Federation’s length started a long year ago with a long-term collaboration where Svenska Spel entered as a Presenting partner for the cross country team . The collaboration also includes a bet on the development team Team Svenska Spel, a venture that during the past season really produced results.Several of the riders were leading in the junior and U23 World Championships and took several medals there.

It is already clear that Linn Svahn, the winter’s big exclamation mark and winner of the sprint cup, takes the step from Team Svenska Spel straight up in the A-national team. She is joined by Emma Ribom and Moa Lundgren, who during the past season were also part of Team Svenska Spel.

Johanna Hagström, Moa Olsson, Fredrik Andersson and William Poromaa also leave Team Svenska Spel and take the step to Team Bauhaus, where riders who snuggle in a place for the A-national team are included.

In short, it can be stated that the investment in Team Svenska Spel has been successful.

“It is really fun to see what steps they have taken this winter and fun to see that the hard work we have done has produced results,” says Ida Ingemarsdotter, who has been the coach of Team Svenska Games this past season.

Shared responsibility in Östersund

Work is now underway to set the team for the 2020/2021 season.

“We are currently working on determining the structures and criteria that will apply when selecting riders for Team Svenska Spel,” says the new national team manager Anders Byström.

A news for the coming season is that Team Svenska Spel will have its base in three locations; Falun, Umeå and Östersund. Shortly, which riders will be included in the team, but already today it was presented which coaches will be responsible for the riders’ development in each place.

In Östersund, Martina Höök and Ida Ingemarsdotter will share the responsibility for Team Svenska Spel. Both were already in the long season and Ida Ingemarsdotter is really looking forward to taking on the team for another season.

“It will be very fun to continue working with this category of riders who are on the rise in their careers,” says Ida, and says that she and Martina Höök will work very closely together.

“It will be a good development of the business to have it at home, because that’s where a lot of training takes place. It will lift the riders who are part of the groups.”

In Falun it is Mattias Nilsson who will have the main responsibility. Mattias has been part of the coaching team for the A-national team in recent seasons but is now given responsibility to develop Team Svenska Spel riders in Falun.

“It feels really inspiring! It’s a lot of fun, and my coaches are individuals I know before. I know how much expertise there is in the team so it feels really exciting,” says Mattias.

Experienced debutant in Umeå

In Umeå, Andreas Domeij, the former national team captain, will be responsible. For Andreas, it will be the debut of the Swedish Ski Federation’s national team.

“It feels amazingly cool and incredibly inspiring. I love skiing, and for me it is a pleasure to be on such a journey, and to make Swedish skiing even wider.

“Everyone is curious as to what the investment with the three resorts will contribute to, but that it will benefit both the riders and themselves in their coach roles there is no doubt.”

“It is positive that we can do a closer follow-up, be present all the time. You can work on one thing, release it and then pick it up again. There will be more continuity, which I am absolutely convinced of,” says Ida Ingemarsdotter and is supported by both Andreas and Mattias.

“You can see details that you work with continuously, and I look forward to that very much. Contact with the riders is the essence of the coacheship and it is a pleasure to have it in this format,” says Mattias.

“Since we are a tight team, we will be able to help with small details more often, not just at camps. We will be able to help the riders throughout the year. If you get help more often, I am convinced that it will be a big improvement and it will be easier to meet the goals that the riders have,” Andreas adds.

Positive investment in the footsteps of corona

Mattias Nilsson highlights that the current situation in the world, with uncertainty about travel and so on, contributes to making it even more important with good training opportunities at home. Therefore, he believes that the investment in three team locations came at a lower cost than one might have initially expected.

“When there are such restrictions as we have now, it is even more important to have a good offer at home. It is in these locations that most activities are conducted, and our goal is for this to be in synergy with universities and other activities where the riders are active. It will strengthen the whole of Sweden.

The new coach team has started planning for the season these days and for most riders the training period has just started in earnest. For Ida Ingemarsdotter, who was also in the past season, it will now be important to evaluate what went well and what lessons can be learned for the coming year.

“We get to sit down and see what we have been doing for something, and together with the new team see what we should focus on based on places, conditions and so on. How we work is what our coaches are now looking at and planning.

Clear objectives

Ida and her colleagues have clear goals, at least for themselves.

“Now that you are a leader, you want the riders’ development curve to go upwards and that they stay healthy. Just like when you were active, but then you wanted to have that curve yourself, notes Ida, who has six World Cup and two Olympic medals in his luggage.”

Mattias Nilsson also has high hopes for a strong development for the team riders.

“I look forward to seeing a development. For us coaches it is a lot to work hard to contribute to the development of the riders, and it will produce results. I really look forward to seeing the result of the solid job that I know the riders are putting down.

Andreas Domeij is on the same track.

“I want the riders to feel that they are developing, otherwise I would not hope for this. Then I dream that the riders dare to try to drive harder than they are used to. My hope is that they will feel secure and believe in themselves.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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