Colombia’s Gambling Regulatory Body Authorizes Live Casino Operation in Internet-Operated Games

May 23, 2020 | Remote Gaming

This measure is part of a package of decisions that have been taken in recent days to contribute to the revival of the gambling sector in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

COLOMBIA  — The president of Colombia’s gambling regulatory body ‘Coljuegos’ Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, announced that the Board of Directors of the entity approved – after several days of socialization with the various bodies in the sector (localized game operators, games operated by the internet and guilds) – the regulations for the operation of the live casino in the form of games operated by the Internet in Colombia.

This is a decision that is added to so many other measures that seek to contribute to the reactivation of the industry of games of luck and chance, an economic activity that represents very important resources for the health of Colombians,” said Pérez Hidalgo.

It must be remembered that the live casino corresponds to the modality of a series of games in which the players make the bet by means of the previously defined remote connection devices and its result is linked to a hand or play made by a “dealer “dealer” or a real live dealer, making the player experience as close to reality. “The transmission will be made from recording studios or commercial establishments destined for the operation of localized games, which may be located within and / or outside the national territory as long as they comply with the technical requirements established by Coljuegos,” added the President of the regulator.

In Agreement 05 of 2020, issued by Coljuegos, it was established that bets in live casino will be a counterpart, which means that the player bets against the gaming operator, obtaining the right to a prize in the event of winning a hand or play to the house and being the value of the prize the one established by the operator in its regulation. Thus, the value of the prize must be informed to the player prior to the game. “In the case where the transmission is made from a casino that offers attention to face-to-face players, when the reopening of physical establishments is authorized, of course, the same player will not be allowed to carry physical bets and from a connecting device at the same time remote about the game element ”, emphasized Pérez Hidalgo.

Another important aspect that was ordered in the regulator for the operation of live casinos in the Internet betting modality is that the game elements must be certified by a laboratory, as well as the fulfillment of a return to the player equal or superior. 83 percent in each game, which will be validated for each year of operation. “This is an opportunity for the gambling industry to expand its offer but also for localized gaming operators to become involved in this modality in the medium term,” concluded the President of Coljuegos.


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