Increase in Complaints Against Gaming Companies – Corruption Watchdog

May 23, 2020 | Legal

MACAU, SAR — The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) indicated in its most recent annual report that it has recorded a ‘growing trend’ of complaints and reports in the last years concerning the management of gaming companies and large hotels.

According to the Macau News Agency (MNA) in its recently published 2019 activity report, the CCAC indicates that these complaints which mainly involved irregular acts in the processes of construction project tendering, procurement of goods and recruitment and promotion of personnel.

The CCAC also indicated that apart from carrying out investigations into corruption cases in the public sector, it has also focused on investigations targeting the private sector.

The CCAC received a total of 584 complaints and reports in 2019, with 319 complaints lodged by the residents anonymously, and with over 66 per cent of these being ‘groundless’, not corresponding with the facts or could not be followed up.

By the end of 2019, some 473 cases were opened by the ombudsman’s office, in addition to the cases transferred from the previous year, with investigations concerning 565 cases being concluded.

SOURCE: Macau News Agency (MNA).

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